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Why Oksana Wanted $50,000-a-Month

11/12/2010 9:12 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Single mother with one child seeks $50,000-a-month from movie star. We have the breakdown of what Oksana Grigorieva requested from Mel Gibson in monthly child support.

In court documents obtained by TMZ, Oksana lists the various expenses she says she's incurring to keep a home for herself and baby Lucia ... including baby yoga.

Here's a monthly breakdown of what Oksana wanted:

-- Rent ... $15,000 (Oksana wanted Mel to rent her a new home for security reasons)
-- Laundry and cleaning ... $100
-- Clothing ... $2,000
-- Nanny ... $5,000
-- Housekeeper/maid ... $1,000
-- Bodyguard ... $13,000
-- Education (baby yoga, books, toys) ... $1,500
-- Mommy and me classes ... $400
-- Groceries and household supplies $1,000
-- Eating out/take out ... $150
-- Utilities ... $1,025
-- Telephone, cell phone email ... $500
-- Entertainment ... $5,850
-- Cable ... $150
-- Security system ... $250
-- Auto expenses ... $600
-- Home repairs ... $650
-- Gardener ... $500
-- Misc drugs and vitamins ... $50
-- Charitable contributions... Zero

In the end, Oksana got $20,000 a month plus housing.


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I guess they loved my post, repeating it 4 times


1387 days ago


"I am only fighting for my child"!!! rembember???

Posted at 5:13 PM on Nov 12, 2010 by mimik


Yes, all 60.000 dollars for her child


1387 days ago

Fidel's niece    

Ok$a wants to shop for baby clothes
in The Beverly Hills boutiques

where real celebrities shop

Hell, cashmere sweaters for DOGS
are being sold at 400 dollars a pop!

Ok$a thinks she should shop on Rodeo Dr.

1387 days ago

what a mess    

Telephone, cell phone email ... $500

... Are you f*cking kidding, Ox?

It's time to change provider, you stupid whore.

Posted at 4:53 PM on Nov 12, 2010 by MightyMad


Calling Russia (aunt/sister Natalia) will be expensive

Posted at 5:00 PM on Nov 12, 2010 by shirleyholmes
When calling from prison, it's COLLECT CALLS only and YOU KNOW the family wont accept them since their source of income (and I dont mean MEL) will be in prison!

Posted at 5:04 PM on Nov 12, 2010 by what a mess


The 60.000 dollars would be childsupport. Lucia is not going to jail. That is why I said aunt/sister Natalia.
O had to prove that Lucia needs this amount of money as childsupport

Posted at 5:13 PM on Nov 12, 2010 by shirleyholmes
Shirley, when I said "their source of income (andI dont mean Mel) will be in prison" I meant OKSANA is the family's source of income (via Lucia). I did not mean it to sound like Lucia is going to prison...

1387 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

come on lady, really??!!

Gardener: $500...??!
Maidservice/Nanny: $1,000...???!!

in case you haven't noticed, we are in california, thus:

Gardener: $25 (plus pick up at the Home Depot $0.75 gas)
Maidservice/Nanny: $25 (plus roundtrip bus fare $3.50 )

1387 days ago


Okay test: part 3 please!! work lol

1387 days ago


YaY I'm back! my browser went nuts

1387 days ago


Since there will be a fulltime nanny (5.000 dollars), a housekeeper/maid and a gardener for Lucia, Mommy will have nothing to do except being entertained for 5.850 dollars per month,

Lets say 5.850: 30 days = 195 dollar per day

Anyone know what a gigolo costs?

1387 days ago


I dont see why she shouldnt get the $50k she's asking for. Mel is filthy rich, and $50k a month is not that much for him. Edddie Murphy got Melanie Brown(Spice Girl) pregnant, she hired Gloria Allred, the kid got a DNA test to prove it was Eddie's baby, and immediately Eddie Murphy started paying $60......K a month for child support and thats until the child turns 18. So why such a big deal about Oksana?

Posted at 4:31 PM on Nov 12, 2010 by Pamela

Mel and ox had a signed agreement and she was the one that voided it by not following it. It probably equated to about 40k a month.

1387 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

oh, and also:

Bodyguard: $8.50/h (pick up at local High School, between 8:30am and 11am)

1387 days ago

Fidel's niece    

Luxury baby boutiques in Beverly Hills

Baby clothes imported from France and Italy.

1387 days ago


I would like to see Mel's Lawyers ask the Judge to have Oksana submit to a Psychological evaluation due to the Neglect & Abuse allegations she has made against Mel.

Oksana has made the allegations in comments and with her Lawyers in various interviews and of course has put forward photgraphs of Lucia that are of supposed abuse.

Oksana has Sociopathic tendancies that im my estimation are a sign of Mental illness. The problem I have is that people who are making allegations of Neglect & Abuse as she has usually with go to extraordinary lengths to show those that " their claims are true " to those outside of her belief.

Oksana strikes me as the type that would self-inflict injury on her own child to "prove" that she was correct and show how wrong everyone was to not believe her.

The real sad part is that a person who is capable of that in their mind will see hurting their own child as justification because "they had to do it to make people listen to them", "so they had no choice but to hurt them".

I do believe she fits the profile of someone with Psychological issues who would do this and not feel remorse if the child was injuried or made ill on purpose, and to me that s very dangerous andputs Lucia in danger.

In Oksana's mind I believe she think's everything that she is alleging about Lucia is true, look at the Lucia pimple photo as an example, she wants people to believe the abuse is there. I do not see her hurting Lucia out of question at all, in fact I see her doing so to further her point

1387 days ago


Telephone, cell phone email ... $500

... Are you f*cking kidding, Ox?

It's time to change provider, you stupid whore.

Posted at 4:53 PM on Nov 12, 2010 by MightyMad

Oksana must be calling Russia a lot for that kind of bills for Telephone, internet and cell phone.

1387 days ago


@ What a mess

Do not worry about it.


1387 days ago


Posts are double posting --one on both threads! LOL!

Posted at 4:56 PM on Nov 12, 2010 by Sam

Even more at times what is going on with this thread?

1387 days ago
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