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Why Oksana Wanted $50,000-a-Month

11/12/2010 9:12 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Single mother with one child seeks $50,000-a-month from movie star. We have the breakdown of what Oksana Grigorieva requested from Mel Gibson in monthly child support.

In court documents obtained by TMZ, Oksana lists the various expenses she says she's incurring to keep a home for herself and baby Lucia ... including baby yoga.

Here's a monthly breakdown of what Oksana wanted:

-- Rent ... $15,000 (Oksana wanted Mel to rent her a new home for security reasons)
-- Laundry and cleaning ... $100
-- Clothing ... $2,000
-- Nanny ... $5,000
-- Housekeeper/maid ... $1,000
-- Bodyguard ... $13,000
-- Education (baby yoga, books, toys) ... $1,500
-- Mommy and me classes ... $400
-- Groceries and household supplies $1,000
-- Eating out/take out ... $150
-- Utilities ... $1,025
-- Telephone, cell phone email ... $500
-- Entertainment ... $5,850
-- Cable ... $150
-- Security system ... $250
-- Auto expenses ... $600
-- Home repairs ... $650
-- Gardener ... $500
-- Misc drugs and vitamins ... $50
-- Charitable contributions... Zero

In the end, Oksana got $20,000 a month plus housing.


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LA me    

Hiya LA.... The take away food got me too - what 13month old baby eats take away? If she is feeding that baby the likes of McDonalds and KFC someone seriously needs to look into her parenting abilities!

Posted at 11:32 PM on Nov 12, 2010 by little aussie reader

Hiya LiL'
I really thimk someone needs to monitor this child. Oinky might possibly be suffering Munchausen by Proxy. I really believe she might injure Lucia just to frame Mel. Someone needs to step in!!

1438 days ago


i should not have to leave a comment. she is a money whore. thats the fact.

child support should never for a baby be more the 2.000 a month its a baby they need food and clothes unless she is unfit to take care of it and needs to hire a person to raise it.
but then she is not the mom. she is a liar

1438 days ago

little aussie reader    

Hiya LA: Munchausen by Proxy is a serious, sometimes deadly, condition. Someone should definately be keeping an eye on this woman.

1438 days ago

little aussie reader    

It really, really bugs me that the mainstream media (at least here in Oz) are all too willing to call him "Mad Mel" whenever his name is mentioned but no-one has the balls to properly investigate Ox and her past and present behaviour.

1438 days ago



She has a TEEN AGE SON AND DOES NOT RECEIVE $50,000 A MONTH FROM HIS FATHER. The older a child becomes, the more expensive they are. She's only getting $2,500 per month for Alexander. I strongly suspect that many of these "so called" expenses that she has listed are already being taken care of upfront by Mel Gibson. SHE SHOULD REALLY BE ASHAMED OF HERSELF BECAUSE I DOUBT IF TIMOTHY DALTON SPENT $50,000 A MONTH TO SUPPORT THEIR ENTIRE HOUSEHOLD WHEN SHE AND ALEXANDER LIVED WITH HIM!!! She's only trying to squeeze money out of Mel Gibson that she'll never receive from anybody else. The $20,000 per month that the Judge awarded her should have been a "REALITY CHECK"!!! HER ATTORNEYS ARE TURNING HER INTO A "LAUGHING STOCK" AND SHE'S "TOO DUMB" TO SEE IT!!!

1438 days ago


I wonder what Timothy Dalton has on her, she gets $2500 a month and she isn't going after him for more money....

Second thing , she has a legal right for child support not for spousal support...
So all the expenses for her should be off that list.
Go work for your own money , you greedy bitch.

Third I don't know about you people but $ 2000 on clothes every month?

A nanny ?? What for she is a stay at home mom right you can take care of her yourself or is that what she pays her mother to take care of Lucia?

This is really ridiculous !!!

1438 days ago


The $5,850 a month entertainment is probably spent on spy stuff against the US. I wonder if Mel ever regrets leaving his wife and children for this hag, money grabbing communist.

1438 days ago


yeah what should be that 6 k for entertaiment for ?
toys got under education
I doubt she takes her to kid theater or circus ticket is 5-10$
the kid proly understands still anything
what kind of entertaiment is that?

1438 days ago


she should have asked 5150 $ for entertaiment
would have been more significant

1438 days ago


The $500 for cell internet is probably for 5-10 PR lines for the paid bloggers.

Tee hee

1438 days ago


Oh, and the 'entertainment' is her blogging salaries.

Tee hee

1438 days ago


This is the new Ruth Houston article regarding child support:

Tee hee

1438 days ago


more on clothes then groceries and household supplies? entitled, selfish bitch

1438 days ago


$ 1,000 a month for baby food????

Gezzz..Ralph's supermarket is going to put a red carpet for Oksana.

1438 days ago


$240,000 a year as child support? you could support an entire town in Haiti on that much. The courts should give her what the average single mother in CA gets in support, not a penny more. Then let Mel contribute the rest to charity. Otherwise, the courts are just encouraging more women to go do what this gold digger did.
Seeing this, I can now understand some of Mel's infuriation; I'd be beyond angry, too.

1438 days ago
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