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Oksana's Doctor

Feared Brain Bleeding

11/16/2010 7:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Oksana Grigorieva's doctor submitted a declaration to the court, saying he was concerned Oksana had bleeding in the layer between the skull and the brain ... two days after her nuclear fight with Mel Gibson.

TMZ has obtained the declaration from Dr. Arthur Gordon, who says on January 8, 2010, Oksana showed up at his office, telling him "...she was hit in the head the day before and that since that time she had been suffering from nausea, headaches and dizziness, as well as 'aches all over.'"

The doctor says Oksana didn't ID the person who hit her, but said it was the same person who broke her front teeth.

Dr. Gordon says he performed a neurological exam and, after tracking her eye movement, he determined there was an abnormality in her right eye.

Dr. Gordon recommended that she go to the emergency room and have a CAT Scan.  We're told Oksana never went.

The doctor says he feared she suffered a concussion, was concerned she had a subdural hematoma and encouraged her to go to the emergency room.

Oksana's people tell TMZ she never got a CAT Scan.


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little aussie reader    

Dr Gordon - Judge Gordon - any relation?

1434 days ago


Who comes up with this crap?

Posted at 3:08 PM on Nov 16, 2010 by janet

1434 days ago


Again, but with corrections ;)

She is slightly cross-eyed. I've seen it in quite a few pics of her. The tracking of eye movement would definitely be off, at times, in such cases.
I even saw it on the pics of Mel a few times, and he is not cross eyed naturally. It's because he had started to mirror her. Just goes to show that we catch everything from our lovers.

Also the hardness of the slap would first show on the skin, and that's where the evidence would be found, even two days later if the slap was hard enough to cause bleeding. Otherwise, only hard shaking can cause internal bleeding, and she thankfully never lied and blamed him for that.

1434 days ago



Oksana's DR did NOT make a declaration about JAN 6st.

HE made a DECLARATION about JAN 7th (page 2 line 14)

So who hit Oksana on Jan 7th!!!!!!

I am still reading.

I do find it really interesting she chooses to see a DR she doesn't know!

Posted at 3:13 PM on Nov 16, 2010 by V

This will sink Oksana's testimony, her doctor credibility is in line after this report.

Oksana caught again.

1434 days ago


Holy Christ, is this a joke? Ox had a headache.

1434 days ago

Fidel's niece    


she has a lazy eye?

More like lazy AZZ!

1434 days ago


Good grief!

A doctor tells OG to go to the ER; she doesn't.

The doctor is concerned about her and states that OG did not ID the person, but it was the same person who knocked out her teeth and the doctor does NOT make a report to the authorities?

Is Dr. Gordon related to Judge Gordon?

1434 days ago


She makes an appointment with a strange doctor for something like this? Wouldn't a normal person go into their own, trusted doctor? I'm also amazed that she could get an appointment for the same day with a doctor that she's never seen before.

1434 days ago

Bunny that earns scooby snacks!    

Oh wait: do***ents available....must go see if I ned to chop off my arm....:P

1434 days ago


Clearly she was still trying to protect Mel.

Rihanna did not want to press charges against Chris Brown. The only reason they proceeded was because they told her they would press charges any way.

Posted at 3:01 PM on Nov 16, 2010 by Anon

Clearly, you use the word 'clearly' in a derogatory fashion... the insinuation clearly being that you are a beacon of full understanding, when everyone else is just clearly mistaken. By all means post... just stop being such a 'high horser'.

Posted at 3:12 PM on Nov 16, 2010 by Your Aunt Bea

RIHANNA called the police right after the beat down she got from her boyfriend.

See the difference?. While I understand your point, many DV sufferers change their minds about pressing charges, but ONLY AFTER they called the police to report the abuse. OKS never reported it until 6 months later.

Why is that Anon?

1434 days ago

Your Aunt Bea    

If the doctor's statement is true and someone hit her on the 7th, it must be her or a poor man cause it will be worth more to blame Mel later on.

Posted at 3:07 PM on Nov 16, 2010 by garnet


Ooh Kris, slap me harder you moron. Ve need ze brain to bleed...


Too hard you jerk... vat day iz eet? Me go doctor...

1434 days ago


The day before? Ok, I'm confused.

Jan. 6 - big fight.
Jan. 7 - she tells Mr. Mel she has a concussion
Jan. 8 - she actually gets the diagnosis of concussion with possible bleeding, but doesn't get the recommended CAT (well finally someone mentions that!)
Jan. 12 - has an appointment with her facialist - apparently not exactly bedridden for 2 weeks.
Jan. 18 - goes to dinner with Mr. Mel at Mr. Chows, all smiles and high heels.

First time seeing this fellow, so he has no knowledge of previous medical history. Right eye has trouble tracking, yet photo showed bruise was on left side of her face.

I wonder if there was any pilocarpine in the house.

Posted at 3:11 PM on Nov 16, 2010 by Curious

Curious, what day was the dentist again?

1434 days ago


If a doctor suspects brain bleeding you would expect him

to call an ambulance straight away.

1434 days ago


Any post about this hag will have 500+ comments in just a few hrs, is she really worth it?

Posted at 2:59 PM on Nov 16, 2010 by Tammi

No. But Mel is.

Posted at 3:03 PM on Nov 16, 2010 by Sam

Hey Sam --

Don't forget to swallow!

1434 days ago


Greetings my dear Holmes :)

A neurologist would have said the same thing - get the CAT scan.

Of course, in one of her previous stories, Miss Oksana claimed she had an x-ray that proved she had concussion.

1434 days ago
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