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Jessica Simpson Engaged -- Put a Cheap Ring On It

11/16/2010 6:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jessica Simpson's engagement -- great moment for her ... better moment for everyone else to passionately debate how stupid (or not) it is to buy expensive engagement rings.  Luuuuuv ...

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Just Sayin    

did jessica simpson get engaged because her ex husband did?

i believe jessica is not over nick and is in a state on depression :(

1438 days ago

James R. - Los Angeles    

It won't last over two years.

1438 days ago


I love Jessica's engagement ring. It is unique and reminds me of Princess Diana's sapphire engagement ring, albeit a little less pricey.

1438 days ago


It's pretty safe to say she got engaged because Nick did last week. I don't think she ever got over Nick. She listened to her father and ditched Nick even though she loved him. Joe Simpson is a control freak and ruined her marriage and being her manager, he was always around to do it.

Nick is better off for the divorce. He found an intelligent and beautiful woman to spend his life with. It's very clear Vanessa is all that and more. And of the two engagement rings, I think Vanessa's is stunning. Jessica's? Not so much...

1438 days ago

No Thanks    


Who accepts (uses even) a "BirthStone Ring" as an Engagement/Wedding ring???

It even looks like a KMart/WalMart special..LoL

The idiot has bad luck when it comes to men (too desperate).

I'll never last.

Didn't this guy just get a divorce last month.?

WTF is she thinking.???

Oh yah..that's right..she doesn't!

Jessica: "Duh!"

1438 days ago


She's too desperate..........he just got a divorce!

1438 days ago


People people people can we not be haappy for all 4 people & wish them well. Problem is many of you have never forgiven Jessica for divorcing NICK & why she did it. Please, Nick is no saint here & if you look at what was going on when they separated you would see that. Follow that with the bumpy ride Nice & Vanessa have had & its not as perfect as you may think. Lets hope Nick has put behind him & is really ready for a full commitment. I will say were have heard less of the partying & young women & thats great. We forget about Nick & Vanessa & sex in the pool & a few otehr antics & its just so much easier to bash Jessica.
There is no way one man here is trying to upstage another. Eric had to have planned his proposal before NIck & had no idea about Nick. The date 11/11 means something to ERIC & Jess & thast all that matters.. Be happy for all & hopefully one day when they marry there new spouses some of you can get out of the stuff of NIck & Jessica. they want to move on & so should we. Lets let them.

1438 days ago


That clip is hilarious!

I'd rather have a house myself.
Having a nice ring on doesn't mean somebody loves you more.
You can always buy a ring later.
That's just my thinking though.

1438 days ago


Well, if you have the money to buy an expensive ring, do it, but if you don't have the resources, then buy a cheap one and buy the house too !! :P

1438 days ago


she looks fat

1438 days ago


Your ring doesn't have to be massive or expensive. It could be tiny, as long as it is classy. That ring is not stylish at all. Gold hardly goes with diamonds. Then then is red again which throws the ring off. I am sure he could have bought even a cheaper ring with more elegance.

1438 days ago


I agree with Harvey, I like the colored stones (of course with diamonds around it) are exquisite. I think it is a beautiful ring and I wish them both the best. I knew within 2 wks my husband was the one I wanted to spend the rest of my life with and that was almost 13 yrs ago. I would marry him again today. CONGRATS JESS. WISH YOU ALL THE HAPPINESS IN THE WORLD!

1438 days ago


I think people often forget that Jessica was the one who divorced Nick and it was FIVE years ago.

I think it is either forgetting that or just ignoring that because it doesnt fit it with the views people want to have about her.

I'm sure she doesnt give a flying fig about Nick.

1438 days ago


I have a lot of friends who went the "untraditional" route of having rubies, emeralds or sapphires flanked by diamonds for their engagement rings

people tend to forget that there are 4 gemstones in the precious stone category-those 3 and diamonds- and depending on the rarity of cut/color/clarity/carat weight, they can be equally or more expensive than diamonds

just that Dr Beers has done a better marketing job to inflate the diamond prices and portray it as the only romantic stone - don't forget that De Beers is a cartel-not a good thing- and that is why they legally cannot have their head office/company out of the US

educated friends of mine therefore have gone the other route for years and passed on the typical diamond engagement ring.

once married the ring is transferred to the right hand and the wedding rings they have were all designed by them- ranging from very wide heavy ornate gold rings to ones with complicated designing

best investment is to do it that way
think of it-
you hear them quoting gold prices in the financial reports-best thing to own/invest your money in they all agree
you don't hear them quoting diamond prices when referring to the economy

1438 days ago


I had a 1.70ct diamond set in platinum. Never again. Yellow gold shows the diamond better.
SS, white gold and platinum all look the same.

1438 days ago
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