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Oksana to Mel: 'Too Much Evidence, My Dear'

11/15/2010 4:55 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained emails Oksana Grigorieva sent Mel Gibson just before their mediation, which Mel's lawyers believe are proof of extortion.  Oksana claims she has "Too much evidence, my dear."


According to court documents, Oksana sent the emails on May 2, two weeks before she and Mel went into mediation which resulted in a $15 million package for Oksana and Lucia.

In the email, Oksana accuses Mel and his family of leaking stories to the media about their breakup -- specifically "...they claim that you dumped me."

Mel's lawyers believe the emails show Oksana as a manipulator who was not fearful of Mel at all, but rather someone who was scheming to extort millions.

Oksana writes, "Does your family think that my modesty and class could pass for stupidity?"  She adds, "Do they think, i will let them carry on with ruining my reputation, which was unblemished before i ever layed eyes on you?"

Then Oksana gets serious: "The facts are stubborn things, the information is power, you told me so yourself."

Then, far from being scared, it seems Oksana wanted Mel back, writing, "Untill this morning I was still missing you so much and secretly wanted and hoped for us to be together again."

Oksana accuses his wife, Robyn, and daughter, Hannah, of waging a "silent war" against her, complaining, "Are you a little boy, or are you a man? Why are you so easily influence by your mommy Robyn?" 

As for secretly recording Mel, "As far as the tapes go, I only played one to my lawyer, becouse on march 15 Michelle proposed on ur behalf not a very generous gift for our daughter and there was nothing for me." 

Oksana adds " lawyers also told me that tom Hansen said i woudn get a penny and more importaunly, my lawyers warned me that ur laywers are capaple of false fabrication about me in press, i.e., an unfit mother, a prostitute etc. so you can have the baby and I get to go to my moth hole as u told me."

Oksana talks about taping Mel and makes a big statement Mel's lawyers have seized on:  "Too much evidence, my dear."


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She is pure sleaze, but MG should have recognized that in the beginning.

1444 days ago


I think this lady (Oksana) needs some therapy!!!

I am outraged by the way the media is treating Mel Gibson. He is being brutilized by eveyone. He is a very wonderful actor and person and nothing anyone can say will change my mind. He is handsome, talented and fabulous. They need to get off his back. This lady is after all she can get from him and I think the baby was her way of getting it all. She is going Down!!!!!

1444 days ago


The message is too long for someone who is just after money. She loved him and she's still having trouble letting go. This is their private business. His ex wife and children should not be involved and neither should the media.

1444 days ago

Jade evergreen    

@t 427 mystic
Oksana never love Mel Gibson she set him up from the moment she set her eyes on him and it was Oksana who leak the altered tapes to media keep talking to media ignoring the gag order when it was in place and she trash Robyn and Hannah

1443 days ago


Has anyone noticed that in these emails there's not one mention of abuse? No mention of him knocking out her veneers? And yet after all that she says she still loved him and wanted to get back with him. Hmmmmm.

1443 days ago


yeah!.that's where u belong,that moth hole.if ur reputation was unblemished why not walk out with ur head high and leave him with his concience instead of all these drama....'cos as it stands ,i have neva seen anybody so hated like u...

1443 days ago

Splitting Hairs    

"Did she finish school? OMG...just unreal! My TODDLER could spell better than this woman! WHAT THE HECK WAS "MEL GIBSON" DOING WITH A WOMAN THIS STUPID????!!!!"

As much as I despise this women, bad spelling is not always a sign of low intelligence or poor education. I have run across highly intelligent and educated people (though not typically English majors) that have both bad spelling and atrocious hand writing. In such cases, I believe it is a more a combination of arrogance and laziness, i.e. they are above such trivial matters when dealing with the masses or peons.

1443 days ago

Byron Green    

Hey Troll we know you visit this site under other names thats ok I mean who gives a sxxt what u do but I have a great idea for you why don't you go on the Judge Judy show.
You would get the whole world laughing again and we really need that.

1442 days ago


watch what you wish for .you might get it! poor Mel.lost his head over a little piece of young,hot ass. there's always a hook in the most luscious bait.ask any bass. love ya' Mel Money & power don't insulate one from heartache. just makes a guy a bigger target. hope you prevail in the end.and become a sober,wiser repentant dad to all those kids.they need you.

1436 days ago

LA me    

ACK! That should have been "care" not "cafe".

Damn rented fingers!!

1434 days ago
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