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Dina Lohan: My Son Will Act Like a Heroin User

11/16/2010 9:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Dina Lohan's production company is getting ready to shoot a feature film about a group of heroin-addicted kids -- and her son will play the lead. Wait ... Dina Lohan has a production company?

Dina Lohan Heroin Movie
Turns out she does -- something called Defiant Pictures is set to start production on a movie called "Growing Defiant." The film will start shooting in early 2011 and will star Michael Lohan Jr.

According to the company, the movie "tells the story of three life long friends from upper middle class Long Island, who delve into the underworlds of heroin." We're told Dina is "really excited to tell this story."


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A Real Lawyer    

Read This!

I don't like Father Lohan one bit but he looks like a saint next to Dina. If this is to be believed, and I believe it is, the brother is college educated and could have a normal job and the mother is talking him into show business?? Talk about greedy, self-serving, beeeotch!

Dina needs to get off her lazy butt and get a real freakin job. What a douchebag sponger she is.

1402 days ago


Not surprised at all by the name of the production company... "Defiant Pictures." DEFIANT is Dina Lohan.

1402 days ago


@ilovegossip - I agree with you 1000%

@nicole The judge was a bitch who probably saved Lindsay's life. You should be thanking her profusely!

Posted at 8:08 AM on Nov 16, 2010 by ilovegossip

1402 days ago


Yes Dina told Love My Shoes that she could design a shoe line,when Love My Shoes found out she had no clue what she was doing,and stole ideas from other designers, they kicked her and lmfao over the name shoehan to the crub. Love My Shoes is sueing Dina for $400,000.00 for the money they gave her.

Her tooth brush line when it was lanched, lmfao again only eight people showed up and the media said they were tourist.

Living Lohan didnt even make a full season before that was canned.

Dina tried her hand in selling used lohan clothes (they have stains on them, some may even be stolen)not one piece of clothes sold, and there over priced, not even what the designer was asking for them years ago. Also would you give dina your credit card number.

Dina will always be a epic failure, no matter how hard she tries to be Kris Jenner

1402 days ago


Wow that's too bad, wasn't it playing a druggy in a movie that made River Phoenix try the real thing and eventually lead to his addictions and OD? What a cancer this woman is.

1402 days ago


Michael C. Lohan is the star??? Hmmmmm.

Didn't Paris Hilton try this type of film production? She paid the price ... starred in it ... and about three people showed up at the movie theater.

If you are going to "star" a nobody... try a supporting role first. Star? Really?

1402 days ago


This is an excellent example of a mother eating her young!

1402 days ago


This is an excellent of a mother eating her young!

1402 days ago

David Long    

Is this bitch crazy. She needs to get her daughter in this movie also since she already a dope head

1402 days ago


I hope people realize that Michael Jr is a 22 year old adult who will be 23 in little bit over a month. As an adult, he can make a decision to be in a movie or not. There's also no direct confirmation of movie from Michael Jr. or Dina for that matter. No one knows for sure who's idea it was, maybe Michael Jr. wanted to do this for some reason that may not even be connected with Lindsay as she isn't known as a heroin user. Making this about Dina just gives people an excuse to make the usual tedious and predictable responses we've read here time and time again.

1402 days ago


Maybe Dina can make the cover Entrepreneur Magazine

1402 days ago


Maybe she could write a column for Working Mothers Magazine

1401 days ago


Hmmm... it hadn't occurred to me that Dina is a marketing dynamo, too. No wonder Lindsay is such the huckster....

Some of Lindsay's retail products have been mentioned here, but are worth repeating. They include:

Desensitizing toothpaste
Transmission fluid
Hand-tailored cigarettes
Fashionable burqas
Car covers
Breakfast cereal
Spark plugs
Office furniture
Farm equipment
Book binders
Leaf blowers
Beekeeping do-it-yourself kits
Cat litter

The list goes on and on....

Just released today: Lindsay Lohan-brand pre-hung security doors. I don't know what her secret is, but it takes some kind of mini-spoon to open them.... can't be many of those around.

I wonder how she does it?

1401 days ago


awwwwww ..... he can study his big sister for his character! LMAO

1401 days ago



I really fail to see how
Before the jail and rehab/psych hospital Lindsay wasn't failing any tests.
So if the sentence had the desired effect then surely Lindsay would have stayed clean for another 50+ days.

1401 days ago
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