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Kate Middleton

The High Cost of Royal Divorce

11/17/2010 7:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Prince William can't protect the royal fortune with a simple prenup -- those docs aren't legally totally binding in the U.K. -- which means if Willy ever divorces Kate Middleton ... she could own half of the kingdom.

Here's the deal -- we're not insinuating the marriage is doomed ... but if things go awry, money could be a HUGE issue ... due to the fact that Will's grandma is reportedly worth around $450 million.

We've spoken with multiple legal experts who specialize in U.K. family law -- who tell us prenups have been considered virtually worthless, due to the fact that English law was based upon the idea that a married couple should be together for life and their property should be shared.

Translation -- from the second a couple is married, they're each entitled to half of the couple's wealth ... unless a judge decides the traditional 50/50 arrangement is unfair. 

Now there is a catch -- The Supreme Court of the U.K. recently made a landmark decision honoring a multi-million dollar prenup ... and the ruling could change the laws regarding divorce agreements forever.

So what does that mean for William??? The experts tell us he'll probably get a prenup anyway -- just to be safe ... but whether the marriage survives or not, being in the Royal family definitely pays off.


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She is natural, pretty and has Healthy Lovely Hair..NO IMPLANTS A nice Gal with real class..Queen E is worth way more than $$450 Million..LIKE way way more

1413 days ago


I can not believe that you people are already talking about them divorcing as they have not even married yet. I believe their marriage will last as they have been together for 8 yers now and I am sure that they know each other pretty well. As for him giving her his mother's ring. I think that is nice as a lot of families pass rings down to the new females in the family. I wish them the best and many happy years together.

1413 days ago


It's really in extreme poor taste to discuss a royal divorce on a much celebrated announcement from Prince William & his future princess, Kate. They have been together for 8 years, and should have any differences ironed out by now. The characters in this vinette are nothing like Charles, Camille and (deer in the headlights) Princess Diana. The new princess knows what she is marrying into.

1413 days ago


There will NOT BE a divorce. They will merely kill her like they murdered Princess Diana. You'd have to be a complete idiot not to know they order they hit on Diana.

1413 days ago


DUH..... no divorce is alllowed because it marriage in the royal family is not meant to end in divorce. Hence, the reason Princess Dianna was murdered. Look up the history of the British Monarchy's and you will see, these people dont play. They will illiminate anyone that poses a treat and the same will become of this girl if she posses as a treat.

1413 days ago

you know it    

I would be offended if I was to sign a prenup. That means my spouse is already thinking the marriage won't work and that he won't put any effort into it to make it work. prenups are for losers!

1413 days ago


i disagree. prenups are not for losers! i have full intention of getting one, and i'm a woman!

1413 days ago

If sense were common everyone would have it.    

Never was into the whole monarchy thing, but they do make a handsome couple. And he may be balding but at least he's better looking than his ugly father ever was.

1413 days ago

my opinion    

wishing them well congratulations Price Harry

1413 days ago


Posted at 2:09 PM on Nov 17, 2010 by my opinion.....its Prince William...not Prince Harry!

1413 days ago

O' Canada    

I stand corrected! Catherine Middleton will be England's Queen Catherine VI not the "I" as I indicated earlier.

A size 6, the 5'10" fiancee of Prince William smokes cigarettes to maintain her sleek physique. That is a nasty flaw.

1413 days ago

O' Canada    

I stand corrected! Catherine Middleton will become Queen Catherine VI of England in due time. At size 6, the 5'10" fiancee of Prince William smokes cigarettes to curb her appetite (body image issues same as Lady Diana).

1413 days ago


His grandmother is worth around 6 billion dollars!

1413 days ago


she is attractive woman but her face looks much older than her age, she looks more like 35 than 25! bad genes i guess

1413 days ago

Chun LI    

I wouldn't want that ring.

1413 days ago
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