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Dina Lohan: My Son Will Act Like a Heroin User

11/16/2010 9:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Dina Lohan's production company is getting ready to shoot a feature film about a group of heroin-addicted kids -- and her son will play the lead. Wait ... Dina Lohan has a production company?

Dina Lohan Heroin Movie
Turns out she does -- something called Defiant Pictures is set to start production on a movie called "Growing Defiant." The film will start shooting in early 2011 and will star Michael Lohan Jr.

According to the company, the movie "tells the story of three life long friends from upper middle class Long Island, who delve into the underworlds of heroin." We're told Dina is "really excited to tell this story."


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guess she's worried the Lindsay gravy train has dried up and she's latching on to another kid

1399 days ago


Nicole, you idiot, she wasn't failing tests because she wasn't being tested. Her inability to stay clean had nothing to do with her sentence. It had to do with her being an addict. And for the record, the prosecution can't "force" you to recuse yourself from a case. Guess you're a lawyer now too. Jackass.

1399 days ago


Time to pimp out another kid,must be running low on cash. This woman is not a parent , she is a parasite.

1399 days ago


@ Nicole - You defense of Lindsay's actions leaves a lot to be desired. I know you are on her side ... and so are a lot of us .. however, you defend her substance abuse as it is doesn't matter. It seems what matters to you is she got caught and fell into the criminal justice system.

You discount her substance abuse. It has been ongoing for years. You know that, she knows and we all know that. Just because she got caught doesn't make it right nor wasn't hurting her all along. My gosh, girl. Get with it.

Substance abuse was killing Lindsay Lohan just like it does to millions of others. It never gets better. And the sooner one get's busted the better off they will be. It will save their lives.

1399 days ago


@Ernie you and no one else here knows the extent of Lindsay's substance abuse. Some people abuse substances and live for decades, some overdose and die. You and no one here have any concrete evidence that she is a heavy substance abuser, this is an assumption being made by the gossip industry. Her progress is noticeable every time she goes to rehab. There's also other factors surrounding why she needs to go to rehab and she seems to be dealing with those. So anyone stating that a judge saved her life from drug usage or any details about the extent of it is pure speculation by readers who think they know what's going on with her but don't. You don't. Neither do I. None of us has seen her medical records or, as far as I know, talked to anyone who has treated her or who she has confided in.

Anyway this thread should be about Michael Jr. and Dina, not another rehash of people stating their speculation as fact about Lindsay's drug usage.

1399 days ago


Hope he is smart enough to use separate legal representation.

Stage parents - YUCK!

1399 days ago


She hastily drew this contract up cuz she already found his heroin stash. its a well none fact that Dong Island is quickly becoming the number 1 feeder of New York's heroin....Sheesh, have you no shame mother Lohan! Good Luck with the "film," btw!

I'll probably catch this at the nearest walmart in a year and half IF it ever gets made...and thats a big IF.

1399 days ago


Wow! ANOTHER product was released... this one just minutes ago, and it's sure to be a best-seller:

Lindsay Lohan-brand digital duck calls. Unlike traditional models which rely on breath to activate, this one is similar to an auto-alarm keyfob - just point and click. It was one of the easiest products for Lindsay to engineer. All she was required to do was stop by a (most expensive) sound studio and rasp the word "coke" into a microphone. The resulting translation is uncanny.

Way to go, Lindsay!! Keep 'em coming....

Let me know where to register my MasterCard number - I'll take a case of every product you can/will conceive!!

And so will Darkmange.

1399 days ago


I'm sorry Delmar but anyone that stays 30 days at Rehab and then 2 months later is arrested for DUI, and then stays 45 days at another rehab and 10 days later arrested again for DUI and found with coke, and then does 2 more stints in rehab and is ON PROBATION and fails a drug test for coke is an addict in my book. No matter how you look at it, this girl has a problem. It's so sad too, being so young. How many other 24 year olds have been in rehab 5 times. I believe both judges have done what they could (within the law) to try and help this poor girl.

