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Avril Lavigne's Rock 'N Roll Divorce

11/17/2010 7:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The divorce between Avril Lavigne and Deryck Whibley leaves nothing to chance, because the pair divvied up the assets right down to the guitar collection.

Avril Lavigne, Deryck Whibley Prenup

TMZ has obtained the docs in which Avril and Deryck divide the spoils.

She gets:

--  Her guitar collection
--  Drum collection
--  Other musical instruments
--  Her lyrics, songs, etc.
--  Her Volvo
--  Beverly Hills house
--  Clothing, awards, plaques, certificates, artwork, mementos, jewelry, etc.

He gets:

--  His guitar collection
--  Song catalogues
--  Clothing, awards, plaques, certificates, artwork, mementos, jewelry, etc.
--  Other stuff

Neither party got spousal support.  And, of course, there was a prenup.


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They are both so ugly! She has fangs and he looks like a truck hit him in the face,

1403 days ago

Zippy T. Pinhead    

I remember hearing the story about her being on a flight somewhere and she took off her shoes and smelled up the whole plane. It smelled so bad that she was told to put her shoes back on, lol. I guess people from Canada never wash their feet, they just go outside and kinda rub them in the snow, ah.

1403 days ago


They're probably both boring and bored each other to death. This isn't news, TMZ, this is economy level supermarket b.s.

1403 days ago


Another dude gets hosed in a divorce court, no surprise. But I love Avril, so whatevs.

1403 days ago

Croc Dundee    

Dearest TMZ,

I remember when you were a thorough investigative news organization.

Those days are clearly long over.

You missed the best part :

The husband is getting 100% share ownership of "Rectum Renovator, Inc."

Plus 25% ownership in "Pain for Pleasure, Inc."

Anyone care to get the scoop on that or are we going to be satisfied with knowing who gets the 2005 Volvo ?

1403 days ago


She's actually from Napanee and yes, it's also a dump.

@19: You're a friggin moron.

1403 days ago

dr fred    

"100% of Rectum Revolver INC"

that is flat out class, That guy is UGLY & she is a vampire.

at least they did not reproduce.

1402 days ago

Uncle Bob    

Fake Fake Fake

Beside the obvious spelling errors, no legal do***ent would omit the specific address of the real property. Just ask Harvey. lol Not to mention, the real property in question is not in Beverly Hills. I won't reveal the street address but, the zip code is 90077. Somebody didn't verify their source. Hey Harvey, maybe you should hire me as a fact checker. ;)

1402 days ago


I Love You Avril Ramona :-)

1402 days ago


You know what's funny? I'm almost the same age as Avril and I was kind of jealous when she got married. I was with my boyfriend longer than her and she could afford to get married and I couldn't at the time. Now here we are years later, I'm now married to that boyfriend and happy and she's divorced. Just goes to show you

1402 days ago


Love Both Lavigne and Whibley wish them the best, if half of you knew the facts i could laugh in your face to bad i can't let it out. but remeber don't always trust what you read.
Av and Deryck are both going well and are still best friends, media get a hold of the truth cause us friends a over your BS.

Not happening. xx

1402 days ago


lol TMZ what's in the "other stuff" that Deryck got? hehehehe

1401 days ago

Lt. Recore    

I see very little about these two in the tabloids but there's a ****load of animosity here on these comments. What did she do to generate all this hatred, I'm dying to know? Send me links please. Thanks.

1372 days ago
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