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Sebastian Bach Arrested for Biting at Canadian Bar

11/15/2010 11:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Former Skid Row singer Sebastian Bach was arrested in Ontario, Canada early this morning after cops say he smashed a wine glass at a downtown bar ... and then BIT the owner!!!


According to reports, the drama all began when the singer got into a "dispute" with the owner of the  Peterborough pub he had been hanging out at. 

Bach was asked to leave the joint shortly after midnight -- but he tried to take his glass of wine with him on the way out. When staff advised him that he had to leave his wine, Bach reportedly fired it at the front door.

Sources connected to the incident tell TMZ ... the owner of the bar then tried to restrain the 42-year-old singer ... and that's when Bach bit him on the left hand.

Bar staff detained Bach inside the bar until cops arrived. Officers reportedly found nearly 2 grams of weed on Bach's person.

Bach -- real name Sebastian Bierk -- was charged with assault, possession of marijuana and mischief. He's due to appear in court later today.


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1418 days ago


Lighten up people.I love this guy.Your on the TMZ website and your calling him a loser.Reality check. So you have lived a fuller life,huh. And your who? That's what I thought.NOBODY! I don't condone how he acts,and yes,he's a bit of a train wreck. But,I am completely entertained by his antics. Life is way too short for me to actually get bothered or upset by what he does. In the words of the great Toki Wartooth "I just wants to laugh,Ha Ha".

1381 days ago


I have lived in Ontario all my life and can say that it is customary and often required to indulge in the smashing of glassware at our bars and restaurants. As well, disputes with innkeepers often end in biting and or eye-gouging. this particular innkeeper was likely new to the business and as such unaware of these customs. Seb is totally the king .

1113 days ago
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