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Dina Lohan: My Son Will Act Like a Heroin User

11/16/2010 9:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Dina Lohan's production company is getting ready to shoot a feature film about a group of heroin-addicted kids -- and her son will play the lead. Wait ... Dina Lohan has a production company?

Dina Lohan Heroin Movie
Turns out she does -- something called Defiant Pictures is set to start production on a movie called "Growing Defiant." The film will start shooting in early 2011 and will star Michael Lohan Jr.

According to the company, the movie "tells the story of three life long friends from upper middle class Long Island, who delve into the underworlds of heroin." We're told Dina is "really excited to tell this story."


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Defiant, huh? See how well that worked for Lindsay in court. If nothing else, if Betty Ford can convince Lindsay to get away from her mother - then it will have been a success.

1403 days ago


The Judge was a bitch that made an example out of Lindsay and was forced to remove herself from the case by the prosecution due to her unethical behavior.
The "F*ck U" wasn't originally intended for her and who cares if Lindsay was late surrendering she didn't get any free time between jail and rehab anyway.

What has Dina done wrong?
She bailed Lindsay out when she unfortunately failed the drug test then put her in rehab so she wouldn't have to go back to jail.
And someone told Lindsay to write the Judge a letter that he "appreciated her trying" to show how she had changed at Betty Ford and jail wasn't necessary.

1403 days ago


wow how original

1403 days ago


Is Jerry Springer still alive? Shouldn't these people be on that sort of show? Talk about dysfunctional.

1403 days ago


Oh, boy. What a joke.

1403 days ago


P*E*R*F*E*C*T!!! Dina Lohan for Momager of the Year!! Note to self for other Lohan children... RUN!

1403 days ago


Dina Lohan needs to find her own life, and stop living through her children. It is sad the route she has taken Lindsay. You would hope a parent would learn - NOT this one. Dina Lohan, what is it you really want to do with your life. . .

1403 days ago


Does the little one go to school?
I heard Cody dropped out in the 3rd grade.

1403 days ago


Uhhh... this film has already been done in the 1990's. It's called "Wasted" starring Nick Stahl and Summer Phoenix. Typically, you wait at least 20 years or more before doing a remake, and even then it's wise to choose a film that was a box office draw... this one was produced my MTV and never saw a box office.

More success might be achieved if the story were centered on actor who threw their career away over drugs and a self-created sense of entitlement. The screenplay would write itself.

1403 days ago


This woman is nasty looking with those Pirana teeth. I bet she smells too.

1403 days ago


Well Michael seems to have his stuff together so I dont think staring in a movie is going to make him into a junkie. Maybe acting is something he has always wanted to try out. Lindsay is the one who needs to take a break from show business.

1403 days ago


Well, this certainly shut up the supporters who always pointed out how Dina's other children were normal and not in show business!

1403 days ago



The judge is a bitch who probably saved Lindsay's life. You should be thanking her...

1403 days ago


Dina's crazy! Nobody will pay to see a movie with her son in it. It'll probably suck anyway.

1403 days ago


I think this is perfect. One heroin addict and one porn star. I can hear Dina now... go on, get out there and research the roles! She sure knows how to pick the projects. All you need to do is get Ali into a "B" film about Dana Plato and the transformation will be complete.

Things are really looking up for your family Dina. Fine upstanding members of society.

1403 days ago
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