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Lindsay Lohan -- Next Stop, New York City?

11/15/2010 9:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan has been given the green light by Betty Ford to venture around Southern California -- but we've learned Lindsay is going to try and extend that freedom ... all the way to the Big Apple.

Sources close to Lohan tell TMZ LiLo really wants to go home for the holidays, so she'll ask Betty Ford for the okay. If they give her permission, we're told Lindsay will try and spend Thanksgiving and Christmas with the family back in Long Island.

We're told Lindsay is "completely committed" to her treatment and if Betty Ford nixes her holiday plans ... she's ok with it.

So far, nothing's been decided.  


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If they let her go, what a waste of time this whole thing was. They will not be doing her any favors. She will be dead by the end of next year.

1438 days ago


Don't pay any attention to darkrage. Nobody else does. Just skip his posts. He's some 10 year old that is at home on his Mommy's computer trying to act like a big man.

1438 days ago


give an inch and take a mile

1438 days ago


when i was in rehab @ age 15 my parents came to my rehab and had dinner with me for thanksgiving in the facility cafeteria.for x mas my whole family traveled for about 1 1/2 to be with me AT rehab on that day and exchange presents.there is no reason to go to NY except to visit the enablers that will give her more drugs like sis and mommy for example.

1438 days ago


gossip-no one pay's any attention to you either, so you might as well quit wasting your time, i'll bet you're nothing but some fat 40 year old slob who still lives with his parents woh only feels good whne he wishes terrible things on people he dosen't know, so f*cking pathetic!

1438 days ago


Ah Darkmange... you never let me down. I'm don't know which one is more entertaining: Lindsay Lohan marketing yet another product line, or your kindergarten drivel... oh wait. Yeah, I do know. Please don't forget to include me in your daily hate.... don't want to feel as though all of my efforts were for nil.

1438 days ago

truth and mercy    

RIGHT!!! Like Dina Lohan wants Lindsay around ..... wouldn't that upset Dinas alcohol consumption and holiday party plans? I bet dina cringes at the thought of staying sober for her daughters well being/ health/ recovery/ and Lindsays very LIFE! STAY AS FAR AWAY FROM MOMMY DEAREST AS YOU CAN LINDSAY,you can celebrate the joyous holiday season with an adopted SOBER HEALTHY FAMILY! Good luck and God Bless! +

1438 days ago



Isn't it fun to rile him up and see what hate he spews? I know I enjoy it!!!

1438 days ago


Yes. Yes it IS fun, nearly as much fun as it is to gleefully report about each one of Lindsay's new licensed products that seem to pop up pretty much daily. For example: did you know that there's a new one that was just released this morning?

Lindsay Lohan-brand platinum-tipped spark plugs. I don't know what she does with them, but they give forth more power than an once of methamphetamine. Coincidence? You decide.

1438 days ago


Broheem,gossip-It's also pretty entertaning to listen to you two dumbf*cks delude yourselves into thinking that you're the least bit clever or funny, when you really just sound like pathetic losers, i'll bet you both lead lonely and pointless existences with little to live for besides insulting Lindsay and trying to vincine yourselves that you're SOOOOO clever and witty when you're SOOOOOO not! You two are so dumb make Paris Hilton look like Stpehen hawking by comparison! LOL

1438 days ago


The success rate of rehabbers is only between 3 and 5%. That's 3-5 out of every 100 people leaving rehab will relapse within the first year. I'm not sure if people are wishing Lindsay bad, or if they just know the odds are against her and are expecting the worst. Personally, I hope she is successful and can get herself sorted out. It will be a challenge, to say the least. She needs to ditch that family of hers (parents) to begin with. They are toxic to her!

1438 days ago


Nicole at #12: "The way Marsha Revel has treated this case since May has been a joke and her unprofessional behavior got her kicked off it in August.

She wasn't "unprofessional", it was an internal dispute with the prosecutor about discussions with certain parties without both attorneys being present (I think one of the parties was a lawyer who was just telling her that he was not going to be the attorney of record, this was the guy who put Lindsay into a half-way house briefly before a hearing). It wasn't anything big. She decided to take herself off the case to avoid wasting more time on it, she certainly wasn't "kicked off the case". I'm sure she was quite tired of the Lohans by then anyway. Notice that the next judge was no easier on Lindsay ultimately.

Rich people are a royal pain, whenever they don't like a sentence they go on smear campaigns against the judge, making outrageous claims just because their little pumpkin got treated the same as everybody else. Paris Hilton's family did the same stupid thing instead of counting their blessings and thanking the judge for helping to keep Paris off the streets while drunk. Just because Dina Lohan is convinced that Judge Revel is the root of all evil doesn't make it so.

Nicole at #12: "You aren't supposed to mandate a time in rehab once the person completes the program then the best thing is to release them so that can continue to progress and work on their sobriety."

Someone is feeding you incorrect information about how sentencing works. It's not like the jail sentencing, where the sheriff can release anybody he wants anytime. The judge said until Jan 3, and that will stand. They can decide to move from inpatient to outpatient and make other changes such as the facility, but it's highly unlikely that an addict like Lindsay would be able to convince a judge that she doesn't need supervision any more after such a short time. The judge isn't an idiot. She is not recovered, she is just hopefully recovering. The phase of treatment she is in at Betty Ford is good for her and she should stay there as ordered by the judge - it gives her the supervision that she needs. It would be nice if she stayed there at least until Feb 25, and she really could use much more time in such a setup. She won't have any career if she's dead.

Nicole, why are you still kicking and screaming about court orders that obviously have been so helpful for Lindsay? All this is the best thing that could have happened to her. And it never would have happened without the judge you keep trashing making the right decision.

1438 days ago


I agree 100% with what #2 said. This would be a very bad move. Sure, everyone wants to be with family for the holidays, but let them go to her.

1438 days ago



Finally...someone who actually makes sense! I am so tired of Lindsay's supporters trashing the two judges. They should be thanking both of them profusely for trying to save her from her self destructive ways, since no one else seems to care.

1438 days ago



lindsay lohans shena****ns are priceless!, only for the fact that she makes smart people look really really stupid, i was referring to you UCLA, and you too betty ford - she will trash your reputation like she trashed UCLAs...


1438 days ago
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