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William Shatner Can't Stomach His Own Shirt

11/15/2010 9:45 AM PST BY Johnny Lopez

Bulging out of his polo, William Shatner showed off his sexy midriff after enjoying lunch in Somis, California this weekend.


Space is the final frontier ... for the 79-year-old's shirt.


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Dayna Lampinen    

Jesus, leave the guy alone he is 79 years old. Who cares if his gut sticks out a bit at least he has a personality compared to some of these other weirdos we are presented with on a daily basis.

1405 days ago


Boy, this star captain has hit some galactic smorgasbords!

1405 days ago


Reminds me of octomom when she was pregnant.

1405 days ago


Looks like a BUDWIESER tumor to me! He reminds me of a drunk!!! Can't stand the guy! It just seemed to me like he pulled an 'O.J.' when his wife supposedly drowned in their pool!

1405 days ago

Rafaelle Zuccaro    

****ner has got to be a really LUCKY dude---****ner, Robert Blake , and Bob Wagner ALL should be where O.J. Simpson is, "IN JAIL" All three are WIFE MURDERERS!!!!!

1405 days ago

Rene van den Abeelen    

I can only hope I will reach 79. How my belly will look... Can't say I'm worrying too much about that.
Mister ****ner is up & about and enjoying life. Good for him!

1405 days ago


Oh, for crying out loud, the man's nearly 80! Sheesh. Is everyone in Los Angeles (or at TMZ) so fixated on youth and artificial beauty (have you seen some of these women before their hair and makeup are done? Woof! And that's being unfair to dogs) that you have to point at Mr. ****ner as a figure of fun?

Personally, I'm just happy he's still with us. Really, when someone's nearly 80, isn't it time to stop fixating on his or her appearance?

1405 days ago

Rafaelle Zuccaro    

Looks like he just ATE a PIG!!!!But , HEY JEWS don't eat pork, do they????Well, he probably ate a couple of gallons of "Chicken S--t SOUP"

1405 days ago


Is that Charlie Sheen's missing watch that his is wearing?????

1405 days ago


you guys are mean , there is a episode on the twiloght zone where he plays a devil fortune slot machine . he is trim and slim , give him a break lets see how you look in your 70s

1405 days ago


Gross!!!!!!! Looking at him makes me feel like throwing up in my own mouth! Another 'O.J.'

1405 days ago


Kinda did a lazy job putting on that rug.

1405 days ago


@ Mah:

Whatever!!! He's a fake Ba$tard!!! Maybe a legend in YOUR mind!!!

1405 days ago


Sami, how much are your assets worth? Your comment is both offensive and libelous. His wife's death was a tragic accident.Nerine had both alcohol and valium in her blood

Nerine's alcohol problems are well-do***ented. Her marriage to ****ner had to be postponed because she had been busted for drunk driving. Shortly after their one-year anniversary, she checked into the Betty Ford clinic for rehab. Unfortunately, it was not successful.

After a marathon binge over the Memorial Day weekend of 1999, she checked into St. John's Medical Center in Santa Monica, again to dry herself out. ****ner visited her daily during both rehab attempts.

Los Angeles Coroner spokesperson Scott Carrier announced that the immediate cause of death was "attributed to drowning associated with neck trauma." The trauma came as a result of Mrs. ****ner either "diving or falling into the pool."

Given that she was home alone, had guard dogs and a good alarm system, and ****ner's whereabouts were accounted for by many people, I think you'd better shut your yap --- unless you *want* the majority of your paychecks in the future to go to Mr. ****ner in settlement of a libel case. (Yes, Virginia, commenting on an article on the internet counts as publication for purposes of libel.)

1405 days ago


He can do whatever he wants. Love him.

1405 days ago
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