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Domestic Violence Lobbyist: We Want Oksana

11/14/2010 1:57 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

A lobbyist for battered women and other domestic violence victim tells TMZ she has been speaking with Oksana Grigorieva for the last few weeks and wants her help in lobbying Sacramento legislators.

Camille Hayes, Membership & Communications Coordinator for California Partnership to End Domestic Violence, tells TMZ Oksana contacted her group several weeks ago and offered her help. Hayes says she and her group believe Oksana is a domestic violence victim.

Since the initial call, Oksana has been in contact with the organization numerous times offering help for other women. Hayes says both Oksana and her lawyer have been in discussions with the organization about a role Oksana could play -- but no specifics have been decided.

As we first reported, Oksana plans to go public in a big way -- holding news conferences about domestic violence.


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It is interesting that this maneuver has been taken not long after the doctors report comes out stating that she did not see any signs of child abuse a day after the alleged event.

1409 days ago


Why aren't these groups taking up for Mel? Oxy is physiologically abusing Mel, the media, and us!

1409 days ago


Why give her this space in the media? She didn´t even report domestic violence to the Police when she said that it was supposed to have happened and no one has even been charged or convicted!!! I have no problem with people going public to talk about different issues but don´t hang out an innocent man!

1409 days ago


Nothing like setting the cause of preventing domestic violence back 100 years.

1409 days ago




Posted at 10:20 AM on Nov 14, 2010 by TiffC

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……….”…\………. …/

(credits to shuffle demon)

1409 days ago

what a mess    

Simple truth is. Some women get hit because they deserve it.

Maybe they:

1. cooked a lousy meal.
2. cried during anal.
3. looked their man in the eyes.



Posted at 10:20 AM on Nov 14, 2010 by TiffC
Well Tiff, based on your statement my guess is you think that DV is a man's job, a way of "controlling" his woman. Pretty sick if you ask me but hey, whatever gets you off

1409 days ago


I am reposting from earlier thread:

you have to read this guys post at it's absolutely Brilliant!!!

Here is a overview and he is SPOT ON!!

FEMINIST: After sex, I get four choices (rape,birth, abortion, or adoption). You get none.
MAN: Okay

FEMINIST: I can kill your child, or make you pay for 25 years, or give it away.
MAN: Okay

FEMINIST: All news and reports shall suppress female behavior, crimes, misdemeanors, misrepresentations.

FEMINIST: I want divorce no-fault, even if it is my fault, I do not want to be held responsible for any action I caused...
MAN: Okay

FEMINIST: ...Even if I divorce you, jump into bed with the judge, your best friend, your attorney and then your dog I can still blame all of it on you...
MAN: Okay

FEMINIST: I want all the benefits of marriage post-divorce, not the burdens. You must keep all burdens and lose all benefits.
MAN: Okay

FEMINIST: If I say you made booga-booga eyes at me, I get to call the cops and have you arrested.
MAN: Okay

FEMINIST: Arrested, you become a "batterer" and I can kick you out of our home. I also get temporary custody of your kids.
MAN: Okay

FEMINIST: If I have a restraining order and phone you and you answer, I can call it "stalking." You'll be jailed.
MAN: Okay

FEMINIST: At permanent custody hearings, I can bring up your "abuse" record and keep the kids, car, cash, and castle.
MAN: Okay

FEMINIST: I can kill you and say you provoked me. You can't lay a hand on me since "There's NEVER an excuse to hit a woman."
MAN: Okay

FEMINIST: Men who beat women will suffer harsh Federal punishments and public censure. Women - - who start better than half of all domestic fights with men and cause most abuse/neglect of children and the elderly - - will be called "nurturers" and "care-givers."
MAN: Okay

FEMINIST: Divorce will cost you big bucks. I'll get free help from the state, and wimmin's advocates, and even make you pay my legal bills.
MAN: Okay

