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Sam Ronson Sued over 'Vicious Murderer' Dog

11/12/2010 3:40 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Samantha Ronson has a "vicious murderer" living with her named "Cadillac" -- this according to a lawsuit obtained by TMZ.

Sam Ronson

Farnouche Kamran just filed the lawsuit in L.A. County Superior Court -- claiming Ronson's dog Cadillac attacked and killed her dog Tiger in the hallway of their apartment complex back in August.

In the docs, Kamran claims Cadillac has a long record, biting and attacking other dogs and people.

The suit claims a man in Ronson's apartment unit let Cadillac out just before the fatal attack.  Interesting, the suit makes it clear "it was not Lohan."  Michael gets blamed for everything!

Kamran is suing Ronson, Empire West Homeowners, and the landlord at their apartment complex for $750,000 ... plus medical expenses and punitive damages.


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Well Sam Ronson always wanted to be famous now she got her wish.
I think Ronson she pay damages but this lady is looking to retire and never work another day in her life.It is nothing but pure GREED and nothing else.I dont think for a min Ronson wanted this to happen and she feels terrible,but this lady is out for revenge another waste and abuse of the court system.

1404 days ago


I'm glad that TMZ at least updated the first story to include that Sam's dog is NOT a Pit bull for all the manic panic pit bull haters.

1404 days ago

John Lark    

Sam Ronson looks like the bastard child of Smeagol from "Lord of the Rings," and Liza Minelli.

1404 days ago


go samantha, i love you.

1404 days ago


Not sure why this girl ever got any press. Don't think this suit should go anyway. Dogs are property and they should get what they paid for the dog. I am not a animal hater. I have 3 dogs myself

1404 days ago


Damn, that's one ugly bitch. And I'm not talking about Cadillac.

1404 days ago


The dog deserves it!! Please as much as I love my pet he is not worth $750.000. I was molested by my Parish Priest for many years and received little, but the Priest was found guilty--good enough for me. Let's get real and stop trying to use life's tragedies for financial gain.

Besides why was the dead dog out in the hallway unattended? The owner needs to also take responsibility for her dog and its unfortunate death.

1404 days ago


Pay pay pay. What difference will a stack of cash make to Clam Ronson? A few grams later he'll never even know it's gone. Besides, he can just have Lindsay Lohan pony up some loot.... she's gotta be swimming in it by now - just released a new line of Lindsay Lohan-brand office furniture.

Yep. One million.

1404 days ago


Pay pay pay. What's a stack of cash to an elite socialite like Clam Ronson? A few grams later, he'll never know the difference. Besides, he can just get Lindsay Lohan to pony up some loot - she's gotta be swimming in it now - just released a line of Lindsay Lohan-brand office furniture.

One million.

1404 days ago


Let's stop these craziness. I'm tired of these *******s defending their dogs that terrorize the neighborhood. Owners of vicious dogs should be prosecuted for their dogs' crime.

1404 days ago


Obviously she won’t get that much…it is steep..however…she will have to pay for the owners pain and suffering, not for the loss of the pet…I do not believe you can do that as a pet is property…but for the pain and suffering the owner received from being bit…I guess no one will know until the Dr. bills are presented as to what kind of damage was sustained by the recipient of the attack…vet bills, the cost of the dog will probably be included as well. If, for example one was a painter, artist or something like that and they were bit on the hand and suffered permanent nerve damage than you would be talking big money, cost of living big money. Guess we will see…I am a dog lover but I hate to see irresponsible pet owners…

1404 days ago


Man! This girl is butt ugly. I know why she prefers licking, poking and using strap-ons. No sober guy would put his d&ck anywhere near this lesbo.

1404 days ago


ms thing has no money,
ms other thing be real,
i love my dog but 750 k
send both to the dog park

1404 days ago


Appropriate. but please don't blame Cadillac. Samantha Ronson knew of his nature and didn't do enough to protect him and other dogs from him. Put Samantha to sleep. The world would be better off without her.

Ending Cadillac's life is not the answer.

1404 days ago


Did they leave the breed out on purpose? Or was that done so we would actually read the suit? Nevertheless 750k is a pretty steep sum and I LOVE dogs.

1404 days ago
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