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Aquabats Concert -- Youngest Stagediver Ever?

11/15/2010 3:06 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

It was like a ska Bar Mitzvah at an Aquabats concert in St. Louis last night ... when the band's lead singer grabbed a little boy from the crowd ... and LAUNCHED him into his very first stage dive.

Moments after the kid landed in the sea of people -- a grown ass man launched himself off the stage and BARELY missed smacking the kid in the head.

So we gotta ask ...


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Damn language filters. Tigress in case you are wondering, that's a 4 letter word that rhymes with hunt.

1440 days ago


You guys are stupid, i was there, that guy that jumped after the kid was his dad and Mc Bat Commander asked the kids dad if he could throw the kid into the crowd before he did you guys at tmz are complete idiots

1440 days ago

Luke Niere    

I was actually at the show. This did happen. So you guys can stop ripping on it. I'm sure they did it in Omaha too but that's what they were both wearing in St. Louis so..

1440 days ago

Adam Lucz    

Ya, so I was at that show. The guy who jumped in after was the kids father, who also gave his full consent for MC Bat Commander to "launch" his son in to the crowd. Granted I know this information will not be used correctly but I felt it was my duty to share anyways.

1440 days ago


To anyone who doesn't think this was cool: you suck at life.

Such a cool moment for a father and son to share - and to have it caught on video, even better. Something they'll both remember for a long time.

I have never heard of tmz prior to this video, and I'm glad. Misrepresentation of the event, absolute rubbish sensationalism media. They mustn't have had any reality TV star drug/naked/drunk photos to show off on that day....

1439 days ago


The Aquabats have always done this! Plus, it's a ska-ish (I say Ska-ish b/c Charge! wasn't really much of a ska album) concert, and ska concerts are generally all about unity. Nobody would let this kid get fall to the ground even if they had to sacrifice taking a kick in the head to save him.

1439 days ago


The father of this child has serious issues. As the father of a 1 year old - and my kid loves music more than anything else... I would NEVER even consider something like this. That child could have been hurt - PERIOD. Someone really should pay a visit to this family - they have problems.

1439 days ago


I was at that show and after the show the kid was soooooooooooo pumped and excited and high fiving everyone....The Aquabats are great !

1439 days ago


**** you tmz. go **** on some *******s that do things wrong everyday like some stupid rapper or a dumb reality star falling over drunk. stay the **** out punk rock.

1439 days ago

Jakob Cravens    

THat guy is an idiot!! I want to go punch him for throwing the little kid!

1439 days ago


Your a f**king idiot for not paying attention then!

1. the kid WANTED to do it.
2. MC Bat Commander asked his dad for CONSENT.
3. the DAD and KID both did it.

f** i wish my dad did something like that with me when i was a kid.
S**t you people don't let anyone live their LIFE anymore.

It's not your kid so STFU

1439 days ago


Hey ya bunch of jackals, try doing some real research before spreading vicious rumors. Kids crowd surf at Aquabats! shows all the time, being a long time fan, I have never once heard of a child being injured doing this. When you consider the general kid friendliness of The Aquabats! and the fact that a large portion of their fan base are parents, people in the crowd are going to be far more conscientious of making sure the child is well supported. Also, the kid weighs like next to nothing, it's not like he's that hard to carry.

1439 days ago


Regarding the comments who say that the kid should be taken away:

CONGRATS! You have officially set the standard for the most ridiculous posts ever!

Having been to many Aquabats show (and seen tons of kids stage dive), the kid was in VERY SAFE HANDS.

First of all, it wasn't some random thing, the crowd is always ALWAYS ready to catch the kid. Having done it myself (helping to catch a kid), the kids have a 100% guarantee that they are going to be safe. The kids are always safely brought back to the parent.

So, if you never been to an Aquabats show, they you have NO idea what you are talking about. Period.

1439 days ago


Seriously all you people that have a problem with this should be ****ing shot...The Aquabats do so much for YOUR childen...I bet ALL your kids watch Yo Gabba Gabba which is produced BY THE AQUABATS !.
GROW UP and stop talking ****

1439 days ago

Bryant Rudy    

TMZ... Shut the **** up and let the 'bats have a good time. It's a CONCERT. Just because you lazy s***bags sit behind your desks all day and rag on celebs doesn't mean you have limitless power. You're all a bunch of lowball ****s with no lives.

1439 days ago
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