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Sebastian Bach Arrested for Biting at Canadian Bar

11/15/2010 11:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Former Skid Row singer Sebastian Bach was arrested in Ontario, Canada early this morning after cops say he smashed a wine glass at a downtown bar ... and then BIT the owner!!!


According to reports, the drama all began when the singer got into a "dispute" with the owner of the  Peterborough pub he had been hanging out at. 

Bach was asked to leave the joint shortly after midnight -- but he tried to take his glass of wine with him on the way out. When staff advised him that he had to leave his wine, Bach reportedly fired it at the front door.

Sources connected to the incident tell TMZ ... the owner of the bar then tried to restrain the 42-year-old singer ... and that's when Bach bit him on the left hand.

Bar staff detained Bach inside the bar until cops arrived. Officers reportedly found nearly 2 grams of weed on Bach's person.

Bach -- real name Sebastian Bierk -- was charged with assault, possession of marijuana and mischief. He's due to appear in court later today.


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He must have been acting like a complete ******* for the cops to charge him with 2 grams. I don't know anybody recently to get a charge out of 2 grams. This is Ontario not Texas most cops will just confiscate unless you give them a reason to do more. Idiot!!!

1404 days ago


Ever been to Peterborough? Dank, danker than Moe's Bar. A dirty little pit of single moms and despair.

1404 days ago


I'm from Peterborough and this story just made my day...and the fact that it made it on here is even better!!

1404 days ago


I just had a question...this downtown bar in Ontario, Canada, right? Are we talking downtown Toronto or downtown Kearney? Because the population difference is aboooout 1,499,000 people. Clarification for our neighbours to the south: Ontario is a province (think state) so we don't have a "downtown Ontario." More specific about your locations for more effectively journalism? Just a thought. Still love you!

1404 days ago


Let's see.... always drunk, career long-since-over, usually carries around a couple grams of something, behaves as though he's above everyone else.... sounds a lot like Lindsay Lohan. Perhaps they should date. Oh, wait..... sorry - she's only into clam sandwiches.

1404 days ago

John Hart    

I work at Rileys Old Towne Pub. This isn't the first incident with this big time loser in Peterborough. He punched my cousin in the head and then pulled her hair while she was working at The Red Dog as a bartender, she asked him to leave the bar after he was cut off and he threw a temper tantrum, her fiance Greg kicked his ass.....You go Greg!

1404 days ago


He used to wear a t-shirt that said "Aids - kills ***s dead" ...what a dumbass loser

1404 days ago


anyone calling him gay...stop are insulting us that are!

1404 days ago

nusox n draws    


1404 days ago


Wasn't there a Sabastian impersonator in Ontario last year that got in trouble with the law? Are we sure this guy is the real thing?

1403 days ago


i think it is hilarious how cool this guy thinks he is! Seems e wants to be treated like royalty, gag me! It's even funnier that Toronto police were his nect visistors in the jail! He got released then had to wait for them due to a warrant in Toronto! Alot of great people have come from Peterborough, he is definately not one of them!

1403 days ago


He'll probably be sentenced to 18 and life.

1403 days ago


2 grams it's a wondewr they even charged him , 2 grams will get your a hundread dollar fine at best here in the Patch

both the mischief and poseesion charge will probably be thrown out , the assailt charge will probably be conditional discharge

Thats how we operate in Canada, no sense throwing his ass in jail over such a minor scuffle

1403 days ago


That owner is a idiot-he lost more then a glass of wine...So to all the other idiots that are calling SB the names "LMAO @ U n the Moron owner". Please it is a glass n they invoked the whole thing-I hope he takes all of those dummies to court 4 illeagly detaining him and physical abuse... I wonder how many bottles n glasses spill n break nightly n i'm sure he isn't the 1st to ever throw some thing in that place but i bet he is the 1st ever arrested!!! GROW-UP and boy cot such people and places-There are more importaint things happening then that to waste officers time...

1403 days ago


this is a real rockstar all these new bands aint nothing but a bunch of geeks trying to be cool. new generation rock is weak ass crap.sebastian rules

1403 days ago
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