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Prince William to

Seal Deal with

Kate Middleton

11/16/2010 10:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

After living together, breaking up, living together, breaking up, Prince William has decided to tie-the-knot with Kate Middleton.

Prince William Engagement
The royal family announced the engagement this morning and the buzz in England is that the wedding will be at least as big as Princess Diana's. Middleton is described as upper-middle class but not top drawer in social circles.

William popped the question in October in Kenya after asking Kate's father for permission and the royal wedding is scheduled for spring or summer 2011 in London.


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I think it is a sweet story; they seem to have done things the right way unlike Charles and Di. For those who comment "who cares" why do you read the story then? so many HATERS out there! Would like to see what some say when they can't HIDE behind their computers.

1402 days ago


This "prince" has teeth like a polo horse.

1402 days ago


Where does Kate get her living money - does not hold a job and does not come from royalty????

1402 days ago

Jesse Marie    

Sooo happy for them. KATE IS LOVELY A BEAUTIFUL GIRL AND PRINCE WILLIAM IS SOOO HANDSOME. Their kids will be sooo pretty. Good for them.

and Congratulations for Nick and Vanessa another engagement I am very pleased with.

Happy days ahead.

1402 days ago


WOOHOO!!! Congrats!!

1402 days ago

La La Land    

Ummm I dont get it. Why do people over there still believe in Fairy Tales, King and Queens...haha

WTF England is full of weirdos, like what reality do they live in. Kings and

1402 days ago


What lovely news! I wish them nothing but happiness. Since the royal family has FINALLY eased off and allowed this generation of young royals to run their own show, this marriage actually has a chance of lasting. William and Kate were allowed to make a love-match, instead of following with the ridiculous tradition that was perpetrated all the way to his father's generation...."a virgin bride of royal heritage". Surprisingly, according to the BBC, some geneologists have in fact discovered that Kate does have royal bloodlines, as she is something like 15th cousin to Prince William. The fact that they have been living together for some time, and have been dating for 9 years bodes well for their marriage. Diana would be so thrilled. May their lives be long and filled with love.

1402 days ago


Good Lord, if they have a kid it better be happy living it's life in a stall. Yikes!

1402 days ago


He's given her his mother's engagement ring.They are on tv this minute showing it off. I don't think i'd like to wear it.

off topic
watch Take That The Circus on YT fantastic show especially Back For Good.I was right by them and got wet lol.Enjoy.

1402 days ago

Skippy La Rue    

of course it will last..he will be king! she is a money hungry attention whore so it will last until they get caught ****ing around on each other....

1402 days ago


I cannot think of a girl more undeserving than Kate to become the most famous, richest,glamourous Princess and have all the fabulous perks that will belong to British royalty for the rest of her life. She comes from a middle class family that made their money selling party favors. That is not good enough to be a Princess.If you look at the picture with the trashy outfit with the fish netting and tiny undergarments which she modeled on stage in a fashion show in college, do you really think she should be royalty? This was the first time Prince William saw her and he told his best friend sitting next to him "She's hot!". Does that seem proper? Then the rest is history. The lived together for 7 or more years. Classy! I think the royal family (because William loves her) has tried to do a "My fair lady" out of her. But even when she is dolled up, she is only average looking. I just think William, who was born with all the advantages of royalty, should have picked someone who was high class, of royal blood and traveled in the right circles. Princess Diana was perfect to be a Princess. She was of royal blood, did travel in all the right circles and was titled "Lady Diana Spencer. She was lovable, sweet, had tremedous compassion, and deserved all the perks of being a Princess.I do not think the world was jealous of her, we adored her. She was so beautiful and regal. The world was happy for her when she was "up" and sad for her shen she was "down".Plus, on of the most wonderful thing about Diana was that she had "star quality". Kate does not have any "star quality". I look at her and I do not see sweetness or compassion. I see a middle class girl who does not deserve to become Princess. I truly believe that William loves her with all his heart. But couldn't he have picked a higher class and more beautiful Princess? After all, that was his "duty" to the royal family. I am an American. We are not supposed to believe in a monarchy. It is written in our Constitution. I will not follow this lavish wedding. It is just too painful.However, I do believe this marriage will last forever. I just hope the heirs look like William. When you look at him, you can see Princess Diana, her looks and her soul.

