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Mark Ballas: Why Democrats Are Voting for Bristol ...

11/17/2010 2:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Mark Ballas claims he and Bristol Palin aren't just backed by Republicans -- and last night dude explained that all sorts of Democrats have pledged their support for the "Dancing" duo because of four specific reasons.



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Karen Johnson    

I am really enraged and always have been that Bristol was invited to dancing with the stars. ABC knew full well that she was completely political and would get political support. It certainly doesn't take a rocket scientist to have realized that from the beginning. If you think that Bristol has gotten all those votes because all those people come home from work and say, "Oh, boy, she's just like me," you are absolutely dreaming.

1404 days ago


To anyone who is delusional enough to think Bristol is getting by on her own merit, her dancing or her might want to go to any conservative website and EDUCATE YOURSELVES. That's where they teach you how to bypass the ABC voting system to vote for Bristol 300 times rather than the 10 times each person is allowed! Step on into reality and what's really going down here and stop being as ignorant as the democrats think you are...

1404 days ago

jen newman    

it really doesn't matter what any of us say because the producers and everyone else connected with the show is laughing all the way to the bank. They will not hurt for ratings no matter what. I think the weird thing is that Bristol Palin still being there is ridiculous! I don't know why they even have judges if the voting public doesn't care what they say when they call in their votes. I think the judges are so professional (most of the time), but it is like totally ignoring them since this is most certainly a popularity contest. My friends and I no longer watch the show because of all this, but it would be a HUGE JOKE if Bristol Palin won and Jennifer Grey didn't. Wouldn't you think Bristol would be embarrassed by this crap that is going on, since she knows damn well she should have gone home a long time ago...? Guess not with her history of strange moments through the past recent years...

Just my opinion...
Jen Newman

1404 days ago


why are you talking bs
this guy has been given the most untalented person out there
and he made dancer of her
jeniffer and kyle has been their whole life dancing and performing
so what did the coaches done here .....nothing
team mark !!!!

1404 days ago


I understand the whole underdog thing, but there comes a point when viewers usually say enough is enough, and REAL dancers make it to the finals. At this point Bristol's looking like a dancing ham hock, and it's not like she's really putting in practice hours or trying hard because if she were she'd have lost some poundage. I mean, come on, Kyle Massey has lost 18 lbs and he has learned to DANCE despite not having previous dance training. So Jennifer for the win, Kyle for a close second, and Bristol home next week.

1404 days ago


Bristol's dancing has improved greatly since she has been there.. Isn't that what the show is all about? I think the most improved dancer should win in the end... It is so sad that people stoop to the level of insulting Bristol and her mom Sarah. Keep up the good work Bristol. Keep your chin up, keep smiling and ignore the haters.....

1404 days ago


48 comments.................PEOPLE, if you don't like it, don't watch it & shut the hell up

1404 days ago


I thought this show was about which couple was the best dancers. I guess not. Bristol has to know she can't compare to any of the other dancers. It's such a shame. I will NEVER watch this show again, and I've watched it since it came on the air. Unil the voting is made more fair, like the judges show count for 75% of the vote. I think they are more qualified to make the decision who stays and who goes!!

1404 days ago


I don't know if we can post links here but if you go to Jezebel and scroll down, they did a post listing a long list of sites where they are gaming the system to send a message. The post is something like Is the Tea Party Cheating DWTS?" or something like that.

1404 days ago


Democrats and liberals have made bashing Sarah Palin and all of her family their version of bullying. They feel its their God given right to bash the family. They're even attacking their teenage daughter. Shame on them. They are no better then the bullies that cause their victims to commit suicide.

1404 days ago


Bull hockey. No Dems I know, including me, are voting for that no talent idiot. I heard the Republicans are using robo calls to get calls for the worst dancer in America.

1404 days ago


Look, the dude took the time to offer up an explation in a cool fashion. In truth, no one knows who the fans are going to back. Sometimes it is the best dancer, sometimes it isn't.

1404 days ago


#50 Sorry Jen but you're wrong because the rating are already down. House beat DWTS this past Monday in the 8pm time slot, the semi finale night! Not a good sign for the finale numbers!

1404 days ago


#50 Sorry Jen, but you're wrong because ratings are already down. DWTS was beat by House in the 8pm time slot this past Monday, the semi-final night. Definitely not a good sign for the finale!

1404 days ago


America,,,,Pay Attention. You are just getting the tip of the iceberg (no pun intended) on how Palin is gathering her troops for the 2012 election.
If you don't vote for the people you want to win, what do you expect. Whoever put Bristol on this show has another agenda. She should never have been asked to dance. I am going to boycott the sponsors on DWTS and not watch the show anymore.
And, why are you allowed 5 votes? Wouldn't one vote per phone be all that is needed. Bet the tea partiers are all on speed dial trying to show America what they can do. That would be okay if any on them KNEW What they are doing!! Bunch of idiots.

1404 days ago
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