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Man Shoots TV Over Bristol's 'Dancing' Routine

11/17/2010 1:07 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

A SWAT team posted up outside a home in Wisconsin yesterday -- after a shotgun toting 67-year-old man blasted his TV because he was so enraged with Bristol Palin's performance on "Dancing with the Stars."

Bristol Palin Dancing With the Stars

Local authorities claim Steven Cowan (left) told officers that he felt Palin was not a good dancer and that she was only on the show because of her famous mother.

Officials say Cowan was so pissed after Monday's show -- that he fired at his television set and then aimed the gun at his wife ... though she managed to escape the house.

The SWAT team surrounded the home -- but negotiators were able to talk Cowan into surrendering early Tuesday morning. Authorities claim Cowan suffers from bipolar disorder.

Cowan was charged with 2nd degree reckless endangerment and could face up to 10 years in prison if convicted.


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I'm a liberal but I tend to agree about Joy Behar. As for Bristol, I don't even watch DWTS, got pissed enough from watching Gosselin get votes for her two left feet while better dancers went home. Btw, it is a right wing thing. It started with that Sarah whatshername that had to quit. Tom Delay was in on it getting her the votes, then it all went south cause her hubby was cruising the po.rn when she was dancing. Notice Tom Delay then had to dance, we all know how well that turned out.
The Palin girls need to stop attacking people that give their opinion about their mother's show. Although, I don't care for Sarah, Alaskans should be proud of their beautiful state and I hope they get some boasted tourism out of it. Hey TLC and Sarah, tell us the truth about what went down with Kate Gosselin and the camping trip shared by both. Diva or Kate went after one of her kids and had to be taken away to cool down for a couple of days? At least, Sarah gets outside and doesn't whine about dirt and her kids getting dirty.

1400 days ago


Come on!!! If every person, no matter what political party you're in, is honest you'd admit the Bristol SHOULD NOT be there. She should have left with that monkey suit thing. That was absolutely terrible. But instead Florence left and she was actually good!! There's something wrong there. She's a bad dancer and if she was truly an honest person, she would thank everyone for voting for her and excuse herself from the show. I think that would impress people a lot more than staying when you know you shouldn't be there.

1400 days ago


HAha this is pretty awesome, but can we make a ground rule for gun owners? You cannot own a gun if you have personality disorders where you turn your 12-guage on your TV set and/or wife. Just a ground rule...

1400 days ago


good for him it would have been better if he shot the whole palin family. they suck!!! Bristol is nothing but a fat untalented whore who got famous of her whack moms coattails ang getting pregos at 16 dwts sucks brandy should have won but i guess talent does not count.

1400 days ago


I feel bad for his wife, but I completely understand about Bristol! This made my day!

1400 days ago

Marianne Chitter Chatter    

Bristol is only there because her mother is famous. Even a republican can't be so stupid to think she's a "star". She's an ignorant unwed teenage mother, who would be on welfare if it weren't for the fact that her mother is rich. The real crime is that Bristol is still on the shows. She cannot dance. The stupid tea baggers are voting for her because they are so hate filled and ignorant, they'd gladly ruin a show like DWTS to prove they can vote.

1400 days ago


The man was correct about her dancing but the possibility of going to jail for 10 years for this FAT COW is SAD.

1400 days ago


Ah yes, one more reason to be embarrassed to be a Wisconsin native. It truly is a beautiful state, pardon the occasional moron, though.

1400 days ago



1400 days ago


this made me laugh sooo hard!

I woulda done the same thing if I watched that retarded show LMAO

1400 days ago


Maybe it's Elvis.

1400 days ago


Could he be the next JOE the Plumber?
fingers crossed ...

1400 days ago

justagirl guys really need to get a grip,seriously. By continuing these ridculous stories only makes you look more foolish. The intelligence level of most of your audience sees this as "the Palin's making the world gone mad"...yet no where in your article do you suggest that some crazed kook flew off the handle and if not by this...most likey would have blown their top over something else such as an absence of the Snoopy balloon in the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade. Bristol is not the best dancer on DWTS, but when you have the public get what you get...Audrina was a WAY better dancer than most dancers who remained in the competition..but I guess her popularity wasn't strong enough...Brandy came off as a like a whiney little brat in the show and started to gain some humility towards the end..well...too little too late. Also, her dancing was sub-par throughout the competetion in which she improved...AS DID BRISTOL. Celebrities who come out strong from the get go, necessarily should not just be a shoe in for the championship...the ones who have zero experience and really make substantial improvement should be accredited and deserve in a chance in the finals. So given the factors involved, I see no "catastrophe" here. So we "get it" that you are "anti-Palin", nice to see that non-bias journalism is alive and well on your site....try moving on to something newsworthy or even a bit more classy by congratulating all the dancers who made it to the finals.

1400 days ago


So he didn't like it then?

1400 days ago

Tiger Woods    

Did you guys watch William Hung, Kate Goselin??? They are in a same boat with Bristol Palin. I think too many knuckle heads, becuase you guys eat too much FAT FOOD!

1400 days ago
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