1402 days ago


That's because Harry is a half brother, he inherited his real dad's (James Hewitt's ) hair. I don't believe for a second he's Philip's child. I mean red hair? Yes I know Diana's side had some red head's but I still ain’t buying it. All the other kids and relatives look exactly alike except for Harry. We know Diana wasn't getting along with Philip so the idea Harry is James's child could very well be true. The Windsor's are too afraid to do a DNA test because they know the truth.....Just my opinion so don’t freak out on me if you think me wrong.

Posted at 8:07 AM on Nov 16, 2010 by Whamo

Ohhhhhh Lordy. I never really thought about THAT Whamo & the thought is 'repugnant' but that kid DOES resemble Hewitt(don't know WHAT she was thinking hookin' up w/that Hewitt dude anyway: THAT desperate for affection I suppose. That OR, a 'revenge hookup' over the Camilla/Charles affair?). Wow! If the Harry/Hewitt thing is true, can you only IMAGINE the lengths the R.F. would go to keep THAT little scandalous morsel? Don't believe for a second that if Harry is Hewitt's, that 'Granny' doesn't KNOW; I mean as much as they despised Diana? Ahuh....they already KNOW. Ewwweee!


Ummm I dont get it. Why do people over there still believe in Fairy Tales, King and Queens...haha

WTF England is full of weirdos, like what reality do they live in. Kings and

Posted at 8:26 AM on Nov 16, 2010 by La La Land

BECAUSE SOME PEOPLE 'ENJOY' THE IDEA OF 'QUEENS,KINGS,PRINCE'S, & PRINCESS'S & ENCHANTED CASTLE'S, etc'.We DON'T have anything like the monarchy here in the U.S. & it appeals to our sense of imagination & child-like love of 'fairy tales'. There's a 'child' left inside MOST of us. I certainly hope I never get so cynical & jaded that the 'child' inside of me totally DISAPPEARS.

"England is full of weirdo's...."

.....EXCUSE ME BUT HAVE YOU EVER BEEN TO HOLLYWOOD/L.A.?? I think it's rather 'nice' that there is STILL a place like England where people seem to have SOME sense of 'decency & class'.

1402 days ago


He gave Kate Diana's sapphire and diamond ring! I love it that engagement rings don't all look the same now. It seems like more thought was put into it if it has a unique stone. I like it anyway...but I have no desire to get married though!!

1402 days ago


I'm happy for them. This is every girls dream to become an actual princess. I remember growing up and all of us girls had such a huge crush on William. Can you imagine waking up every morning thinking "I'm really going to be a princess!"

1402 days ago


I hope the media respects the young royals, yeah they have their duties to the country but the media doesn't have chase another one, resulting in a tragedy.
I think these young men turned out great, thanks to Diana and to Charles, even Camilla helped with getting the stuffiness out of the Queen and Prince Phillip. I hope William and Kate keep breaking the barriers even more. Keep with Diana's good work.

Posted at 7:42 AM on Nov 16, 2010 by kickaboo

I would hope so too but they won't. The British tabloids can be the very WORST & if this young couple ever have anything to 'hide', the B. tabloids will be the FIRST ones to find it. I agree with you about Camilla. Used to despise her but I find that I actually enjoy seeing Charles so truly 'happy' & think she's definitely responsible for it. Think she's definitely had a positive influence on the monarchy:) Who'd have thought it? :)

It will really be interesting to see how Kate 'handles the press' & all the attention that will come her way. She seems very down-to-earth & I would think that William, being as humble as he is, certainly wouldn't have a mate who was any other way. I think if she embraces her role & has as much 'heart', she has the potential to be as popular & beloved as Diana was. That would be nice. It would be great to have someone like Princess Diana around again in the royal family.She was special; beauty, elegance, warm-hearted. Never thought I'd have been affected the way I was but I, like many others, really felt a sense of 'devastation' when she died despite not knowing her but THAT is what made her 'special'; how she was able to touch people who never knew her personally. Sure left a huge 'hole' for people who liked & followed the royal family. There was just something warm, vulnerable, & 'real' about her that drew people to her.

1402 days ago
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