FEMINIST: I get the kids, 'cuz I spent more time raising them. You don't keep the cash, though you spent more time earning it.
MAN: Okay

FEMINIST: I'm a mommy, you're a money-mule.
MAN: Okay

FEMINIST: I get to go back to school, or stay at home. You must work.
MAN: Okay

FEMINIST: I get to track your earnings. You can't track my parenting. In fact, you can't see your kids school records without my say-so.
MAN: Okay

FEMINIST: You must make up for my lost career momentum. I don't have to make up for your lost time with the kids.
MAN: Okay

FEMINIST: You have to pay child-support (CS) to me. I don't have to tell you how I spend it or if I use it on myself.
MAN: Okay

FEMINIST: Your CS orders will be higher than if we were still married, being based on Lenore Walker's cooked statistics.
MAN: Okay

FEMINIST: I get to have "space" and to "find" myself. Judges will make you stay at lousy jobs.
MAN: Okay

FEMINIST: I get 25 per cent of your gross income for Jimmy. Make more, I get more.
MAN: Okay

FEMINIST: After divorce, I can "train" or go to college instead of getting a job. You have to work.
MAN: Okay.

FEMINIST: I get to move the kids out of state without your permission. You can't budge without mine.
MAN: Okay.

FEMINIST: "Family" now means "women and children only."
MAN: Okay

FEMINIST: Birthing slatterns will now be called "single mommies," their chosen sex partners "predators."
MAN: Okay

FEMINIST: States and feds will enforce my child-support rights - for free. You must pay to " try" to enforce your visitation rights.
MAN: Okay

FEMINIST: I want to be able to teach the children to hate you and believe that you sexually and physically abused them.

FEMINIST: I don't have to make up denied visitation to you. You must pay all missed CS payments to me, with interest.
MAN: Okay

FEMINIST: I can call you a "deadbeat dad." You can't call me a "welfare queen."
MAN: Okay

FEMINIST: Welfare mothers can't be forced to name abusive fathers since ALL fathers are now "abusive."
MAN: Okay

FEMINIST:Welfare mommies can name any man as the father, and the state will pay until it finds a perp who was not too smart.

FEMINIST: The tax office can dog you on the Internet for CS. My privacy is sacred, my rights endless.
MAN: Okay

FEMINIST: CS agents can hunt you like a fugitive slave, making you register with employers like an apartheid black.
MAN: Okay

FEMINIST: I want all the money you or your family ever made or owned turned over to me, my control and I want the family courts to make sure.

FEMINIST: Whales matter now, not males.
MAN: Okay

FEMINIST:Even if I shoot you in the back while sleeping, kill you by poison, butcher the kids, develop violent tendencies. It is all your fault.

FEMINIST: In cultural coin tosses, it's "heads I win, tails you lose."
MAN: Okay

FEMINIST: I can keep expanding my perks and punishing you through the courts.
MAN: Okay

FEMINIST: If you want me to Bobbittize you, say "Okay."
MAN: Okay.

Posted at 10:15 AM on Nov 14, 2010 by therock

Posted at 10:18 AM on Nov 14, 2010 by therock

Unfortunate, but too much painful truth to be ignored.

Tee hee * + * + * + * + * + * + * + * + *

1409 days ago


As someone who had the hell beat of me growing starting around 4 until I turned 17 (where it was known why I was working a full time job while going to high school, just in case)....I think I can see that Oksana is full of it and she is a BUTTON PUSHING GOADING LIAR. Perhaps womens' groups don't talk about the cycle of violence, but unless they want to talk about the harm the spouse who goads and goads, even directing the other spouse to abuse the children, so she can still feel like the victim, the martyr, the peacekeeper role, the rescuer....and finally, the persecutor...till she (usually) wants the drama-violence-cycle to start again. Careful, victims...your children are watching and will go through YEARS of counseling and hardship because of it.

