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Lindsay Lohan -- Back to Work

11/14/2010 2:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

It may be Sunday, but it's a work day for Lindsay Lohan -- she's getting set to do a fashion shoot this afternoon ... TMZ has learned.

As we first reported, Lindsay has the blessing of Betty Ford to do a one-day photo shoot. Sources tell us that shoot will go down today ... not too far from the Betty Ford Center.

We're told the shoot is for a Russian-based clothing line called Kira Plastinina and we've been told the pics will end up in a major magazine.

Sources tell us Lindsay will get paid for the gig, though it is unclear how much.


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19- If anything horrible like that were to happen to her, it would only make her a larger cult icon. I mean this inferno flick as raunchy as it may seem to be, is already an instant cult classic.

1382 days ago

george fudge!    

Probably a 'shoot' for Russian Vodka and not clothing. A skank like LL is only good for modelling a prostitute's wardrobe.

1382 days ago

Bubbles The Chimp    

#18: No. Chimps do not hang themselves, sorry. They just wank off till they die sometimes.

1382 days ago

Heather D.    

I really wish the best for Lindsay and any addict out there.

However, I am really amused by the action of these supposed reputable treatment centers such as UCLA hospital and the Betty Ford clinic. For someone with Lindsay's history and severity it is usually recommended, and often required, to complete 60 to 90 days inpatient before transitioning to sober living. In Lindsay's case, twice the court has ordered such treatment and twice the facilities have felt such inpatient care isn't needed. It does seem that Lindsay went into treatment to show the judge she was getting treatment but was shocked the judge ordered prolonged care. Once she was safe from jail she almost immediately was moved to sober living where there is less restrictions.

1382 days ago


Is that an old photo of Linds? Her mouth looks normal. . . .

1382 days ago

Bubbles The Chimp    

#25: No. Older pic. TMZ has this thing for using old pics when they want to make someones image appear better. LiLoser is still the same skank looking addict in real.

1382 days ago

Mr Baxter    

Why does she look so old in that photo?

1382 days ago


@Heather That's the whole thing. There's nothing wrong with UCLA or Betty Ford. They are excellent facilities. Perhaps, just perhaps, Lindsay is very cooperative and does well in the process because her "addiction" is moderate. If they thought she was a huge risk the professionals would not apt to have in UCLA's case have Lindsay transfer to outpatient every 23 days and in Betty Ford's case, have her have as many privileges as she has now. She's doing something RIGHT to EARN this. The thing about the failed drug test is she failed it, yes, but was she publicly bombed out of her mind somewhere doing something destructive a la Charlie Sheen? No. Something triggered it, we don't know what, and she had a relapse, which is part of recovery. The stupid thing is this probation has dragged on and on because a ridiculous judge wanted her to do weekly alcohol and drug classes where her schedule made that near to impossible and didn't accept that she made up classes when she did and came up with the excessive sentence that Nicole has mentioned numerous times. That failed drug test (her first after testing for MONTHS) wasn't really that big a deal and she may have been able to continue on in the outpatient rehab. But, OK, she went to Betty Ford, did her 30-day inpatient, now is in 60+ day residency, and is doing well. Her biggest problems are now dealing with the realities of her relationships with her parents and a truly excessive amount of media coverage. Can you image if Judy Garland had this coverage in her day and age? Lindsay, IMO, is no where near the "train wreck" she's made out to be. Yes, she has issues, but I can think of others in the entertainment industry that had far more severe issues.

1382 days ago


I have guestimated using numerology that about 45 to 63% of all young girls and women are either bi or lesbians, and about 36 to 45% of those also hate men. What dose this comment have to do with this photo shoot? Absolutely nothing, but Lindsay more than likely falls into both category's. Sorry guys, but only the ugly plain janes that nobody wants, like guys. Trust me I know.

1382 days ago


@HeatherD (Post #24): Did you actually read the article? Lindsay has not been moved to sober living - she is still at the Betty Ford Center. She was allowed to be out for ONE DAY to do the photo shoot, and returned that night.

1382 days ago


31. The stupid thing is this probation has dragged on and on because a ridiculous judge wanted her to do weekly alcohol and drug classes where her schedule made that near to impossible.

Excuse me? Normal working people that are on probation for drug and alcohol related charges have to do weekly classes as well - and THEY usually wind up doing them on their one day off per week. No one cares about whether the classes fit THEIR schedules- so why should LiLo be any different?

I find it very sad that both you and Nicole have so little in the way of actual lives that you have to spend all of your time defending Lindsay Lohan, no matter what she does. Do either of you realize that you're acting just like all of the other enablers around her that have allowed Lindsay to get to the bad place she's currently at?

1382 days ago


Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay tooooooooooooooooooo sooooooooooooooooooooon. She's acted her way through rehab for the 5th time.

1382 days ago


The only modeling that face is fit for is Burkas.Drugs can take a beautiful face and destroy it in a short time.

1382 days ago


@poster 34-
LL is in a part of BF but it IS SOBER LIVING. She was put in sober living last week. Google it.

1382 days ago


VickiC-you're extremely ignorant and naive and if anyone on here has no life whatsoever, it's YOU!

1382 days ago
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