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Oksana to Mel: 'Too Much Evidence, My Dear'

11/15/2010 4:55 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained emails Oksana Grigorieva sent Mel Gibson just before their mediation, which Mel's lawyers believe are proof of extortion.  Oksana claims she has "Too much evidence, my dear."


According to court documents, Oksana sent the emails on May 2, two weeks before she and Mel went into mediation which resulted in a $15 million package for Oksana and Lucia.

In the email, Oksana accuses Mel and his family of leaking stories to the media about their breakup -- specifically "...they claim that you dumped me."

Mel's lawyers believe the emails show Oksana as a manipulator who was not fearful of Mel at all, but rather someone who was scheming to extort millions.

Oksana writes, "Does your family think that my modesty and class could pass for stupidity?"  She adds, "Do they think, i will let them carry on with ruining my reputation, which was unblemished before i ever layed eyes on you?"

Then Oksana gets serious: "The facts are stubborn things, the information is power, you told me so yourself."

Then, far from being scared, it seems Oksana wanted Mel back, writing, "Untill this morning I was still missing you so much and secretly wanted and hoped for us to be together again."

Oksana accuses his wife, Robyn, and daughter, Hannah, of waging a "silent war" against her, complaining, "Are you a little boy, or are you a man? Why are you so easily influence by your mommy Robyn?" 

As for secretly recording Mel, "As far as the tapes go, I only played one to my lawyer, becouse on march 15 Michelle proposed on ur behalf not a very generous gift for our daughter and there was nothing for me." 

Oksana adds " lawyers also told me that tom Hansen said i woudn get a penny and more importaunly, my lawyers warned me that ur laywers are capaple of false fabrication about me in press, i.e., an unfit mother, a prostitute etc. so you can have the baby and I get to go to my moth hole as u told me."

Oksana talks about taping Mel and makes a big statement Mel's lawyers have seized on:  "Too much evidence, my dear."


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OG blames Robyn and Hannah a lot of the break down in their relationship. OG cannot even take responsibility for her own part in the collapse.

Posted at 11:35 AM on Nov 15, 2010 by fuddyduddy

yes, I noticed how she easily flings blame on any and all other than herself in classic paranoid salvos "they are all out to get me" type of behavioral pattern, there are a number of key and clear elements to the email(s) showing a manipulative nature with some goading and taunting undertones if not outright blatant about her intent " not very generous gift to our daughter and nothing for me " .

it is clear to me that these emails were a prelude or introduction to her next step which would come the i will ruin/destroy you type of letter or do***ent in an escalating manner of threat.

and it is obvious her mother has played a big role in her relationship/grifting scheme

1404 days ago


Custody case is about present and future Lucia's life. I think Aleksandr loves his mother, but at same time he realizes who's she and what does she do for living,it's painful.Therefore for sake of children Judge Gordon has to forbid Oksa to make media statements! When Lucia'll be adult, her life'll intoxicate.If her mother is so selfish and greedy and doesn't pay attention on that aspect, then Judge or authorities have to think about! There is not enough justice in Russia, but in USA it's not enough also!

1404 days ago


FINALLY we get the infamous letter! LOL

This pretty much proves she is not scared AT ALL, but is in fact quite the manipulator.

She may not come right out and say "I want money or I'll go public" etc, but it is definitely implied!!

This on top of her conflicting stories and doctored tapes should be enough to convict her .......ABOUT TIME

1404 days ago


Oh, for anyone that believes Ludmilla's (Oksana's mother) about Ox's 1st husband being a drug addict ...he's now a lawyer..

Scandals Right after the wedding reception in a restaurant family Igor again faced with unprecedented brazenness Grigorieva . The girl , not After spending a couple of hours in the status in law , a scandal of her husband's parents for the money .
- She came in and demanded that we give her all the money they gave his son 's wedding . I was horrified and said she did not give . After all, it was necessary to furnish an apartment , which we bought for them by relatives in our city . And it requires money , he screams. Like, I have to go to America , I need money! Give me my money! The scandal now arranged . Well I did , and sent to her mother, saying " it and take it! " Then it went the other way, throw a fit son and demanded that he went to Saransk to live with her . The son refused . Then she began to threaten that , they say , throw it up and go alone. All this went on for almost a month and one day , Igor came to me literally in tears, said: "Mom, what a mistake I made that did not listen to you and took this ... I do not want to go to Saransk, I was already there , there There is no future . " I calmed her son and said that he must divorce. Learning of this, Oksana came back from the city and another couple of months my son got out scandals and hysterics , and together with her and her mother would pat his nerves and needed help with their money and move to Saransk . Eventually he broke down and filed for divorce. They were divorced here in Shakhtyorsk in a quick , good again I helped. I think he smalodushnichal and still gave her money , or at any Chichi , she would then flew abroad ? The more he loved her , but she is from a rope Vila da money shake her . To me, he , of course, is not recognized , but I'm sure that his screams and hysterics shaken out of her son a lot . It is a real " Chernukha and tricky , as her mother ! Ashamed to even Igor mud water , and then her mother tells everyone that Igor addict . Never ever had , and everybody knows it . Right now, my son, thank God, got rid of this prohodimki , and happy with his new wife, who bore him a daughter, Pauline . Correct it Gibson marked the little it is her God will punish you for all her tricks chernushnye .

