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Bristol Palin Apologizes for Sister's Homophobic Slurs

11/17/2010 7:20 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Bristol Palin has apologized for the offensive comments she and her sister Willow made during a Facebook war this week ... in which Willow used a homophobic slur to attack a schoolmate.

Bristol Palin Apology

Bristol went back to Facebook last night and posted a message that read, "Willow and I shouldn't have reacted to negative comments about our family. We apologize."

She added, "On a nicer note, thank you for supporting the great competition in Dancing with the Stars!"


A few hours later, Bristol posted another message that said, "Thank you supporters who continue to support. The haters are already pulling out all the stops this week to destroy."

Willow has since deleted her Facebook account.


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Anyone who says they didn't cuss as teenagers are pretty much full of cr@p. The only thing Willow was wrong in doing was using the word "fa*got" (not to mention she appears to have an elevated sense of her family's worth). To me, "fa*got" is no different than the "n" word. She totally should have known better regardless of how mad or emotional she might have been in the moment. Bristol needs to also become a better interviewee and writer. This apology seems a bit short...she should have elaborated that they are embarrassed (or whatever) about the words they chose to use, etc...

1435 days ago


WOW to bad willow cant delete her whole family!

1435 days ago


"Of course they won't because most people don't even know about these other girls because the media REFUSES to cover anything negative about liberals' kids. "

You are so clueless. Palin and her kids would have all the privacy in the world if they didn't insist on being in the public eye.

No one forced Bristol on DWTS (she isn't even a celebrity)...or to do hypocritical PSA's or for her family to have a reality show, etc etc.

Sarah and her brood have made it clear that they are in it for the money and the fame.

1435 days ago


They are teenagers, How Many of you have not said or did something stupid that your parents would of NOT of agreed with. Come on is it because you hate The Palin's or are you just that PERFECT.

1435 days ago


DWTS is not a competition this season, it's a farce; Bristol Palin might even win. I'll never believe that a legitimate majority of voters voted for her. Never. Most DWTS viewers are dance fans, and Bristol Palin hasn't tried harder than anyone else, she hasn't improved more than anyone else and she's remained a terrible dancer throughout the season, plus her lame personality is not enough to have garnered enough independent votes; she's no Shawn Johnson. Whether she gets voted out next week or not, I'm convinced that she did not make it this far without unfair influence.

1435 days ago


"She was the only one with out any stage, movie/acting, music or dance experience. "

Yep...exactly...because she is NOT A CELEBRITY...and does not belong on DWT STARS.

1435 days ago


I have many friends from other countries and the Palins are the joke of the world. People laugh at us.

This no talent white trash family needs to go away.

Sarah P writes a book on how Levi Johnson is exploiting this while she and her daughter have become media whores being on anything and anyone that will have them.

The Palins are now in a reality show that will start soon. Anyone voting for this fool is unamerican.


1435 days ago


charming - what a revolting family.

1435 days ago


Linda you are a joke; how are people being mean spirited by telling the truth?

Sarah Palin tells a mostly black crowd on how irresponsible it is to have teenage pregnancy and then her dumb daughter has sex without protection and she says nothing.

She also made a joke saying where is my retarded kid referring to one of her handicapped kids. There family including the father has been linked to racist and anti gay slurs and then you as a celeb worshiper panting with your tongue hanging out says people are mean spirited? no they are.

Maybe you and the other people that cant' see any fault in celebs can go see Sarah in her new reality show and "see Russia from her house". No one is hating, we are being real and honest. I NEVER want to be them. They are not bright enough.

They have become media whores and they love it! Their nannies must be working a lot of overtime because they sure in the heck aren't taking care of their kids.

1435 days ago


@24 tgrfan How stupid are u?

1435 days ago


Listen to your momma Bristol.
You have to play nice if you are going to continue
to receive money for nothing.

1435 days ago


Ok so let me get this straight- The Palins have a problem with people calling Trigg a "retard" (which imo isn't right either just to clarify) but it's ok for her daughters to call someone a gay slur? Really? Can we say hypocrites?

1435 days ago


To most of the people that have posted on here, you should all be so ashamed for all the hateful, spiteful, and jealous comments. You are either kids that have been raised with hate or you are parents showing your kids it's ok to bully other people.I read every thing and just sat back and though what mean people you are.Most of you are the ones that sound like trash. I thought they were all good on DWTS.I also thought Bristol did great since she didn't come from a dancing background. I also thought she was beautiful just like all the others. murline

1435 days ago


You people need to say kinder things.Words have a spirit all there own. It is time that America votes are counted. Real American girls have curves and athletic bodies. Real American girls are wholesome looking their faces are round. There is an inocence about them. Lite make up simple hair style. It is dificult for most of you to reconize this because you are so used to looking at hollywood sluts. Fake boobs and plastic surgery. You the ding dong who suggested lypo. Pull your head out of your out of your buttock, I mean Botox!

1435 days ago


jpm444: Tina Fey said that, not Palin. I know people will always want to claim she said that but you are mocking Fey when you do that.

1435 days ago
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