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Mel Gibson: Mum on Oksana's Larry King Interview

11/17/2010 11:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Mel Gibson hit a hot Hollywood club last night -- and though she may have been on his mind, he wasn't talking about Oksana Grigorieva.  And guess what ... his soon-to-be ex-wife Robyn was there.

We got an incognito Mel leaving Premiere Supper Club Tuesday.  We asked if he'll be watching Oksana's Larry King interview tonight -- the interview in which she says she feared Mel would kill her.

He didn't answer, but he'll probably tune in ... and we're guessing his lawyers will for sure.

As for Mel's hat - the word "Premiere" is stitched into the back ... so we're guessing he picked it up inside the club.

Mel and Robyn were at the club to celebrate the 21st birthday of their son, Milo. In fact, TMZ obtained a flyer from the party -- which shows that party buses ran guests from Malibu to the club.

Wouldn't wanna get an embarrassing DUI.



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Bunny that earns scooby snacks!    

A semi-racist mind can be calmed and changed... a sociopath like Oksana that will lie, cheat, scam, extort, fraud, commit perjury, defraud judges and the courts, the media...that's bold, not to mention, Goad someone when they don't know they are taping...did she want Mel to come over there? How do we know? stranger things have happened? She could have one of those mafia types that lurk in her background there to shoot Mel..then say oh, but I have tapes...he was mean to me, I have pictures! Look you are falling for it too. Mel would have been dead and Ox would have Lucia's money and bore through it all faster then a tick can suck blood outta dog. Then, she would have went after Robyn and the ARMY, as Ox likes to call Mel's other the end, there would have been nothing for Lucia because Ox and Ludmilla would have deposed of all Lucia's money in childhood.

Just look at the black and white picture of Oksana at the dentist, why does she look so happy? That is the happiest we have seen her, was it because she was pulling off a scam and that's what truly excites this woman, makes her happy?

Posted at 8:06 AM on Nov 17, 2010 by kickaboo

Well said! I agree 100%

1380 days ago


@Nicole - Freida said that was Edward

@Kpacota - Tommy is adorable and Robyn looks fab!

Posted at 8:35 AM on Nov 17, 2010 by Tellthetruth59
@Tell Actually I didn't say it was. Dingo did! Hard to tell them apart, they're all handsome like their dad.

@Milo Do you always make a point of finding something negative to suggest about good people? Robyn is a great mother. If Tommy looks startled by paps, it's the Ox's fault for trying to destroy his father and mother's good name. Paps are hard for adults to take. These people have class. They don't chat to the paps and yet are polite but don't linger for photo ops thanking them for asking annoying questions like Oinky does

1380 days ago


Some things are just more obvious to me than it is to others. We all see in parts, and describe what we see.
You may see something I don't. But it becomes unproductive when we say we see the same thing over and over again. We don't help anybody by speaking generic and without insight.

It startled me a bit that he acts exactly like Sacha, and the mothers are supposed to be so vastly different.

Posted at 8:51 AM on Nov 17, 2010 by mila
@MilA Maybe Tommy "acts like" Sascha because they're both 12/13 yr old boys who don't appreciate being chased by aggressive paps? I assure you that Tommy is nothing like Sascha although I have no doubts they're shell shocked because of that s***-bag Ox dragging their names through the mud every day.

Quit picking on good mothers who don't deserve it. Robyn is awesome. Quick detracting from people who don't know about.

1380 days ago

Bunny that earns scooby snacks!    

Robyn is not a bad mother, but she is not that great. She is a regular woman with a lot of flaws, and now she can tend to them without Mel, as her husband.
Her son was very spooked, which to me tells that she did not prepare him well enough for this event.
Now that's what a great mother would have done. So she is OK, but not great.

Posted at 8:18 AM on Nov 17, 2010 by mila

Robyn has rasied 7 kids--all of which are NORMAL kids and now NORMAL adults with the regular set of problems of NORMAL people. In fact, I'd say FEWER problems than normal. This alone is an UNHEARD of event in HOLLYWOOD and of children that grow up mega rich.

It's OBVIOUS: Robyn is GREAT Mom and Mel is a GREAT Dad.

You, mila, are so silly to think otherwise, so unknowledgable, it almost stinks.

1380 days ago


@Mila - I had a boy the same age as Tommy and Sacha and they can look pretty expressionless and emotionaless without paps around them.

Tommy looks like he is fighting tears to me. Emotional. He's probably worried about his dad and overwhelmed by media attention when Robyn and Mel kept their lives so private. Not sure how this makes Robyn a mediocre mother as she was quite aware of it and showed concern.

Sacha looks emotionless period.