Oksana's family were the poor ones. Ludmilla has been inflating Oksana's life history her whole life, so Oksana brings home the valuables and trust funds to Russia. link has pictures of 1st husband and Oksana...Jeanne, mother-in-law who tells the truth.

1404 days ago


OG states in these emails/texts that she recorded Mel just so that he could hear himself. Yet, OG states on-camera that she recorded Mel because she feared for her life. Which is it?

1404 days ago


Well, well ...

This hardly sounds like a poor little victim who's afraid for her life. She sounds pretty vindictive doesn't she. She sounds like she wanted Mel to choose between his family and her. When he refused to turn against his family ... she plotted.

Boy ... this really sheds some light on who the real Oksana Gredorieva is. A woman who is hell bent on trying to distroy the entire Gibson family.

If they didn't trust her and were weary of her ... they were right! She IS evil.

Now I can imagine the goading she would have done to make Mel so angry. She tried to attack his family.

1404 days ago

Squeaky Shoes    

She had to break for music playing intermissions?

Posted at 11:46 AM on Nov 15, 2010 by Sam

maybe: I'm just saying, with the splits and the lines all over the place, TMZ is purposely leaving something out, or posting lies to provoke us...

that "email" is as pieced together as the recordings were...

1404 days ago

The Real Story    

NOTE - NOTE : Billionare Oliver Stone makes Mel Gibson look like a Light Weight , when it comes to Bigotry (Note below)

" A total socialist ,Oliver Stone, Defends other total socialists like Hugo Chavez, Adolf Hitler, or Fidel Castro because their actions were for the collective public (socialist) good. Although he denounces some aspects of Hitler , he down plays the Holocaust and agrees more with dictator Ahmadiejad accounts of the Holocaust.
""Director Oliver Stone belittled the Holocaust during a shocking interview with the Sunday Times, claiming that America's focus on the Jewish massacre was a product of the "Jewish domination of the media."" ,according to uk news."".
Commentary: Citizens and Government of Free Societies should No Forget that there is No Greater Oppression or No Greater Racism or No Greater Greed , than that of Total Socialism or Tyranny , where to Greed of the few is enacted upon the masses. The masses become an inconvenience or the forced laborers of the few."

1404 days ago


FINALLY we get the infamous letter! LOL

This pretty much proves she is not scared AT ALL, but is in fact quite the manipulator.

She may not come right out and say "I want money or I'll go public" etc, but it is definitely implied!!

This on top of her conflicting stories and doctored tapes should be enough to convict her .......ABOUT TIME

Posted at 11:51 AM on Nov 15, 2010 by Gia

these letters are in May
months after the last altercation
fear is replaced by anger and the need to lash out

1404 days ago


Like I thought, she is a manipulator and GOLD DIGGER that she is. Like get a job, you don't have as much right as his wife Robynn does. And he is better off without the gold digger in his life, he was ok till he met Oksana. Who knows maybe Oksana released the blow ups in the past with out his knowledge, just saying!!!!!

1404 days ago


wow, so Oksana is not only a victim of mel, but according to the posters here, the victim of mel's family. so everyone else was in the wrong except her. oh please, what the heck did she expect from his family? To be welcoming to her with open arms? is she for real? Why would she even dare try to drive a wedge between him and his other family, and contrary to her claims of fearing for her life haters, she says that if it hadn't been for mel's family she and mel would still be together. she didn't place the blame on mel for their break up, she blamed it on the influences of his family. it says right there pretty much that he was never a danger to her as she claims, this was all about her anger that he chose to side with his ex and his family over her. and she was clearly lying when she said her reputation was spotless, news reports from the uk branded her a gold digger even before she and mel broke up, so wtf was she going on about? another big fat lie, she's classy and modest? lol, that right there tells me she's a narcissist herself! i doubt that she even is a typical abused gf, more like this was a toxic relationship from the get go. while mel is not entirely blameless, she clearly contributed to their volatile relationship. this just proves she was no innocent and naive woman like she claims to be.

1404 days ago


Harvey, we "seemply" must see the demand letter!:)

1404 days ago


OG states in these emails/texts that she recorded Mel just so that he could hear himself. Yet, OG states on-camera that she recorded Mel because she feared for her life. Which is it?

Posted at 11:52 AM on Nov 15, 2010 by fuddyduddy

that is clear that she had no intention of going to the authorities in fear for her life and the life of the baby,
her intent for the recordings was to use as a tool, or weapon against him by saying to him look at what i have on you see how you have been recorded by me? watch out or else!

1404 days ago


come on TMZ
fire up the "immaculate interception" messages that Gibletz meant to send to Hanna and Robyn, but sent to Oxy by mistake

we're waitingggggggggggggggggggg

btw, even though i am a Manny pac-man fan.... it sux that he is on TMZ live today when I have about 20 Oxy/ Gibson questions to ask Harvey

1404 days ago


Yeah, as Mel has claimed all along - EXtortion. Mommy Robyn? the man spent more than 30 years with Robyn and has 7 children - she has more class and dignity then Okskanka will ever have. Don't bother comparing yourself to Robyn Okskanka, you never were and never will be anywhere near or in her class. You are s***, plan and simple and it's like comparing poop from a baby's diaper to gold. Robyn is a class act; Okskanka is the class joke.

1404 days ago
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