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Oksana Makes Domestic Violence Case Against Mel

11/13/2010 10:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained the declaration Oksana Grigorieva wrote that created a nuclear custody war between herself and Mel Gibson ... alleging "verbal and physical abuse, threats to kill and extraordinary anger problems."


According to the declaration, filed with the court on June 21 in support of a motion for a protective order, Oksana alleged several instances in which she claims Mel was physically abusive -- the biggest being January 6, 2010.

Oksana claims in a fit of jealousy, Mel called her a "whore," "C**t" and a "f**king C**t" as he stormed around his Malibu house.  Oksana says she tried to leave the house, when Mel "raised his hand and took a closed fist punch to my mouth.  He then punched me on the left side of my head, near the temple area.  The force of [Mel's] punches threw me and LUCIA back on the bed.  As LUCIA and I laid on the bed ... [Mel] with his two hands tried to strangle me, and proceeded to choke me with his right forearm to my neck."

Oksana claims Mel's "second fist blow that went across my face also glanced across LUCIA's chin, and there was blood on both of us."

Oksana then claims Mel threatened her with a gun, as we've previously reported.

But Oksana alleges other abusive behavior at other times -- claiming Mel would call her a "Gold digger," "Weak c**t," "F**king bitch," "Ingrate bitch" and "whore."

She claims in November, 2009, Mel was "literally frothing at the mouth and his saliva got all over my face," one time slamming a chair against a glass door and breaking it.

On another occasion, Oksana claims Mel "started chest butting me into a corner, all while I was still holding LUCIA."  She also alleges Mel would push her.

Oksana says during a phone call on February 18, Mel said he would never cop to striking Oksana.  She claims he said, "I will f**king deny it and I will say that your f**king son is a c**t liar too.  So listen bitch you will f**king straighten up or I will f**king destroy you."

We've also included in the documents, declarations from Oksana's mother, as well as her facialist, Mady Shany, who claims 6 days after the January 6 blowout, Oksana came to her for a facial.  Shany claims she observed "scratches and bruises around her eyes and on her forehead."


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@Terry & @Eve & @Steven Hines are all new to this site I bet. If it was one individual I'd say they were just trying to stir us into a frenzy but 3 Okskanka lovers on a single page of posts is proof of the Gold Diggers PR firm at work.

Trust me, you are too obvious and your timing couldn't be worse. Okskanka will be cheered when she is shown going to PRISON!!!!!!!!!!!

1437 days ago


Why is the court treating this like they were married? She should get nothing but child support and move the hell on. Oksana you act as if you were Mrs. Gibson you were just a piece of side ass...Get over it take the child support for your daughter and get over it. My advice to you, you should find another profession like just playing the piano without singing because sweetie you can not hold a tune at all.

1435 days ago


Doubt the judge will accept that a mere 'open handed slap' as MG described it, is capable of breaking tooth veneers

Maybe the judge has veneers of his own ? If so, he'll be fully aware of how robust they are and of the strength of the veneer process. They're intended for biting ! They're not false fingernails. Veneers on teeth do NOT break from slight slaps. And the judge will be well aware of that and in addition will doubtless invite expert testimony

Not as if the veneer came of in total. No, it was broken in half. The half that came off took the full force of something a lot more specific than a 'mere slap' in my opinion

Lies, when exposed, will convince the judge that nothing said by the liar is to be trusted

As others have said, I didn't commence disliking MG. Far from it. And initially I dislike Oks. But the more I heard (the rants, for a start) and the more I considered it, the more I admired Oks and the less I believed MG

No one who's heard those filthy, insane phone rants would do other than to admire and support the woman who was subject of them

And no one who heard those rants could respect MG again

Those are the facts and you creatures know it

MG should man up and make a full confession. The fact he thought he could get away with it (as he assured Oks he would during the rants) is what created this public circus. I think he's insane. No sane person speaks as he does. And no real man beats up women

As for his ex wife and your idiotic attempts to portray her as some sort of saint .... he had to marry her, right ? She was pregnant when he married her, wasn't she ? So everything you've accused Oks of, naturally applies also to the ex wife. Or didn't you think people would realise that ?

1435 days ago


Mady's statement says that Oinky told her on the 12th of January that Mel said he would "put her in the rose garden" during the January 6th altercation. According to Oinky's "tapes", he didn't say this until February 18th!!! Mady is LYING!! They need to get their stories straight!!
Posted at 11:23 PM on Nov 13, 2010 by LA me
LA Me It is more likely that Oinky is lying and that this proves the tapes were recorded over time. He said that but WHEN? Oinks claims it was Feb 18...but Botox Babe says earlier.

Posted at 4:53 AM on Nov 14, 2010 by Frieda
exactly Frieda
it is a prove that tape about Rose Garden psychiatric hospital was made after January 6 and before January 12
so Oksana lied b/c not all tapes were made in one day

I was just listening Mel's tapes
their is tape #9 0:59 - Mel lost his voice?
talking about buby baby -it is not Mel voice for sure

but if it was in the morning February 19

and in Oksana declaration it is that
Mel come to her house that afternoon and was YELLING?

how could Mel could YELL if he just he lost his voice??

1431 days ago
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