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Mark Ballas: Why Democrats Are Voting for Bristol ...

11/17/2010 2:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Mark Ballas claims he and Bristol Palin aren't just backed by Republicans -- and last night dude explained that all sorts of Democrats have pledged their support for the "Dancing" duo because of four specific reasons.



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Why are people forgetting that Bristol has admitted more than once she hates the dances she performs?!?! So stupid, if i wanted to watch a show where i can relate to people I would watch the real world (haha)!!

1444 days ago


My estimation of young Mr. Ballas has just risen. Ariticulate, professional and grounded. DWTS is really more of a variety show, like those in the 50's and 60's, with a dance contest element as its "hook." There's a reason true ballroom dancing competitions air weekend afternoons on PBS, not in prime time on a major network. The core audience for the genre is small, and the entertainment value of watching top-notch dancers continuing at the top of their game has a narrower appeal.

1444 days ago


There are blogs and messages everywhere by the Sarah Swooners, who have posted how to game the voting system. To register, you do not have to validate and therefore you can create 300 bo_gus email addresses and names and vote hundreds of times.

There being 3 left and the fact that Brandy said she wants Kyle to win - because she said it and the fact Kyle is A-A, he will be voted off first unless the network corrects the voting software.

The network and show credibility is on the line too

1444 days ago


I am not political and I am not a young thing, I watch this show for the enjoyment of watching non dancers dance.
First, I love Gray but she should not be in this she is a trained dancer and got paid for it in her movie.nnIt is not fair to the novices.
Second, Palin does not know how to dance, yes she is dancing better than she did when she started, but she is a dead dancer, it looks like she is in pain and does not want to be there.
She got pregnant and now is telling all teenagers not to have sex, what is wrong woth that picture?

I will never watch this show if Sarah Palin wins this time. I think many people agree with me. I am not crazy about Brandy but she is by far a better dancer than Palin. Palin seems to be a nice gal but she should not be in this contest she is a nothing only the daughter of a failed politician.
I thought we were going to have a nice competition with Brandy and Gray, but that is ruined now. I cannot believe people are voting because he is a democrat??? I was a democrat until he ran fro Pres.

1444 days ago


I'm more shocked that people keep Jenifer Grey in the competition, she is so annoying with her injury here her injury there, like "poor me" "poor me" every week, to try to get you to think that its such a struggle for her, but yet she comes out and dances like a pro... because she is a pro she has been dancing her whole life!!!! she has been preforming for over 25 years. This is not the type of journey I wanna see. Kyle has worse technique then Bristol, she is a better dancer then him any day, he is just a great performer, kyle cant dance but could preform, Bristol cant preform but could dance, with this being said shouldn't people be all up and arms against Kyle for making it this far as well?

1444 days ago


Did anyone see Bristol and Willow's comments on their Facebook pages? Gawker has it on there. If anyone thinks those Palin girls are nice girls get real. They are spoiled little brats who can't handle dissenting opinion. Not to mention Bristol can't dance. I can't believe people are cheating the voting like they do. What is the matter do they realize that she wouldn't win if it were done fairly?

1444 days ago


Popularity is what kept Brandy in over Audrienna.If it was just dance that gets them in the finals then it would have been Jennifer Grey and Audrienna.Audrienna fanbase was just not as large. The Palin name is polarized and as many Tea Party ppl that might vote there are equally that many that hate the Palins. You cannot go anywhere on the internet without reading the most hateful, vulgar, and vicious attacks against everyone in that family. Brandy came off as ****y and Max angry..Great dancing or not. I think the sob story of the accident hurt her more because her words seemed self absorbant and not one expression of concern for the ones that lost their lives in that accident or how she thinks about their loss.
Now I believe next week is Bristol's final week because Brandy's fans will be voting Kyle for personality and maybe race and/or Jennifer for dance expertise. But maybe...just maybe it will be Kyle and Bristol because Kyle is far more entertaining and Bristol may get the underdog vote meaning Jennifer who is undoubtedly the best dancer may just go home.
I love watching Kyle's dancing for entertainment and he is so likeable....and love the beauty of Jennifer's dance...but I will continue to cast my vote for Bristol...I just want to "have her back" against all the mean girl club harrassment she undeservingly has received over the last two years. Sorry if you don't like it but I think she is beautiful and sweet and has tried very hard against all the slurring remarks and bad grades.

1444 days ago


This man is full of more dung than a Christmas Turkey. He always mentions fans, what kind of fans do they have on that show? She's relatable, relatable to whom. I tell you if this hefer wins this competion ,then clearly this show can't be considered a serious dance show. And yes the tea party is riggin the votes. If that's not true why then everytime I tried to call for Brandy the phone lines were busy or whenever, I texted I got a return notice stating wrong number?

1444 days ago


I'm sure political minded people could not care less who wins DWTS. DWTS is like American Idol...whoever does the voting determines who wins. The people who vote for Bristol are the same people who looove Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian...teenyboppers. Out of the ones that are left including Brandy...I like Kyle the best.

1444 days ago


I am not a fan of any Palin but happy to see that Brandy was axed last night. Although she never had any talent and plastic surgery didn't make her look any better she was still a shug arrogant B-T-H Even after being charged wit Vehicular homicide she was still acting like it was not her faultr. I now believe in Goes around Comes around . Bye Bye Brandy

1444 days ago


Annoyed, what is weird about those Palin FB messages is they actually went to the other kid's page to post that.

I find it interesting how Palin supporters here are already gunning for Jennifer. Does anyone else notice that? It's subtle but they are already taking the opportunity to undermine Jennifer, making little comments, so that people aren't shocked when Jennifer is kicked off next week.

1444 days ago


DWTS is no longer a family fun entertainment show but a political show to benefit the Palins. Shame on the producers and sponsors for allowing this mess. Bristol Palin is not some poor single mother trying desperately to support her son. TMZ should look into how much she is paid for speeches, tv commercials and especially DWTS. I think people would be shocked. All this because she got pregnant at 17 and her mother ran for vice president.
Sarah Palin needs to stay home and do some real parenting. The name Palin
does not mean you are entitled.

1444 days ago


You have got to be kidding, I thought this was a dancing contest not a popularity contest.
It was truly a shame that Brandy lost out, as she was a wonderful dancer who should have been in the finals.

1444 days ago


Loved his interview. He was objective, precise with his answers and challenged the "NON VOTING" interviewer (hah) He was dead on. She is the MOST improved because she had the least experience. KUDOS to Mark, well done!

1444 days ago


Loved his interview. He was objective, precise with his answers and challenged the "NON VOTING" interviewer (hah) He was dead on. She is the MOST improved because she had the least experience. KUDOS to Mark, well done!

1444 days ago
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