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Oksana's Doctor

Feared Brain Bleeding

11/16/2010 7:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Oksana Grigorieva's doctor submitted a declaration to the court, saying he was concerned Oksana had bleeding in the layer between the skull and the brain ... two days after her nuclear fight with Mel Gibson.

TMZ has obtained the declaration from Dr. Arthur Gordon, who says on January 8, 2010, Oksana showed up at his office, telling him "...she was hit in the head the day before and that since that time she had been suffering from nausea, headaches and dizziness, as well as 'aches all over.'"

The doctor says Oksana didn't ID the person who hit her, but said it was the same person who broke her front teeth.

Dr. Gordon says he performed a neurological exam and, after tracking her eye movement, he determined there was an abnormality in her right eye.

Dr. Gordon recommended that she go to the emergency room and have a CAT Scan.  We're told Oksana never went.

The doctor says he feared she suffered a concussion, was concerned she had a subdural hematoma and encouraged her to go to the emergency room.

Oksana's people tell TMZ she never got a CAT Scan.


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just curious    

It was her right eye that the doctor said was dysfunctional (love that word). That would mean she would have been slapped on that side of her face. That would come from a left handed person. Mel is right handed. The dental damage was on the other side (the left side). What did he do, slap her on both sides of the face with both hands??? Sounds mighty 'spicious to me....

1255 days ago


where's the CAT scan results.?....riiiggghhht

1255 days ago

Bunny that earns scooby snacks!    

So now that she got her back money, the money to be spent on Lucia, money that any GOOD parent would put into trust for their child, she is spending it on her lousy PR team. Here they are in all their glory posting away their ingorant stupid mindless sh*t. *sigh*

1255 days ago

little aussie reader    

The date is important. He saw her Jan 8. She claims she was hit on the head by the saem person who hit her in the mouth the day before - january 7.
The altercation with Mel occured on jan 6 isn't it? The pediatrician saw Lucia on the 7th.
Maybe DV Allegation conception and evidence creation day is January 7.

Posted at 2:59 PM on Nov 16, 2010 by garnet

Ample time for her to get those veneers off.

1255 days ago


He said she "Might" have a concussion ONLY based on what SHE
told him. Not on anything he saw. And where did it mention
broken veeners?

1255 days ago


Any relation to Judge Gordon?

WHAT BS -- give it up liars

1255 days ago


Yeah right, pediatrician seen her the day after their dv and did not notice anything weird about Oksana, another day another spins lol.

Getting old.

1255 days ago


If the doctor's statement is true and someone hit her on the 7th, it must be her or a poor man cause it will be worth more to blame Mel later on.

1255 days ago


She is slightly cross-eyed. I've seen it in quite a few pics of her. The tracking of eye movement would definitely be off, at times, in such cases.
I even saw it on the pics of Mel a few times, and he is not cross eyed naturally. It's because he has started to mirror her. Just goes to show that we catch everything from our lovers.

Also the hardness of the slap, would fist show on the skin. If he had slapped her too hard it would shown there, first of all. Only shaking can cause internal bleeding, and she thankfully never lied and blamed for that.

1255 days ago

Bunny that earns scooby snacks!    

Oh, by the 8th her eil plan was taking shape, the scan would have blown it and she knew that. ANY responsilb Dr would have MADE her get one that instant or her life was in jeopardy. Period.

1255 days ago


Okay...let's state what the good doctor actually said in is declaration:

The abnormal tracking in her right eye (not her left), coupled with the symptoms she told the doctor about led him to conclude that she suffered a concussion. That was her right eye -- not her left eye. She claimed Mel punched her on the left side of her temple...the left side of her head -- not her right. This doctor was concerned as TO WHETHER OR NOT she suffered a subdural hematoma and advised her to get a CAT scan at the emergency room. There was no mention of any bruising, or any injuries other than the remark about her front teeth (veneers).

Apparently, OG never had the CAT scan performed.

1255 days ago


Who comes up with this crap?

1255 days ago


I thought that MG hit her on the 6th? Now she told the doctor it was the 7th? Huh? I'm confused Oks. What's going on here?

I haven't been hit in the head but if I went to the doctors tomorrow and gave him the list of those symptoms, I would be diagnosed with a concussion too. I wonder if her computer will show up a Google search on concussion symptoms. Just sayin.

1255 days ago


Of course he never reported this. Nor did he describe any outward appearance of injury such as bruising, bumps etc. Had he been that worried about a subdural hematoma, which is life threatening, one would think he would have called an ambulance and sent her directly to the hospital rather than let her drive anywhere be it to the hospital or home. Talk about a statement confirming negligence.

1255 days ago


"Dr. Arthur Gordon practices internal medicine in Sherman Oaks, California. Dr. Gordon graduated with an MD 34 years ago. "

Losers and liars: he's an INTERNIST not a neurosurgeon!

1255 days ago
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