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Dina Lohan: My Son Will Act Like a Heroin User

11/16/2010 9:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Dina Lohan's production company is getting ready to shoot a feature film about a group of heroin-addicted kids -- and her son will play the lead. Wait ... Dina Lohan has a production company?

Dina Lohan Heroin Movie
Turns out she does -- something called Defiant Pictures is set to start production on a movie called "Growing Defiant." The film will start shooting in early 2011 and will star Michael Lohan Jr.

According to the company, the movie "tells the story of three life long friends from upper middle class Long Island, who delve into the underworlds of heroin." We're told Dina is "really excited to tell this story."


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Her kids need to get far away from her. Her daughter is a drug addict. She wants to push her son into a role as a drug addict. And she calls her company "Defiant Pictures". I think we all know who the original bad influence is!

1375 days ago


Hmmmm...I didn't realize Dina had walk on parts in 3 of Lindsay's movies. Gee... Now we know why she wants her kids to be in movies.

1375 days ago


@Superman There are 5 people listed who make up "Defiant Pictures", how do you know who named the company?

1375 days ago

Christine Hatch    

This is going to be an awesome movie!!!A must see!!
I am shocked at the number of judgemental people. WOW!!! REALLY?????? Imagine for 1 second if everything you did was placed infront of the world to Judge? Who would stand in the glass house and be able to throw the first stone? Instead lets all look in the mirror, we all know there is plenty going on there! The Lohan's are a strong awesome family. Lindsay is showing great strength. Please lets support Lindsay, we all know what it is like to be kicked when you are down.Quit buying the junk and they will quit printing it. As for Dina and Michael Lohan I am proud of you both you have shown great love support, and courage. NEVER GIVE UP!!!

1375 days ago


What kind of mother would want her son to play a heroin addict? Especially when the sister has mega drug problems like the brother is about to "play?" This is the worst kind of "parent."

Why doesn't she suggest her other kids get into more normal professions? At least she could save some of her kids from such a crazy, sad life.

1375 days ago


at least he won't have to research his role, that whole family is just a giant rehab group

1375 days ago


WOW what a **** parent!

1375 days ago


@ darkage6 and Delmar .....

Ok ... you win. You guys are always right. I am wrong. It doesn't matter whay I say ... nor what you say either fellows.

Therefore, go ahead and boost that you two know so much about addictions... cause I can tell you really got it together.

@delmar - your statement: "Why did she take drugs under probation and fail for the first time during months of drug tests? That's a crucial question. What triggered it?" is about as absurd a question that I ever heard. Hello.

Lindsay Lohan did and still does drugs because she wanted to get high and party. What partier doesn't??? Boy or boy ... you really are reaching aren't you? Maybe go back to school and get a degree then you could get a job at the quack Betty Ford Center... that let addicts smoke .... what a joke. SMOKE! One of the most addictive drug in the universe ... NICOTINE.

Oh but... no ... she didn't go there to kick cigarettes. What a joke.... really.

Anyway fellow drug treatment wizards .... so long.

Oh ... by the way.... the baby carriage story... whether it is true or not .... is was certainly possible and therefore... Lohan would have killed someone ... but that doesn't matter because it didn't happen. But... what if it did?

The court saved little Lohan's life. If she continues with her substance abuse lifestyle ... which is already happening ... just dragging on those cigs ... then look out. You ain't seen nothing yet!!!

1375 days ago

Christine Hatch    

Wow!! To all you judgemental people, lets wait for the story! Maybe it will be an educational script that is good for all who knows? Lindsay is an awesome person. Would you say the same if she were fighting cancer????

1375 days ago

Marilyn Monroe    

Dina is lower than satan's ballz. Why would she make a movie like that when her own kid is struggling with addictions.

1375 days ago

Tom Jones    

DiLo and MiLo are both toxic piles of s h it

1375 days ago


Ernie-You're a severely deluded and completely clueless invidual who knows NOTHING about Lindsay, if ANYONE's a quack, it's YOU!

1375 days ago



I have written you many messages before....But you just don't seem to get it. As a Felony Probation Officer, I have seen hundreds and hundreds of offenders just like your daughter. Some better and some much worse. But the problem is always the same. It's an emotional problem that stems from mental pain. You are somewhat right about that...I hear what you are trying to say in your other posts. But, just b/c the drug usage stems from an emotional place and not a "party" place, doesn't mean she isn't considered a 'drug addict'. You seem to have a problem with that phrase. I know it has a negative stigma attatched to it, but you have to accept it in order for you to help your daughter. Stop the denial. You yourself should consider treatment to learn to deal with her addiction. I also see that you need some therapy to learn to deal with your anger issues at the court.

Your job as a mother is to direct your daughter in the right path and teach her what is the accepatable behavior, and sometimes you have to say "NO"....even when you don't feel like it. When is the last time you told her no? Writing F-U on her finger nails is a perfect example...that was unclassy and uncalled matter who it was intended know better and so should she. Stop trying to be her friend and be her mother.

It's like I've always been told at work....even if you disagree with a policy or procedure, you are never to disclose that to your direct reports/team. Why? Because it causes low moral, anger, and low productivity. That's what you are doing to tell her the courts are wrong and she has no drug problem, the PO's are out the get her, the DA's hate her, the Judge is a bitch and had it out for her, the media spins everything, etc. etc. etc. ..........STOP Already!!!!

1375 days ago


@darkrage6 - I love it when you get angry. When you can't debate or talk normally you revert to attacking one's character. That is why you need to get yourself back to school, buy yourself a dictionary and relax..take a deep breath.

1374 days ago


the person who wrote the movie is my best friends dad. so she'll be on the set alot! so **** the rest who is bashing this! because hes an amazing writer. and an awesome person. and the movie will be great.

1374 days ago
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