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Ochocinco's Engagement Gift

-- New Reality Show

11/18/2010 10:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

It's only been two days since he got engaged -- and TMZ has learned VH1 has already offered Chad Ochocinco and his freshly-minted fiancée a new reality show ... but there's a catch.

Chad Ochocinco Realty Show
According to sources close to the couple, VH1 made an offer to Chad and "Basketball Wives" star Evelyn Lozada on Tuesday ... just hours after news broke about the 10-carat engagement.

We're told the show would be centered around the couple's post-engagement relationship leading up to the wedding.

According to sources, the couple is very interested ... but won't sign unless "the money and situation are right."

But clock's ticking -- because we're told VH1 wants to start shooting ASAP.

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No Avatar


this is going to be good

1442 days ago


who is chad ocshino and who is she? who ARE THESE PEOPLE? and why are there so many useless reality shows?

1441 days ago


Wow! For real a reality show. With Chad Ochocinco and "The Drunk Evenlyn". After watching your reality show I know your Mother or your Grandmother is not approving this CLOWN show.Chad dont bring embrassmenrt to your family doing a reality show. All money is not good money. You say you are worth 38 million. Then think like 38 million.

1398 days ago

Villa Huddleston    

Everyone need to stop hating. This is a New Year and focusing you negative energy on someone elses happiness - is wrong. I am happy for them and hope they remain in Love and together for a long time. Happiness breeds a happy person and Haters breed a bitter person and stress. Wishing them success and happiness!

1393 days ago


This man is a joke. Ok he's a football player, he has lots of money by playing football, ok, so what. He doesn't know how to act like a man, he is nothing all he is looking for is attention, and more attention. Saw his last show, and wow he is nothing he has no class all I see is that he uses women,that's all he does then again it's no surprise to me. As for Evelyn being with this clown, well clowns should stick together, so more power to them.

1391 days ago


I purposely looked for a place to post a comment on the Basketball Ex-wives, Shaunie, Evelyn and Jennifer. They think they are classy but they are a bunch of immature bitter high school acting bitches. I don't like to apply that word to women but they are. My baby toe is more classy them those people. I felt bad at first that Shaunie's husband acted the way he did. But after seeing how her and her friends are I can see why they are alone and/or divorcing. They are so dumb Jen was going to screw someone married thinking he was cool. How dumb can you be to listen to those two. You are married still and flaunting an attempt to act hoeish while still married.

Shaunie you, Evelyn and Jen were wrong in the way you treated Royce while she was sick. YOU THREE WERE THE PROBLEM, it was not her and you are so backwards you don't see it. You need to grow up. Going to Restaurants attacking people like immature high schoolers.

You need to be ashamed all three of you.

1354 days ago


Sorry but I'm pretty sure this is all for the money cause Chad is really dumb for getting with such a gold digger, but I guess!!

1334 days ago


it's been 4 months already and still no show lol. what i don't get is how is it that they were talkin for months, had one date and he smashed twice and now all of a sudden they're engaged

1332 days ago


ok i can really care less about evilyn and no cho cinco both of them are corny and wow... can not believe i am posting about them. Evilyin is such a JUMP OFF WHORE and wants 15min. of fame for real wow someone needs to really check her. But i guess WHORES wanna hit the lottery too and EVILYN u did good job spreading and opening wide. LOL wow the only needs a reality show is Tammy and that is it. I mean and when Tammy was trying to let her know how she felt EVILYN still came off nasty for real she is triffling. but it is not going to happen I guess she will try to have a baby to keep buying herself those ugly shoes she had on on the reunion show

1327 days ago

Miss Lady00    

I don't even know why Ochocinco is waisting his time on that little girl. I mean come on, all that fighting and always in the middle of drama, thats so junior high school. She was the center of damn near every fight on the show. I know some things are for TV ratings but that bitch is childish and I feel sorry for Ocho to half to deal wit Evelyns dirty mouth and little girl attitude!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1326 days ago


I agree with the comment about Evelyn. She is just one of many desperate women vying for the lime light that is associated with men who make money by playing basketball, football, baseball, anybody's balls. Can we all say Groupie! Chad seems to be grounded and is really looking for a woman of whom he can be proud once the dust settles. Evelyn is not this woman. Evelyn's foul language reveals that she is a bully and evil to the core. Jezebels adorn themselves with paint and perfume with the specific purpose of luring men into their webs with promises of sex. The reality of this sordid plan is this beguiling beauty will wane with age. Chad, Maya Angelou credits her grandmother as saying that "when a person reveals themselves to you, you better believe them." Without the external accoutrement, they are just another face in the crowd. There are always going to be Evelyns, but I'll be damned if I continue to watch classless episodic ignorance.

I would love to see reality shows the reflect something that challenges our humanity in a positve way. I am sick of the half baked shows that reflect the dark side of our souls.

Build and grow people, build and grow.

1322 days ago


I think it's a good idea they both are in love there happy so y not enuff money isn't enuff money smh

1200 days ago


Are they seriously getting married??? Can't he tell his will never work - she is so fake!

1193 days ago
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