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Bristol Palin Apologizes for Sister's Homophobic Slurs

11/17/2010 7:20 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Bristol Palin has apologized for the offensive comments she and her sister Willow made during a Facebook war this week ... in which Willow used a homophobic slur to attack a schoolmate.

Bristol Palin Apology

Bristol went back to Facebook last night and posted a message that read, "Willow and I shouldn't have reacted to negative comments about our family. We apologize."

She added, "On a nicer note, thank you for supporting the great competition in Dancing with the Stars!"


A few hours later, Bristol posted another message that said, "Thank you supporters who continue to support. The haters are already pulling out all the stops this week to destroy."

Willow has since deleted her Facebook account.


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i think brandy was one of the fave to win not you bristol why are you even on the show at least brandy can sing act DANCE HELLO you are so not talented dwts you need to bring brandy back she is a true star

1400 days ago


stupid is free.

1400 days ago


Who let these pigs out without their chin straps & muzzles? Petunia Palin is out self-promoting her trash & her little piglets are out proving Petunia is what everyone thought she was...a backwoods hillbilly pig in lipstick! Oink Oink - Wink Wink!!

1400 days ago

me not you    

Where's the apology? I didn't see one.

1400 days ago


Her mom probably made her delete her FB account. Who cares about them anyways? They're just a bunch of no talent, slack jawed yokels. Bristol is a hoe and thinks that she's a star. Their mom is as dumb as dumb can get and I'm sure the Oinker Willow will be trudging along, in her moo cow sisters hoof-steps. They all need to get a chin removed.

1400 days ago


That whole family is whack pure and simple

1400 days ago


These girls shouldn't even have a Facebook account if Mom is going to run for the Presidency. I have been trying to figure out what made Bristol a "star" to be the "star" in Dancing With. She has done nothing to put her in the category of "star". She was a 17 year old girl that got pregnant. She is now going across America preaching abstinence. I hate to think what little Trip will think of that when he grows up. I am a big DWTS fan. But, if Bristol wins they will have to do something to revent their procedure on voting. It's crazy that Brandy went home last night, Rick Fox went home too early. Please ABC don't let Bristol win. It will make the show lose all of it's credibility. And Bristol I'm glad you made some money dancing. Now go home to Alsaka!

1400 days ago


Brandy = Nancy Kerrigan

Bristol = Tonya Harding

Sarah Palin = Gillooly

Sarah's minion fans - the big black stick

PS - tlynn's comment - soooo funny!

1400 days ago


Why should she apologize? OMG people,Free Country-Freedom of Speech--- and on and on.

1400 days ago


'The haters are already pulling out all the stops' REALLY? Honey, using homophobic slurs is hating (you and your sister, who by the way should be apologizing, are the haters). People who don't like homophobic slurs have a problem with people saying that...way to not take responsibility.

1400 days ago


The Palins must be great at hunting because there is no shortage of moose burgers in that house.

1400 days ago


WHAT is up with the Palin girls and their "double chins"????!!! They have them in almost EVERY picture I've seen! I mean REALLY?? Is it like a family trait or something? BAD GENETICS! Sarah the mother doesn't have one so I don't get it? dioes the father? Bristol is a little chubby but not really FAT. Both girls have that double chin thing going on. I don't get it. Neither is obese. They must just gain weight in their faces and upper body. Just weird though. Glad I don't have that goin' on or I would have to RUN (no walk), to the Plastic surgeons office to get that lipo'd out! YUCK! Bristol and Willow...GO GET SOME LIPO ON THAT CHIN OF YOURS! It's gross and distracting! BLAH!

1400 days ago


The reactions and comments from liberals has made me want to vote for Bristol even more. I'm sure I'm not the only one to want to use all my votes just for Bristol!

1400 days ago


First of all...tgrfan42069...YOU ARE AN IDIOT SO GO SIT DOWN AND STFU.

Second, I don't care what some random 16 year old posts on her FB...I could give a crap but when your MOM puts you on TV and your sister is on need to watch your words. Simple as that. When you CHOOSE to be in the public eye not everyone is gonna like you. That's just the way it is. This has been a Palin problem from the first we heard of Sarah. Can't take critism, can't take JOKES. Put your BIG GIRL PANTIES on Palin GIRLS because you wanted the attention, so be ready for all of it good and bad.

And for the people that are voting for Bristol just because of her Mom thinking if she wins DWTS that her Mom will win the presidency in the next election...well you are all just stupid. The people that vote for DWTS probably don't go vote in real elections because they can't call a phone number and press a number for the one they want to win.


1400 days ago


They aren't apologizing for making homophobic comments TMZ, they are just saying they shouldn't have reacted to the attacks on them. Apologizing for homophobic remarks would require them to acknowledge they made those remarks and it was wrong to make them because it was offensive to gays.

1400 days ago
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