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Mike Tyson Claims 'Self-Defense' in Pap Fight

11/17/2010 8:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Mike Tyson claims he needed to get aggressive with a paparazzo at LAX last year because he felt the photog had put him in "immediate danger" ... this according to legal docs obtained by TMZ.

Mike Tyson Hits Photographer
The docs were submitted in response to a $25 million lawsuit filed earlier this year -- in which Tyson was accused of assaulting and battering Antonio Echevarria in an airport terminal last November.

In the new papers, Tyson claims he doesn't owe the guy a single penny because he was provoked -- and insists that he merely acted in a manner that was "necessary for his self-defense" and the "protection of others."

As we previously reported, Echevarria shot footage of the incident -- which was heavily edited before we got a hold of it -- showing an angry Tyson charging towards the photog and saying, "I will kill you."

Tyson was arrested moments after the incident -- but the L.A. City Attorney ultimately rejected the case citing "insufficient evidence."


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Goody. Another photog that edits his own work to make it look like Mike Tyson, a likely man to assault someone, is guilty. what BS!

Sorry, I am not buying it. This photog got way too close for comfort.

1437 days ago


1st i know Mike.mike is by far the nicest soft spoken celebrity ive ever dealt with.i believe the papps deserved it.he would never just go after someone.Mike havent seen u at drais in a while.come back we miss u

1437 days ago


Poke a caged animal...get bitten. Annoy a famous tough guy for hot a hot story in a place he can't get away from you....he defends himself. Mike did not go across a street and hit a random person. This photog was instigating and probably being overly aggressive for money.

1437 days ago

Zippy T. Pinhead    

Isn't that what all you s-c-u-m-b-a-g paparazzo get paid to do? They go out and annoy and badger and yell and whatever else they can do to get a reaction. Didn't Nicole Richie say one of those azz clowns would scream at her to get a reaction and then take a picture. Tyson could have knocked this punks face inside out if he wanted to. So obviously he show some restraint! Leave the man and his family alone!!

1437 days ago


A 25mil lawsuit proves that this guy if full of s&it. He feels that Mike will be an easy target because of his history. I wish I was on the jury. I'd send this guy packiing, regardless of the evidence. 25mil my a&&.

1437 days ago

Fred Mertz    

If it were me, i would hire a bunch of Ghetto bros' to beat down these annoying paparazzi. I bet they would do it for free if Mike asked for protection.

1437 days ago

Joe Smo    

$25,000,000?...Really. That sounds almost as ridiculous as that guy who tried to sue American Idol for $100,000,000 or whatever ridiculous figure it was. Someone has got to do away with frivilous lawsuits.

1437 days ago

Cool Vic    

Did you guys really have to use that photo of Mike?

You guys at TMZ are terrible!

1437 days ago


Guilty. He has a temper and he should pay!

1437 days ago

Marilyn Monroe    

Self Defense? We are suppose to believe that professional boxer Michael Tyson was afraid of a sissy with a camera. PLEASE!

1437 days ago


I checked out the video on
And Tyson looks very guilty to me!!

Video does not lie!! ......and it is not edited at all!!!

1437 days ago


If you poke a bear it will attack you. Idiot pap smear.

1437 days ago


Never forget that Tyson is a CONVICTED RAPIST!!!!!! He did assault the photog and has to pay for it! Just like everyone else in society.

1437 days ago


Really, you're gonna mess with Tyson? You're lucky to still be walking and talking jerk.

1437 days ago


I see all of these posts from these DO NOTHING'S who claim to have Mike Tyson's back, but not anybody spooking this chump photographer off this civil case...??

1417 days ago
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