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Lindsay's Mom and Siblings

Angry at 'Glee'

11/17/2010 3:22 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan's mom and siblings think "Glee" was shameful for mocking Lindsay on the show last night ... this according to sources connected to Dina and the kids.

Lindsay Lohan Glee
On the show, Gwyneth Paltrow played a Spanish teacher whose classroom lesson included the following: "Lindsey [sic] Lohan is totally crazy, right?" And, Gwyneth quizzed the class in Spanish, "How many times has Lindsay Lohan been to rehab?"

We're told Dina is saying, "Shame on them," and the family feels it was "tasteless."


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Dina, File your lawsuit. I will gladly sit on the jury and award against you and for the Glee producers. Our judicial system is already bogged down with frivolous lawsuits filed by people like you and the only way to stop it is to rule against the people who file and your family are in need of real intervention. Maybe Dr. Phil can help you, not the courts. Wrong place.

1400 days ago


For any other struggling young woman, I'd say this is tasteless. But -- these are the Lohans. Publicity whores to the max. You can't call shame on someone when you've been courting ANY KIND of publicity over the years, to the detriment of your family's stability. What's shameful are Lindsay's parents.

1400 days ago


I agree with everyone else. Stop worrying about what's on TV and get your daughter some real help. It's not making her appear worse than she already is. If it's so bad then she needs to come back and prove herself. She was/is a talented actress who let fame get the best of her. Laugh about it because honestly her parents cannot think that stuff she's done hasn't been crazy, I'm sure even Lindsay would agree. I'm so tired of hearing about Lindsay and every opportunity that she and her family take to get in the press.

1400 days ago


Boo-hoo-hoo! It was hilarious. Lindsey tarnish her own self by acting stupid and now we're so suppose to feel sorry for her. Her ass needs to be in jail and parents need to go away. When people are not making fun of her is when she should be worried. That means no one gives a damn and she is yesterday's news. Get a life Lohans. Glee is a great show.

1400 days ago


Lohan- If you don't want to be made fun of, don't act like a trampy, drunk, druggie slut! You are the only one that has done that to yourself. I do hope your treatment helps, but I'm pretty sure you're just doing this to stay out of jail. So get over it and grow up!

1400 days ago

Alan Carver    

Dina-Ling needs to remember that it was Lohan's antic's that have made her a punchline in Hollyweird rather than being taken seriously as an actress! So if Dina-ling doesn't like this then she has no one else to blame for it, than herself and Lohan!

1400 days ago


Dina should be worried about how to save his daughter, since she has a share of blame for this ... and not be wanting to call attention to prosecute a series of TV that talked bad about Lindsay. Not the first nor the last TV program that will speak ill of Lilo. So, please Dina go do something useful!

1399 days ago


Reminds me of the schoolyard bully kicking the underdog when she's down. Addiction is a serious disease. It's not cool to make fun of it, particularly when the person is obviously struggling with her addiction. She needs support from her peers, not a kick in the teeth.

1399 days ago


I don't agree with Dina at all...with that being said, addiction is a serious matter and most people relapse before getting some time. She just happens to be in the limelight. They should make fun of the mother, not Lindsay. People in recovery are fragile and dealing with a lot. At least she is in a supportive environment, so she won't have to drink over this.

With that being said, I don't even really like her, but I can relate.

1398 days ago

mike mcnamara    

Glee SUCKS, Gwyneth is mediocre and overrated at best.
Go Lindsay !

1398 days ago


Nobody cares about lindsay lohan's feelings. She's a loser and an idiot and deserves every bit of bashing she gets. The rest of her family is just as retarded. Go OD already you slut loser!!!

1397 days ago


that was sooooooooo funny, well its her fault for going to rehab so much

1374 days ago


lol that was sooooooooo funny, well it was mean but its her fault for going to rehab so many times

1374 days ago

Jack King    

Lohan is just pissed that that is the closest she will ever get to appearing in Glee or any other hit show.

1360 days ago

Fran Miller    

I guess none of the people that thought this is funny has had a child that is an addict. There is nothing funny about addiction and how long it takes to recover. Parents should be there to pick up their children and put them back on the path, but to have to do that with everyone watching and poking fun must be unbearable. Shame on people that get a laugh at other people's expense.

1307 days ago
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