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Hurricane Katrina Blamed in Lil Wayne Paternity Suit

11/16/2010 7:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

If only that pesky Hurricane Katrina didn't get in the way, Lil Wayne would've been forced to take a DNA test years ago to prove he fathered an 8-year-old boy ... this according to the boy's grandmother.

After the kid was born in 2002, his family "tried multiple times to get a paternity test" against Wayne only to face unforeseen delays -- such as a massive natural disaster ... so says his grandmother's attorney.

According to the lawyer, the New Orleans court system moved at a ridiculously slow pace anyway -- and after Katrina hit in 2005 ... all sorts of court records pertaining to the case were destroyed ... and their case was delayed by a matter of years.

But as we previously reported, the grandmother finally obtained a new court order requiring Weezy to submit to a DNA test ... but the rapper was holed up at Rikers Island when he got the news.

The judge has since given Wayne until early-December to take the test ... barring any more acts of God.



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Just Sayin    

This guy is trash and his music is garbage!

1436 days ago


Whatever!!...He is a douche

1436 days ago


I hope he has to pay through the nose to support this kid, and the judge does not allow visitation. Nice Dad!

1436 days ago


Why do you keep reporting on this guy? He's a nobody

1436 days ago


all the people bashing lil wayne are crazy, he take care of his kids like he suppose to, but jealous people usually hate when they do not have

1436 days ago


Typical guy. All man when it comes to getting a woman in bed and getting her pregnant. And all punk when it comes to supporting the child. I just can't understand why people don't realize that the primary reason for sex is procreation. That when you go to bed with a woman you need to go to bed with her with the understanding, the absolute knowledge that you can get her pregnant, condom or other birth control notwithstanding. You also need to understand that when you go to bed with a woman you are making a tacit agreement that should she become pregnant you will man-up and support the child. That's sex.

1436 days ago

SERIOUSLY !!!!!    

God & Lil Wayne mentioned in the same sentence .... how weird is THAT ??? !!!!

1436 days ago


this piece of s*** is sooo gross! i couldn't imagine anyone consenting to the act that created the child. yuk. and herman, you my dear, are an idiot.

1436 days ago

So What    

Number 7 you must have your ASS so fc--ing up your butt you can not see stright just like those who did not see stright when they voted that loser and American hater for President. Get some eyes on and learn who these nuts are. look at the guy come on he is ****. you are the asses who pay for that kind of crap get a life.

1436 days ago


Maybe the grandma should have called the Maury Show..."You ARE the Father"!

1436 days ago


It is sooooo true that the court system moved at a ridiculous pace there....My lawsuit that was in the system before the hurricane was delayed an additional 3 years after the hurricane. Frustrating!!

1436 days ago


The way some of these chicks is today its probably best to wait on DNA,Because it could be someone else kid...

1436 days ago


first off while everybody bashing lil wayne, where the hell is the boy mama? why grandma doing this herself. Do she even know who her granddaughter slept with? so people just chill until the results are in.

1436 days ago


Who would lay up with him must be because of money /desperate / drunk/ high / did not know any better/ simple / crazy

1436 days ago

Dont worry bout' it    

you shouldn't sit there and criticize, you don't even know if he is the father. Wait until the dna test is in, then you have a reason to pass judgement. Where is the mom at? Should'nt this be the mothers responsibility, rather than the grandmothers?

1436 days ago
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