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Who'd You Rather?

11/14/2010 5:25 AM PST BY Johnny Lopez

Boy bands of yore New Kids on the Block and Backstreet Boys are joining forces to pay their bills go on tour together.

Question is ... 


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Funny, how many do you know that can still breakdance... and breakdance at 41?
These "kids" have only gotten better with age.
When I was a teen... Joe all the way, now I want them all! :)
(I'm greedy now that I'm older!)
Trust me, Blockheads keep them ROLLING in the money!!!
The more the offer, the more we find a way to get it/be there.
Oh and supposedly Boyz II Men will be joining them... so it's a 90's GREAT flashback!

1415 days ago


So have any of you watched CBS lately... Donnie Wahlberg has the NUMBER 1 Friday night show called Blue Bloods... you may have heard of it... Honey, he doesn't need to tour to pay the bills NKOTB are doing fine from the late 80's and early 90's... Maybe you should go to one of the shows and see why they keep on touring... This will be the 4th NKOTB tour since 2008... but hey you wouldn't understand, if your not in the circle (which this clearly shows your are not) you wouldn't understand... Just Sayin' YUP! In the wise words of Mr Wahlberg "To the non belivered I say PEACE"

1415 days ago


U guys obviously have NO CLUE what these guys have been up to since their teenage years. I am not going to School u (altho U really need it) but just say The guys from NKOTB have been apart of my life since I was young, and They have taught me a lot through the years. I will forever be a NKOTB fan! Jealousy is a B%^@#. Danny is my FAVORITE!

1415 days ago


People need to realize that TMZ is full of paparazzi's. It's their job to make stupid, unnecessary comments. Don't come to the site if you don't want to read it. Go to a real news site. With that said, BSB and NKOTB are two of the most successful boy bands in the past 20 years. I love each of them and considering they are the only remainging boy bands who have managed to reinvent themselves, I'd say they are doing pretty well. They are all musically talented and take part in their work, instead of letting everyone else do it for them. So everyone is entitled to their opinion but don't bash on their success because that is something that you can't deny. They are successful because they are hard working.

1415 days ago


Seriously "Johnny Lopez" you have nothing better to write about?..atleast if you're gonna crack jokes..have something to fall back on!..For your info.."BOTH" of these bands have more money than you,TMZ staff or I will ever see in our lifetime.If you would've done your research ,you would know that alot of these fellas have other side projects/jobs besides being in a Boy Band.They're great at what they do WHY NOT get together and let their old and new fans experience something GREAT again!..For me it's Nkotb all the way but I do enjoy the music of the BSB also and when they come to my town ,I will be the first one up to get tix to a show..Let's Get This Guys..For all the non believers ..we say peace!!!..Janet/@JaniJane-Twitter

1415 days ago


oh shut up people who hate NKOTB.. new kids on the block are real man and so are the BSB so stop judging and u guys are just jeaulse NKOTB are the best and they are not kids anymore but they are Grown MEn not old men NKOTB rocks and Haters Suck Peace out Sucker :)

1415 days ago


first of all for those asking for a "neither" to vote, if youre not a fan why are you reading this and trying to cast a vote? second of all its not a "comeback" BSB has been touring and doing great!!!!

1415 days ago


I love the nkotbsb tour and apparently i'm not the only one tmz, looks like over 50,000 people feel the same. i'm sick of how sarcastic tmz is

1414 days ago


more money???
i dont think they need that..
nkotb made 1 billion long time ago..

1413 days ago

Felicia Blake    

NKOTB all the way! Have been a fab of theirs from the very beginning, and I will always love them...
NKOTB don't need BSB hanging off their shirt tails, they are doing fine without them, but hey, the more the merrier I suppose....
Lots of love from the UK
PS Donnie and Joe are friggin' gorgeous!!

1413 days ago


@Felicia Blake I love both bands and refer to NKOTB as my first loves and BSB as my true loves so I don't really want to put one band down to praise another...but BSB are definitely not riding NKOTB coat tails, BSB has over 130 million albums so I think they're doing just fine without NKOTB. I'm so excited about this tour and it makes me very happy to see the votes are at 50/50 :)

1413 days ago


OK, whats with all the hate on BSB here, ok you dont like them Haters keep on hating, if it makes you feel better about yourself good for you. And as for BSB wants to ride on NKOTB's 'coat tails'...i dont think so, this again was a JOINT decision...BSB have, and do amazingly well on their own, and basically have been touring since 93'...i mean you aint the worlds most successfull boyband ever for no reason!(and yes NKOTB are a boyband aswell, so dont even go there) The world is full of enough hate as it is. This tour is going to be amazing and if its going to come to the UK im questions...and i dont even no a single song by NKOTB (well maybe a chorus..umm hangin tough?? ), but im not going to hate on them. This lady wants her boyband time, and boy do i get that!! Plus, seeing Nick Carter sexy dance again...WOW!! :) Also, for them all to be doing it to pay bills, makes me lmfao!! They are all milliononairs, 100's of times over. KTBSPA! And hello to all you Blockheads too :D

1412 days ago


You really need to do some research. The New Kids are very wealthy young men who started the reunion when they found NEW music that appealed to the whole group & all 5 agreed to doing a recording. Then the overwhelmingly positive fan reaction made touring a given.After doing the RCMH show where the 2 groups did a song together they had so much fun, it rolled into this tour. I'm an NKOTB fan but am fine with BSB. It's gonna be the biggest party of 2010. Guys going to pick up girls/women better really respect the group/s or don't bother.Most are married & the other's are pretty perceptive. Fakes need not apply.

1410 days ago


Great talent gone to waste... there was NO NEED for this, srsly.
As a BSB, fan this is disgusting.

1408 days ago

Priscilla B.    


1373 days ago
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