1399 days ago


Dear Dina Lohan,
Please leave Long Island out of it. We don't want you being the poster family for Long Island.
The Population of Long Island

1399 days ago


@ilovegossip you provided no timeline. Those DUIs were from 2007. It's 2010 now and conditions in her life and life experiences have changed since then as well as she's no longer 20/21 but is 23/24. She's gone to rehab 3 times in 2007. This year she went to a psych ward you are calling rehab but really wasn't and then to Betty Ford and a great deal of it had to do with the court. I didn't say she doesn't have an issue with drugs though I think she has bigger issues than drugs personally. I said you don't know the EXTENT of it and saying her life was in danger and some judge saved her life is absolute speculation. I live in the real world where plenty teens are drug addicts that I've witnessed and yes, some have been to rehab multiple times, mental institutions, jail, you name it. Lindsay isn't the worse drug offender by far in Hollywood. Facts are she hasn't done the extreme things that Charlie Sheen has done THIS YEAR and only failed one drug test out of well over 10 that she took from May 24 to July 20th. I personally know teens that have been to rehab and through corrective institutions more than 5 times, committed horrible crimes against fellow citizens under the influence of hard drugs and alcohol. We need to quit these speculations as facts about Lindsay and stop acting like she's the biggest ogre in Hollywood. She has issues, yes. She's forced to work on them, yes. What exactly her issues are and her mental health is absolutely unknown. No one knew Britney Spears was mentally ill until it was revealed. And it's that way for many people in the public eye and entertainment, people like Nina Simone acting really unpleasant and hostile but now we know in hindsight she was bipolar. So people shouldn't act like they so much even on a stupid gossip site like this one.

1399 days ago


Nicole at #63: "Before the jail and rehab/psych hospital Lindsay wasn't failing any tests.
So if the sentence had the desired effect then surely Lindsay would have stayed clean for another 50+ days."

She wasn't tested for most of the time prior to jail. She also was only tested once a week. She's a risk-taker, which became obvious when she failed the more recent tests. Cocaine takes only 3 days to clear from the body, so she could have been using cocaine during the earlier times she was being tested also. I think extra Adderall might clear even faster, not sure about that. Other drugs with the desired effect may also have short clearance times. She was probably trying to outwit the SCRAM on other occasions as well, but got her timing wrong eventually (the SCRAM does not continuously monitor, but rather takes readings at intervals, usually every hour or so; the wearer often can tell when the reading is taken from the vibration).

Most likely she didn't come back from Europe on time for her hearing because she expected she might be tested, and needed time for the coke to clear. She didn't lose her passport. She didn't get her passport stolen. She didn't have any trouble finding a flight out of France. No French airlines were reporting delays or grounding their planes (the volcanic ash was a problem only further north). She lied. She couldn't even produce simple evidence that she had a return ticket for the day she claimed she was scheduled to leave France but couldn't because of the passport problem, having mysteriously gone to the airport without a single pap on her trail and pled her case with the airline rep without a single person recognizing her (she should hold workshops for pap-weary celebs). Even more mysteriously, the police have no record of a lost/stolen passport report (if she contacted the US embassy, they would automatically make such a report themselves; also others have verified that she could have obtained temporary papers within a couple of hours to make a flight home). She only gave the court a computer-generated itinerary from the Nashville travel agency, which doesn't qualify as proof (especially since such things are routinely backdated by travel agencies for budget purposes on request). Honestly, she could have gotten formal confirmation from the airline if needed, considering she was hanging around France for a few extra days anyway, except of course it all was a story made up from whole cloth.

Lindsay is an addict. Addicts lie. Addicts try to beat the system when monitored. Jail and rehab didn't make her fail her later tests, she did that all by herself. Testing doesn't even pick up all violations because of clearance time, so although it can prove you're using - it can't prove you aren't.

Lindsay was sentenced to jail and rehab because that's well within the legal guidelines for precisely her type of probation violation, it was no guarantee that she would clean up her act. That's up to her. Stop enabling, Nicole.

1399 days ago

LA Native    

Dina/DelMar, quit comparing your daughter to other celebrities or drug addicts "you know". Stay inside the box here and get a clue.

1399 days ago

Alan Carver    

Lohan can give her older brother acting lessons on a subject she knows so WELL! And Nicole even you have to laugh at that one! LOL! Of course Dina is thrilled about this - she gets another % from any royalties of pimping out ANOTHER ONE of her children! Money grubbing, sucking LEECH!

1399 days ago


When is the Lohan department store opening for all of their wonderful products?

1399 days ago
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