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FBI's Cam Newton Probe Expands to Auburn Booster

11/17/2010 5:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The FBI investigation into the cash for Cam Newton scandal now involves a guy who gave more than $1 million to Auburn University ... and was recently arrested in a bribery sting.

Cam Newton Scandal Investigation
According to sources connected to the probe ... FBI agents looking into the Newton recruiting controversy are also asking about Milton McGregor -- a dog track owner arrested last month for allegedly bribing Alabama politicians to vote pro gambling.

We're told agents asked someone connected to the Newton case if he was familiar with McGregor or the bribery scandal.

It's unclear what, if any, direct connection McGregor has to Newton. Back in 2008, McGregor did donate a million bucks toward construction of a new arena at Auburn.

McGregor did not return a call for comment.

UPDATE 4:00PM PST: Milton McGregor's attorney tells TMZ his client has "never had any contact – direct or indirect – with Cam Newton, Cecil Newton, Cam’s father; Kenny Rogers or anyone purporting to represent Cam Newton."  He also says McGregor has never compensated student athletes at Auburn or any other school.

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Cam has already been caught cheating,lying,and stealing.All he has to do to prove he didn't know about his fathers' "solicitatons" is take a polygraph test.Refusal would also give us the correct answer.If this action was taken immediatly,it would benefit everyone involved except the guilty.Comments?

1442 days ago


@ bamarookie28

preparation H might fix your hemroids

1442 days ago


@Bama Mom...thank you for giving me a great laugh when you refer to Tuscaloosa as a "beautiful" city...that place is a complete dump..and I know numerous Bama fans themselves who will tell you the same thing.

1442 days ago


Yea let players get paid then oregon will have all the recruits in the country phil knight will make sure That oregon never has a down year in any sports they already have track and football this year pay players they will have baseball and basketball also

1441 days ago


I'm definetely not a bama fan but i do think cam newton's deal could ruin the national championship game especially for boise state or tcu!!

1441 days ago


• January, 2010 Byrne (MSU)reports to SEC
• SEC responds wanting more information, into allegations
• MSU waits because they are working on eligibility’s issues relating to their Basketball
program, currently in season
• SEC contacts NCAA
• NCAA-SEC get with MSU
• During this time, the Church managed by Newton was in financial trouble and facing eviction
but suddenly had enough cash to do extensive renovations to meet building codes.
• Newton's father owned a small trucking company with two drivers. After Newton signed they
were flushed with so many contracts that a dozen drivers were hired.
• OCTOBER 4TH, 2010. McGregor, Geddie, and others with political ties Lowder and Co. are
indicted and arrested, based on taped conversations held during the previous 13 months.
• 10/21/2010 Dan Mullen goes on Rivals radio ASKED... how close were you to getting Cam at
MSU ...Dan Mullen: "thats a long long story ...that be in the book."
• Nov 4th, Bond releases statement “During the 2009 football season, I was contacted by a
former football teammate, who represented to me that he was speaking for the Newton camp. He
told me that Cam Newton wanted to play at Mississippi State, but that a specified payment would
have to be made. I reported the conversation to the Mississippi State Athletic Department. I was
told by the Athletic Department that Mississippi State would not respond to the overture that was
As The Plains Burn 17
made to me, and that Mississippi State would continue to recruit Cam Newton as it does any
other football recruit.”
• MSU: "We are comfortable that representatives of Mississippi State University's interests
conducted themselves appropriately and in compliance with all NCAA by-laws. Mississippi State
is committed to operating our athletics programs within the rules of the NCAA and Southeastern
Conference, and we expect those affiliated with our program to continue to do the same."
• Cecil Newton, the quarterback's father, denied the allegations to ESPN.com. "If Rogers tried to
solicit money from Mississippi State, he did it on his own, without our knowledge," he told the
• Chizik: "I'm standing up here on a very important week trying to defend something that quite
frankly is garbage," Chizik told reporters. "Is there a wizard behind the curtain? I don't know. Is
there one, is there two, are there 10? I don't know and I don't care. But what I do care about is
coming to the defense of not only a great football player but a great human being who comes
from a great family."
• Nov 8th, Foxsports.com reports that Newton was caught cheating three times at Florida.
• Nov 9th, Auburn AD called cheating allegations "sad". "Cam is by all accounts a great kid."
• Nov 9th, ESPN.com’s Joe Schad reported that “two sources who recruit for Mississippi State”
said in separate phone conversations that Cam Newton’s decision to commit to a school “would
be part of a pay-for-play” plan.
• FBI gets involved in the MSU portion of the investigation, as they are already well trenched in
the Auburn/Lowder/McGregor and friends side.
• Nov 10th, Once the NCAA enforcement staff became involved, Mississippi State University
cooperated fully with its investigation. MSU is confident the SEC office has managed this
process consistent with its established procedures and the university is committed to the
conference’s ongoing efforts to ensure compliance with SEC and NCAA rules.
• Nov 11th, “The SEC never received information from MSU about phone calls with the
Newtons about pay for play,” SEC spokesman Charles Bloom said in an e-mail Thursday.
• Nov 11th, Bond releases a statement. “My story hasn’t changed. I absolutely talked with Kenny
Rogers, and there are phone records that will show that.” Bond said he’s scheduled to meet with
the FBI on Tuesday and plans to turn over his phone records and anything else they ask for at
that point. He said the FBI reached out to his attorney earlier this week wanting to talk with him
about the Newton situation, in particular if kids were being shopped out to colleges. That
meeting was originally scheduled for Wednesday, but was postponed by the FBI until next
Tuesday. “Until I speak with the FBI, I’d prefer not to say much more,”
As The Plains Burn 18
• Nov 11th Rogers admits, after previously denying, that in fact Cecil Newton had asked for
money to recruit his son to play at MSU.
• Nov 11th Bill Bell says he was contacted and asked for payment by Cecil Newton and he has
been interviewed by the NCAA
• Nov 12th Jay Jacobs says "We aren't commenting on it"
• Bond to meet FBI on November 16th, later said "This has nothing to do with Auburn,
Absolutely nothing to do with Auburn. The FBI does not want anyone selling the right to
• Rodgers to meet with NCAA around November 16th
• Nov 12th, Cecil Newton admits to asking for money from MSU in exchange for Cam to play
• Nov 12th, ESPN reports that a source stated that he was contacted by an emotional Cam
Newton stating his regret that he would not be playing for MSU, as his father had chosen Auburn
because "the money was too much".
• Nov 13th, Despite all of the above evidence, Auburn Still Plays Newton


