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Bobby in 'The Brady Bunch': 'Memba Him?!

11/16/2010 10:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Mike Lookinland is best known for playing the youngest boy Bobby Brady in the television smash "The Brady Bunch." Guess what he looks like now!


Harry Potter Kids: Then & Now!

The kids from "Harry Potter" have grown up right in front of our eyes -- going from the fresh-faced cuties of Hogwart's to full grown adults on camera!

Check out how the little wizards have matured over the past 10 years in preparation of the latest movie, "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1," which opens this week!

Celebrity Scramble!

Can you guess whose pretty puss got a gnarly celebrity scramblin'?!


Linkin Park -- Wailin' In Jerusalem

Linkin Park went off-the-wall on sacred ground recently -- stopping by one of the holiest places on Earth to pay their respects ... the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem.

As for the yarmulkes, most of the guys aren't part of the Tribe ... but it's considered customary to wear the headgear at the Wall.

FYI -- the band performed last night in Tel Aviv. Tickets were reasonably priced.

Ink'd Up Stars -- Zoom View!

Take an up close and personal look at your favorite celebrity tattoos -- but beware ... some tats are not meant to be seen in hi-def!


What's the Big Frigin' Difference?!

Things aren't always what they seem -- so see if you can find the subtle changes in these tricky pics!

**HINT -- There are THREE differences in the above photograph!**

Enrique Iglesias -- What's Good for the 'Goose'

While enjoying a night of Las Vegas debauchery -- Enrique Iglesias took pictures with fans (and not of his crotch) and poured Grey Goose vodka down a mystery man's throat at LAX last week. 

Enrique Iglesias party


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Will there ever come a day when we will be RID of the stupid and phoney Brady Bunch??????

1437 days ago


Also to the horrible woman who said this:

"too bad white people age so badly. i am so happy i am black women in her 40's and still look like a 20 year old. i am sorry but white skin sags and it cracks. lesson to all eligible bachelors don't marry a pretty white woman because she will end up looking like an ugly drag queen in 20 years.For example look at john Edward's wife before and after pics. And critics wonder why he cheated on that fugly women .black is beautiful

Posted at 4:04AM on 25th 2010 by essence"

Okay "Essence" - You are a complete moron and frighteningly ignorant. You did a HUGE disservice to your race by uttering such ugly nonsense.

Many black people ARE beautiful - but you - CLEARLY - are not one of them.

And John Edwards wife is STILL an attractive woman. Men cheat BECAUSE they will if they can. There are MANY beautiful woman who have cheating husbands. Hello Halle Berry?

It's ashame they bring out the most negative facets of our personalities. The internet does that in general as well as "reality tv".


1437 days ago


Mike Lookinland did not play Bobby - he was the next stairstep up.

1437 days ago


I grew up with the Brady Bunch. It was how it was back then, wholesome. I still to this day love the show and put on it for my kids when they show it. Kinda feel as though thats the way a family should be. May sound gay but who asked you! Richard, find something to do! Hope the Bradys are never forgotten! They wont be here!!!! Thanks!

1437 days ago

Joe the Plumber
id rather watch this than read this article

1437 days ago


to the racist black ppl age the same they sag to and white is wonderful............

1437 days ago


I agree with Vivi, ignorant UGLY women such as yourself give your race, African American, a bad name. You are illiterate, as well. You obviously didn't check your spelling or grammar! There are some beautiful black, pretty on the INSIDE and OUT women, i.e., Beyonce, Halle Berry, Jennifer Hudson, etc., but you are not even in the same league! I am a WHITE woman of 44, yet everyone guesses that I am in my early thirties because I take care of myself and my skin. So what??!! Yes, men cheat ALL the time on their beautiful wives, black and white, because they are MEN and one woman is never enough. You need to look inside yourself and try to find your true beauty. You have a lot to learn!

1437 days ago


R U serious. No one person gets to represent an entire race. U don't represent the entire white population. Whether Essence's statement was in poor taste or not is a matter to be handled on it's own merit. Essence doesn't speak for me anymore than Charlie Sheen speaks for you. I don't know Essence so she could be more like herself than like me. Think on that a moment. A credit or discredit to your race is a racist statement. U make a fool of yourself by making such a statement. See how I was able to say something negative about you without continuing the argument that race had anything to do with what you said. Whether John Edward's wife is ugly or not is in the eye of the beholder. Essence, please don't feed these narcissistic do gooder race creditors any more morsels of ignorance to munch on. I think she is ugly because she isn't attractive and never has been. It's not because of her race. She's just ugly. Black is beautiful. That's a fact. That has more to do with loving ourselves than hating other races. Don't any of you get it twisted. But stick to the issue of whether what Essence said was messed up or not. The focus should not be on whether or not she is the spokesperson for my family and myself.

1437 days ago


All of you women are tards. Most us men cheat on you women is because You're so easy, you believe men's BS lies it's pathetic. Women should start wearing a mattress on their backs 24/7, because it's what they're good at besides shopping, grooming, and stuffing down diet pills from eating out everyday trying not to get friggin fat. And that's why we us men call it a game, you women must like getting played.

1437 days ago


Bem que poderia ser na minha boca. rsrsrsrsr

1334 days ago

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