@Freida - sorry for confusing you with another poster! I am doing a mad skim this morning. I have so much to do today and I keep hoping up and down. I hate to miss anything.

1380 days ago


Wow, Roybin looks better then ever. She has a quiet glow. And Mel looks damn
good himself! I think it's that they're feeling good. It put a smile on my face and
it's the best antidote to the crap that will be on Larry King tonight. : )))

1380 days ago


@Milo Do you always make a point of finding something negative to suggest about good people? Robyn is a great mother. If Tommy looks startled by paps, it's the Ox's fault for trying to destroy his father and mother's good name. Paps are hard for adults to take. These people have class. They don't chat to the paps and yet are polite but don't linger for photo ops thanking them for asking annoying questions like Oinky does

Posted at 8:53 AM on Nov 17, 2010 by Frieda

Your first line was irrational and reactive for no reason. So now I am supposed to make personal attack on you? Hm.
My response to you is this instead:
I am sticking to what I see.
Robyn is not as good of a person as you think. She is a regular woman with lots of flaws. She is not a madonna.
She does look better than she has recently. She should be not elevated to the highest status and the highest of ethics of all of them. Avoiding the paparazzi and being timid around them does not give you instant class. You have to handle them. And if you are famous, it is a part of the job to figure it out how.
The paparazzi are not going away, as long as we worship the celebrities, so a new standard might need to be set, on how to handle them correctly. New, better laws, even perhaps.

To include Robyn to take responsibility in this drama does not mean siding up with Oksana. Not at all! But, there is never such a definite line between good and bad people. There is not one of us that is that good.
The amount and the graveness of bad that we dispense can only be judged by God, correctly. We have the law for the criminal behavior, and our conscience for the moral law. But as we see in this situation, neither one is full proof, and the burden for us all is to be as honest as we can be about ourselves to others. Robyn included.

1380 days ago


I left three comments. I can see them now unlike last time when they were simply GONE but they are still pending - over an hour after I had posted.

1380 days ago


Somebody posted the link for larry King show what is ti?

1380 days ago

Jade Evergreen    

Robyn is actually real loving mother unlike the banshee name Oksana and Robyn has more class than Oksana ever will

1380 days ago


if Mel and I would have split. I have a feeling though, with a nice woman who knew how to treat him right, he might have just stuck around to raise our child together. :-)

Posted at 6:59 AM on Nov 17, 2010 by flyinskyler

I think so too. Mel is a womanizer but on the defense side, I would say he has always been loyal to his family. He probably didn't feel "complete" with Robyn because as much as he respected Robyn I doubt there was a deep emotional intimacy between them. He just trusted her with everything like you would trust a perfect friend. What I want to say is that he does like women but he is a very devoted husband and a dad. It's not like Larry who had - how many - 8 wives? Mel sticks to his commitments. Oxana never really knew him otherwise she would know how to trust and have FAITH in him and she never did.

1380 days ago


Why would you even bother to respond to this Palmiro guy.
I will just ONCE.
I am sorry for Oxana, Palmiro. She is a very pretty woman, and I like good looking people. I think it's God's gift, like, a talent. (Well, her looks were altered though). But she is overly ambitious and vindictive, and it's a sin WORSE than Mel's DRUNKENNESS which is in the past, anyway. In Russia they say жадность фраера погубит. Ask her to translate this for you. It applied to her. If she had some braincells, not much but just enough to be REASONABLE, she would've been getting her carefully and fairly calculated child support as it should be in CA, living in this beautiful house all included, having 15M on Lucy's account and likely having a new relationship with a new rich guy, QUIETLY. But because she is a жадный фраер, her entire life with her fake boobs and pumped lips is now exposed to the whole world to see and GOSSIP and she is also under the extortion investigation.

What a pity!

1380 days ago

Jade evergreen    

@T milla
please Robyn hasn't taken responsiblity unlike Oskank has

1380 days ago


Watch for the Ox backlash of seeing the Gibson family out for a party ..... We will see a big Mel bash today....Robyn looked awesome too...she looks to be the same age as her son seen that was seen with his girlfriend lol...Wow she really looked great...

Posted at 6:51 AM on Nov 17, 2010 by KM

what video is that i would love to see it, I tried the utube one and couldnt find it..Please , Please may I have this ty

1380 days ago


Nope tellthetruth and here is the prove that frieda do not know a flying about the gibsopn!

the bow that is driving Mel Gibson away is Edward!

The one wiht a girlfirend is not william but Christian.

It was Edward and Christian birthday yesterday.

the boy coming out wiht his mother Robyn is Thomas.

It was Christian and Edawrd's 28 years birthday yesterday.
They are Mel and Robyn's oldest sons.

1380 days ago
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