1439 days ago

you so crazy    

If you don't think this "conspiracy theory" has relevance you live with the kid in the bubble. There is alot more of this going on, and the web of deciet will never be traced to all the people that deserve to be exploited.It's Only the heavy hitters and the ones that flip for less punishment.It will run its course til the charges get down the line, to where its not worth risking (?) to tell on someone or a "nobody" did something that is only worthy of criminal probation. Look @ donny brasco, alot of the mob went down, but you know it still exist, and not everyone was indicted. Back to Newton, it was luck, good or bad, if like auburn or not, that a SEC quarter back,a multi-million dollar bank of the south, and gambling operation are all getting burned over the same domino effect. The sad thing is how prevalant crime and connections are around us. Let this be a lesson! Straighten up if your doing somthing you shouldnt, but for alot that arent, be aware of your surroundings more. None of us a perfect, but 99.999% of us know the difference between right and wrong, that other small % that dont, need to be locked up for being so crazy not to know better. PRE-MEDITATED, that sure is an important word! "Do unto others", brothers. PEACE IN THE MIDDLE EAST!!!!!!

1438 days ago


must be that pedder ass Hanrahan

1434 days ago


Aubies are so used to denying to themsleves and everyone else onvolved, they are doing the same thing again. The have been on probation so many times, they have a dedicated parking place for NCAA vehicles. The old saying still stands. if auburn is winning, they are cheating. Nothing changes. Everyone knows about the board of trustees, and their involvement in everything FOOTBALL at auburn. Even the teachers know about it, and are talking to whomever will listen, because they don't want the university to lose their SAC. Then the teachers would be out of a job, and auburn degrees would be worthless. The money men trustees and boosters don't care, they want a win at any cost. Including, the closing of the school. These men are a disease, they only care about what they want. It will cost auburn dearly, soon. I'm sure people are being paid handsomely right now to keep quiet... Problem... The FBI can't be paid. They have already uncovered enough, and though it may be tied up in the politician bribery scandal, it will eventually come out. When it all comes out, they will have to vacate all the wins and the Heisman (if he wins it) and then the school sanctions and penalties will be levied. Stand by aubies...

1432 days ago


Yalls jus jelous cause we been beatin everybody up in here and we like a family. Da man said he don't know Cam Newton nor his family why yalls got to call da man a liar fo? Even da unnamed source says dat Cam don't know da big mony playa. So now everybody knows. If da ncaa found something they'd let yalls know. Till then we going to walk all over da ducks like da lil kids that they are and straite up embarrass dem on TV like they b tryin to embarrass us. Dis is bs and yalls kids is going ta pay
War Cam Eagle!

1423 days ago


I ran across this funny spoof...but from insiders in the SEC, this really could be a stripped title if the NCAA really digs a bit more...and tigers really can win!

Really, cmon...too many times everyone seems tolook over the mounting evidence of a kid who is a good athlete..but with some very suspect activities.....if it were me...I would have lost eligibility and been in jail for all sorts of things athletes of this star power seem to get by with.

Another case of the bling outweigh the foundation of collegiate sports? NO where in the world does such a level of amateur competitionexist...NCAA should do whatever it needs to to make sure the integrity of it all is restored.

1414 days ago


lol this is hilarious to watch, if bama gave a nickle to a player so he could buy a soda Auburn fans would want the entire program scrapped.

but because cam newton, his father, and the heads of the athletic dept at auburn, run their favorite sports franchise it's ok. Yeah they cheat, but it's their cheaters it's ok.
(typical of the south, and auburn in general)

by the way, other than Arizona state, and SMU (who got the infamous death penalty) Auburn has more NCAA infractions against them than anyone... which is probably why there's all the hoopla... it's not some trucker hat conspiracy from Tuscaloosa, it's the fact that you guys have done this many, many times in the past.
Also, just a nod towards the future. the other programs who have had as many infractions from the NCAA as you guys have, also saw their programs gutted on national television, and don't really have competitive years anymore... one can only hope :)

1412 days ago


Yalls jus jelous cause we been beatin everybody up in here and we like a family. Da man said he don't know Cam Newton nor his family why yalls got to call da man a liar fo? Even da unnamed source says dat Cam don't know da big mony playa. So now everybody knows. If da ncaa found something they'd let yalls know. Till then we going to walk all over da ducks like da lil kids that they are and straite up embarrass dem on TV like they b tryin to embarrass us. Dis is bs and yalls kids is going ta pay
War Cam Eagle!
^^^ originally posted by "auburntiger"

if that's their college students, then they better pay to have a good team :D

1412 days ago

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