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Dina Lohan: I Want No Part of Michael at Rehab

11/14/2010 11:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Dina Lohan is refusing to join forces with ex-hubby Michael in Lindsay Lohan's therapy at the Betty Ford Center ... sources close to the family tell TMZ.

1113_Dina_lohan_Michael_lohan_TMZ_EXWe're told Dina has visited Lindsay in rehab for the last three weeks and gone to every family day possible.  But ... our sources say Dina has no intentions of going to any therapy session with Michael, even though Michael is down with doing it next month.

Beyond the usual animosity, we're told Dina is particularly upset at how Michael has been photographed several times with Lindsay. Dina is saying she can keep herself and Lindsay away from the cameras, so why can't Michael.  And we're told ...  Lindsay was "furious" when pics of her and her dad surfaced.

Members of the Lohan family upset about being on camera? Maybe things are really changing.


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Oh please, Dina is mad she isn't making $$ off Lindsay while Michael has found a way to do just that.
Dina will probably take Lindsay out for drinks the day she gets out of rehab. Then go on the Today show again to talk about her fall off the wagon. Anything for $$ for this family.

1442 days ago


I wanna think things are changing...but I Agree with both #1&2 posters... This girl is dooomed.. if she really wants a life..get away from ALL of them..erase them from your being...they are just gonna feed off of you until you are nothing..

1442 days ago


Poor Lindsay just needs to divorce the whole damn family and start all over. Aint nothing ever good going to come out of it until both parents go through extensive therapy.

Wash your hands of both of them, hopefully you can still have some type of relationship with your brother an sister!

1442 days ago


Geez it seems both parents rather fued over anything than actually helping out one of there children that they created and destroyed in one shot. I don't blame Lindsay for her troubles I blame her parents for not being parents and using Lindsay and all there children to be famous. Forget about locking up Lindsay I say lock up Dina and Michael for child abuse and neglect. These 2 parents are more wanting to keep there child/children screwed up so they can use them for there own damm good than actually being a parent and providing for there children. But instead they have there children provide for them what great role models these 2 are. Where is child protective services investigating these 2 idiots for abuse and neglect of Lindsay and probably the remaining of there children.

1442 days ago


I seriously doubt any therapist would encourage LL to have both parents in a session. Lindsay is not an underage child. She is now negotiating separate relationships with her long time divorced parents. Most grown up kids do. As for Dina thinking Michael has somehow arranged the paps to be around when they are together, that's absurd! LL is hot and all the paps are hunting her with no encouragement from anyone. It's the money shot, stupid. Dina's just disgusting. No sense of reality and certainly no sense of doing what is right ever occurs to her. She is driven by two things in all of this. Money and hating on her EX. And she gets off on getting all the kids of this marriage to participate in the second thing. She is the worst of mothers and was probably the worse of wives.

1442 days ago


The white Oprah sure is a biotch.

1442 days ago


Their all nut cases.

1442 days ago


Surprise! Mike sold out his daughter with the candid photos, which he would benefit financially. How do you think that unemployed slob is driving around a shiny silver rental? Jesus he's pathological. Glad Lindsay & BF sees through his BS, and the family can move on being more healthy with him out of the picture, unless he needs some quick cash & he'll release some more old phone calls. He's just a skumbag.

1442 days ago


Lindz has horrid pimps for parents & MUST get her mother off her business accounts, get a real manager then give Dina an allowance with no control over anything. Dina's like Joe Jackson, will never go away so have to pay her living expenses since she won't work & deadbeat Mike doesn't pay his child support for the younger kids.

1442 days ago


Did Dina take up with Oxsana's former body guard/boy friend? She looks like she is feeling the love!

1441 days ago


I'm not crazy about Dina either but she raises a valid point. She has been to see Lindsay numerous times in and outside of rehab, no pics of them. Yet on Michael Lohans first visit, the paps were strategically placed on a roof and they got the money shots. In those pics Lindsay looked uncomfortable, at one point papa Lohan tried to grab her arm and she pulled away from him. Michael Lohan set his daughter up AGAIN. On his second visit, pics were also taken. This guy cannot be trusted.

I also watched a video of Michael Lohan after his second visit, he was on first name terms with the paps and he congratulated them on doing a great job. I'm telling you, this guy is VERY dangerous.

1441 days ago


Oh puleeze Dina - that is what got the family there in the first place - you are selfish - you want Lilo's money all to yourself. As if you were the Betty Crocker of the world!! Give in and be a Christian for once in your life - forgive!!

1441 days ago


If the price of recovery is working through family issues, Dina is
being very selfish. I had to face my ex after 20 yrs. My daughter was being treated for depression. At the Dr's request we both came to town and both worked for the one thing that mattered....our daughter's well being.

Get with it's not about you, it's about Lindsay.

1441 days ago


She should keep her feelings for her ex out of Lindsay's life. Both of them are toxic, but you should never teach your child to hate the other parent. It's bad for him to not have avoided the camera's but it's not bad that she went on tv to tell all? She's the one making the money off of her daughter and has made sure that both children hate their father! Not right! But again, I think both parents should be fired!

1441 days ago


Lindsey epotizes what happens to kids when parents hate each other more than they can love them. Good job Dina. You won't have to worry about Lindsey and her dad being together much longer. There's no doubt in my mind but that the next time Lindsey do drugs, and if you don't mend fences with Michael she will, it'll be the end of her.

1441 days ago
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