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Mel Gibson Moves to Strip Oksana of Custody

11/18/2010 11:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Mel Gibson's lawyers will appear in court on Monday and ask the judge in his custody war to award him sole custody of baby Lucia ... this according to court documents.


According to the documents, in addition to attempting to take custody away from Oksana Grigorieva, Mel's lawyers will ask Judge Scott Gordon to award her visitation, but only with a monitor.  And Mel's lawyers want the judge to deny Oksana any overnight visits with the baby.

 Mel's lawyers argue in the documents that Oksana's false and derogatory statements to the media about Mel and the attempt to sully his character show she is not acting in the best interests of Lucia.  Oksana trashed Mel last night on "Larry King Live."

As TMZ first reported, Judge Gordon has warned Oksana she could lose custody if she talked to the media.



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And then she took the batteries out of her cellphone(s)! so she could sleep. Hmmm, might be hard for her mother to know she's still alive if she can't phone her own daughter.

Posted at 4:33 AM on Nov 18, 2010 by Cthrew

Exactly! I commented on the other thread earlier about this...she said phone(S) several times....where's the other phone???

1401 days ago


shocker, where are the transcripts? I want to read them as I never did watch it, but I noticed in the transcripts of the recordings they really (ROL) never transcribed it totally, they left out stuff. Wonder if LK did it right.

1401 days ago


I guess we can see by Whore-o-Wits trolls that their defense is going to be First Amendment rights. Oinky, go try yelling Fire in a crowded movie theater and see if First Amendment works for ya there.

1401 days ago


Where is the First Amendment? Is this woman not free to speak? Are we all going to let a movie star walk all over the Constitution?

Posted at 4:04 AM on Nov 18, 2010 by Jay Singer

She is not a citizen. She nullified her rights as a free individual within the borders of the United States when she illegally transmitted audio and text do***ents over our federally regualted landlines.

Let's understand what federally regualted means. Every item you send over the internet and phoneline is monitored by the federal government. Scary isn't it? Provisions were included in the blue prints. So let's understand what that means: somewhere at some point in time someone intercepted her transmission to her lawyers and Mel Gibson.
She violated Federal Law when she sent him those recordings using her iphone.
The constitution cannot help her.
Martin Garbus is a complete fool.

1401 days ago


1401 days ago


Notice how Garbus had to "cut her short" King attempted to say drop teh whole thing..Ox said settle....Which in other words as we know EXTORT...

From LK live interview

KING: Fifteen million to drop the thing?

GRIGORIEVA: To settle. But he -- the way he obtained that custody, it was fraudulent because he threatened me --

GARBUS: Let me cut her short maybe just if I can. Yes, 15 million dollars to end everything.

KING: No criminal, no nothing.

1401 days ago


Sorry, I meant Never shut up, and WILL keep talking. Re post #78.

1401 days ago


You should look for a respectable job. One that does not involve pay to post on a blog. The DV charges are in process just as the case for extortion. It takes time to comb through computer files. You are disrespectful to anyone who does not automatically conform to the story. Anytime a case is made public, especially by the accuser, it should be questioned. The wrongs of the world would go unpunished if good people do nothing.

1401 days ago


i was under the impression that you cannot remove batteries from iphones..

so what did she do crack it open with her veneers"? is that how they broke? biting on the iphone to crack it open and remove the battery?.

1401 days ago


I watched the show pretty close and then went back to the transcript. She doesn't actually say she took the battery out of the Iphone. She says simply "phones". I took it to mean that she took the batteries out of the land-line phones and just kept her Iphone on. But surely Mel had the number to her Iphone.

Ordinarily I cannot stand Judge Judy, but she does say that "If it doesn't make sense, it is not true madame."

1401 days ago

Jade evergreen    

@t jay singer
Its Oksana who is heartless woman

1401 days ago


shocker, where are the transcripts? I want to read them as I never did watch it, but I noticed in the transcripts of the recordings they really (ROL) never transcribed it totally, they left out stuff. Wonder if LK did it right.

Posted at 4:45 AM on Nov 18, 2010 by azlee

I posted the link #84

1401 days ago


I've read this several times. Someone included Gloria Vanderbilt in a post. Since this first started so many months ago, I have been thinking of Gloria Vanderbilt and thinking there would eventually be another "poor little rich girl".

no one can be surprised Mr. Gibson's attorneys have taken this step. It certainly appears Miss Grigorieva's legal team was anticipating just this reaction.

This interview shows poor judgment on the part of a supposed loving parent. Where is her concern for their daughter? Where is her concern for her son? There is scant evidence of either based on this interview.

Judge Gordon warned her such an interview could impact the custody agreement. Still she participated.

Yes, she certainly has "freedom of speech". That freedom does NOT give her or anyone the right to lie and desecrate someone's reputation.

She continues her efforts to manipulate the legal system. She continues to manipulate domestic violence. She continues to look out only for herself.

She and her criminal attorneys have taken this saga to an all new low.


1401 days ago


I hope Mel gets full custody. I also hope the Judge grows a pair and throws the book at her!!

TMZ: Could you please have a specialist in child, fammily law on and a doc to explain what is going on

1401 days ago


It would be a sad, sad day if a judge decided custody issues based on a woman talking about a horrible fight with her mate. Mr. Gibson and Ms. Grigorieva's relationship did not work out as they had hoped it would, it's unfortunate, but it happens. Mr. Gibson put alot on the line for this relationship, and perhaps had expectations that Ms. Grigorieva found impossible to achieve, or vice versa. Those two have to accept it didn't work out - that a huge error in judgment was made and focus now on the daughter. If Mr. Gibson is finding the public backlash tough to take from all this, wait until the daughter he states he loves grows up! If there is a petition to get sole custody- and it's granted, he may rue the day his daughter takes him to task for winning... that just might be far worse then lack of box office sales and acting gigs. Does anyone believe that by getting custody Mr. Gibson will be redeemed? Hmmm.. quite the opposite in fact could happen. This old grandma thinks that he'd be better served if he calmly and quietly provided for his daughter (and her mom) until she is of age - both the public and his daughter would serve him up a big KUDOS for that.

1401 days ago
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