It is not enough to take a DV abuser, but add into the mix of the so called "non-abuser" too) manipulation tactics(which really isn't true either, because they can pack a helluva whallop themselves. At least, my parents got it together off the roller-coaster, years to forgive and realize they learned it from their own generations, plus losing a son sparked the worst. But they had emotions and conscience...guilt, something I don't see from Oksana, no..I see a sociopath in that woman, it is all about her..$$, fame, attention, revenge.

Posted at 9:48 AM on Nov 14, 2010 by kickaboo

kickaboo as a dv victim myself I know one thing Ox is not a victim. It is sad that these groups who is supposed to be helping victims are doing the opposite. They are doing more harm. Everybody knows Ox is not a victim including the police.

1409 days ago


Oksana is fighting her possible extortion charges with another extortion.
This time it's not Mel, it's the court system. OUR court system.
Offense is her defense.
How far will this go? Nobody is stopping her, seems like.

1409 days ago


Looks like Oksana is getting new "friends” to use and abuse.

I wonder how long this "friendship" will last. Oksana is toxic.

1409 days ago


Iwonder if Mel had to listen to her singing all night long....?
Posted at 9:52 AM on Nov 14, 2010 by Swede

Actually, no. For her special clients, she performs her 'hummers.'

Goodness gracious, did I really say that? My kids are gonna kill me. Mom is getting irritable.

Tee hee * + * + * + * + * + *

Posted at 10:16 AM on Nov 14, 2010 by middleagedcrazy

Bringing this over -- not sure what is going on today.

Tee hee

1409 days ago


I can understand an organization believing putting a high-profile face on domestic violence can help their cause. Unfortunately, they are hitching their wagon to a deceitful female. Ultimately, Miss Grigorieva's actions will only discredit the organization and the cause of true victims.

I have no doubt this is merely another PR ploy designed to make Miss Grigorieva appear a sympathetic victim since nothing else has worked thus far.

I also have no doubt this is an effort to force the District Attorney's hand to bring charges against Mel Gibson. It is painfully obvious there is scant evidence.

Furthermore, this is an effort to make increase/create some support for Miss Grigorieva when/if extortion charges are brought against her.

In short, Miss Grigorieva's motives are suspect. Ultimately, supporting her will harm the organization and its efforts.

1409 days ago


Interesting how the Nucking Futs piano player supporters reappear when there is money -- wonder how many screen names and lines are running out of Mr. Gibson's house in Sherman Oaks. Oh, sorry, it might be Mrs. Gibson's house, who knows.

The publicity is not likely to help her so-called career unless it is as a Rachel Uchitel wannabe.

Did your latest memo outline responses to false accusations of domestic violence? How does it help children involved in alleged situations to keep the false allegations to the forefront of any discussions?

Tee hee

(Genna, kpacota or any of you really good writers out there isn't it time for a new memo?)

Posted at 10:27 AM on Nov 14, 2010 by middleagedcrazy

1409 days ago


Where is the Law?

Mel is not just being accused by Oksana for Domestic Violence.
By having a Domestic Violence Lobbyist ask for Oksana's help with
legislation, they are making a PUBLIC DECLARATION and CONVICTING
Mel on domestic violence charges. And Mel has not even been
charged with DV !

Oksana is doing this make the public assume Mel was convinced of DV,
just by process of her association with this group. So Mel gets 100%
convicted in public opinion and she doesn't even have to go to court,
because she doesn't have a case.


The purpose of lobbyist's is to influence politicians on legal issues,
thus changing laws. Why is a non-American being asked to be involved
with something that could affect American law. Is that,

Even though Oksana is surrounded by lawyers and now lobbyists

1409 days ago


When will we no longer have to be subjected to this professional victim! Now shes getting paid to not only be a victim but to represent victims?

Theres a victim alright and it is not this Russian money-grubbing, gold-digging, two-bit whore thats in the business of having babies to support her lifestyle.

The victims here are the men this black widow ensnared and the children she had in order to extort money from these men.

1409 days ago
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