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Kate Middleton

The High Cost of Royal Divorce

11/17/2010 7:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Prince William can't protect the royal fortune with a simple prenup -- those docs aren't legally totally binding in the U.K. -- which means if Willy ever divorces Kate Middleton ... she could own half of the kingdom.

Here's the deal -- we're not insinuating the marriage is doomed ... but if things go awry, money could be a HUGE issue ... due to the fact that Will's grandma is reportedly worth around $450 million.

We've spoken with multiple legal experts who specialize in U.K. family law -- who tell us prenups have been considered virtually worthless, due to the fact that English law was based upon the idea that a married couple should be together for life and their property should be shared.

Translation -- from the second a couple is married, they're each entitled to half of the couple's wealth ... unless a judge decides the traditional 50/50 arrangement is unfair. 

Now there is a catch -- The Supreme Court of the U.K. recently made a landmark decision honoring a multi-million dollar prenup ... and the ruling could change the laws regarding divorce agreements forever.

So what does that mean for William??? The experts tell us he'll probably get a prenup anyway -- just to be safe ... but whether the marriage survives or not, being in the Royal family definitely pays off.


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soyled mydget pantaloons    

lol, he's balding.

1435 days ago


Whatever, the guy is Prince William, like any court in the land ISN'T going to side with him if they two ever get divorced. Like, duh.

1435 days ago


What a disgusting post by TMZ. Honestly, this doomsayer BS is really out of line. Almost as out of line as poster no. 2 who thinks stating that killing her is cheaper.

Some of these posters here are really low IQ, reckless and frightening. They don't seem to realize they are leaving a digital imprint traceable to their from door. That's why I say low IQ. They are under the impression it's all anonymous so just post whatever you feel like. Not so. Threatening someone's life online is taken seriously.

1435 days ago


Forget the money. I'd be insulted to accept an engagement ring originally used for a marraige that ended in a nasty divorce.

1435 days ago


Actually, your statement that Prenups in the UK are worthless is not true. A recent judgement in the UK has changed that.

Read this

Furthermore, a man was recently arrested for the murder of his soon to be ex-wife after this ruling because he knew the pre-nup with his wealthy wife would most likely be enforced. Princess Diana didn't get half of everything when she divorced Prince Charles so why would Kate Middleton.

1435 days ago


I think it's quite bad taste to be talking about divorce on someone's engagement...

1435 days ago

Oval Beach    

I find the fact that she is wearing dead Di's ring is rather macabre and inappropriate.

1435 days ago


The ring has sentimental attachment for Will as it belonged to his mum. Many are the couples that get engaged with a ring from the family. One could also look at it from the point of view that, in these hard economic times, he was most frugal not to spend tons of money on another engagement ring.

1435 days ago


"I think it's quite bad taste to be talking about divorce on someone's engagement..."

Since when was TMZ or the majority of people commenting here known for their good taste? I totally agree with your statement, but you shouldn't be suprised by what you read here by the TMZ staff or the site visitors.

I've seen racist comments, sexist comments, all sorts of comments. TMZ is only interested in ratings and website visitors; not in projecting an image of high class or good taste.

If TMZ cared about projecting a good image they'd clean their comment section of the racists, spammers, and creepers. They'd also hire better writers.

I'm a guy but sometimes thse 'Who'd You Rather' polls seem creepy and out of line. Everytime I see one of those polls I imagine the person who created it as being a pale, nerdy-looking, recluse sex offender in a dark room surrounded by celebrity pictures on the wall and a box of tissues and lotion on the desk they're sitting at.

1435 days ago


What a lovely couple they make.

1435 days ago


"One could also look at it from the point of view that, in these hard economic times, he was most frugal not to spend tons of money on another engagement ring."

His grandma is worth almost a half billion dollars. I'm pretty sure he's not worried about being frugal. He is royalty. It's not like he's going to start riding in an Opel hatchback, living in a one bedroom apartment, lowering his cell phone calling plan, and eating fast food everynight to make everyone else feel better about their economic situation. The hard economic times do not affect everyone; especially not the super wealthy like Prince William and the Royal Family.

If he wanted to buy an engagement ring he could've and would've. And, it would've been bigger than the ten carat diamond ring Chad Johnson (Ochocinco) just bought that goldigger he's known for four months.

1435 days ago


I think just the fact that they've waited this long indicates they aren't taking marriage lightly. They seem to genuinely care for each other and have a connection, which is amazing considering how his cir***stances would make getting to that point difficult. Kate knows what she's getting into much better than Diana or Sarah did, so I would bet on their marriage lasting. If it did come to a divorce, somehow I see them parting sadly, but not contentiously.

1435 days ago

Ozzie X    

If there is an inkling of a divorce Kate will mysteriously disappear.

1435 days ago


Is she English? Can't be, nice teeth and legs! Hope they have a wonderful life together!

1435 days ago

Stupid People Hater    

It's the royal family. Don't worry, they will not be royally screwed if this happens.

1435 days ago
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