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Royal Engagement

What's in it for

Kate Middleton?

11/17/2010 5:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

We know Prince William gets a bride, and Kate Middleton gets Princess Diana's ring ... but there's some intense -- and funny -- debate on just about everything else, including Kate's title.

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Uhhh, no. The Queen's husband is a "Prince Consort" (and Duke). This title was determined by QE2. There's no set rule on the title of husbands to Queens who are in line. Mary I of England allowed her husband the title of "King," but he only retained it as long as they were married, and had no succession rights.

However, traditionally when a male monarch has the throne, his consort is granted the title of "Queen." I'm guessing this is because the title of "Queen" is considered secondary to "King." There's a clear definition of who's in charge.

Titles are a funny thing, though. It's up to the ruling monarch to assign any of them, under their own terms. For example, Prince Charles second wife was only granted the title of "Duchess" and not "Princess." Kate will likely be given a similar title for the time being.

1405 days ago


Lovely woman!

1405 days ago


Kate looks old, what is with these guys marrying ugly women. Come on there is much prettier girls in the world.

1405 days ago


She'll be Queen, he'll be King... Prince Charles will not see the throne. I would expect that William will be named heir shortly after the marriage and with a couple of years Elizabeth will step down so William can be crowned. Charles is not popular with the people nor with the Parliment I expect, William however carries a lot of residual good will from his mother and quite honestly has made the monarchy look good.

1405 days ago


What's NOT in it is an untainted, uncursed engagement ring that wasn't given to your fiancee's mother by your cheating, lying, user of a father.

1405 days ago


Oops. Change that to "his" father.

1405 days ago


The Queen can't just bypass Charlie. He would have to abdicate (as did his great uncle to marry "the American") and it's highly, highly unlikely that Charlie would do that. So the UK is stuck with him, too bad, so sad.

1405 days ago


"Kate will likely be given a similar title for the time being."

Upon her wedding with William she will immediately be known as Her Royal Highness Princess William of Wales, but only temporary as it is a custom for royal men to receive a dukedom (ex: like one of his uncles). As the wife of a royal duke and prince, Kate will assume the courtesy title of Duchess as well as the style of Her Royal Highness. So it would be HRH The Duchess of (Duchy title)... at least until Charles get the throne and William gets the title of "Prince of Wales".

1405 days ago

Marilyn Monroe    

Kiss ME Kate! She is pretty, sexy, rich, and classy like old hollywood. The Skanks in Cali need to clean up their act and follow this LADY.

1405 days ago

Y do he got    

RONNI CHASEN WTF? is that a hate crime? what was she working on?.A pro hit team five to the heart WOWcer watch your BACKS teamup.

1405 days ago


OMG....I simply love Harvey! lol Sooooo funny and absolutely honest in his comments.

1405 days ago


Kate is gorgeous, William is handsome - what a totally adorable couple! They seem very much at ease with each other and have certainly had time to get to know both sides of each other's personality. I wish them every happiness. I believe she will be able to handle all that goes with being a Royal beautifully and he will make a great MODERN king when that day comes.

1405 days ago


Morganic marriage. Royal to a commoner. She is not a royal by birth therefore, she has no rights to titles. Therefore would have to be granted a title by the Queen, same as they did for Price Edward's wife Sophie, and Camilla, who are both Dutchesses. The title HRH however, I'm not sure if she'll be made a royal -- by title only. He will be king, HRH. Their kids however, will be HRH. Remember, Will's mother, was a "Lady" and therefore, HRH when she married Charles, however, the Queen took that title away at the divorce. She was still "Princess" but not HRH, big distinction for Brits and European royal families. There are lots of Prince and Princesses of aristocratic families, but few "royals".

1405 days ago

Sociopaths are Sad    

# 15 GDslayer: Although I think what the other poster wrote is rude, what you are writing is downright laughable.

Kate Middleton aka "Waity Katie" having self-respect? LOL!! She has absolutely NO self-respect and has always been beyond desperate to land her prince.

Kate Middleton DOES NOT WORK. Didn't she quit her job the moment she started dating Prince William? How does Kate survive? Her parents pay for her apartment and support her financially. She has also benefited from living at royal properties for free when she's screwing Prince William. She gets free trips and vacations as long as she makes Prince William "happy" (i.e screws him like crazy and blows him constantly) on those trips.

You do, however, have one thing correct. Kate Middleton is a COMMODITY...i.e. a paid whore. In the past, princes and future kings would simply screw these worthless whores and keep them as concubines while they married proper ladies. That is what Prince Charles did with Camilla and Lady Di. But that didn't work so well for Prince Charles so poor Prince William is marrying his whore. It's OBVIOUS Prince William didn't want to marry Kate...which is why their relationship was on and off and why she is called "Waity Katie". But William liked screwing Katie (she must be great at ********) and finally agreed to marry her.

Kate Middleton actually has a lot in common with Camilla. Both Kate and Camilla are ever so slightly older than their men and, as such, used their highly advanced manipulation skills to land them (as women are MUCH better at this than men and these skills only come with age). Both used SEX to land them and do ANYTHING these men want sexually to stay in their favour. Except that when Camilla was Kate's age, she was actually pretty. Kate is not pretty. Kate looks much older than her years. Kate looks to be in her late 30s. (I think William has a mommy complex).

Frankly, I doubt this marriage will last. Why? Because although Camilla actually seems to love Prince Charles, Kate seems to be so cold and calculating. The moment she becomes William's wife she will be asserting herself like you won't believe...making demands. William is making a mistake, poor guy. He will realize it soon enough.

1402 days ago


ummmm... she helps her parents run their company. She does work. Anyway, I think that not only did she give him the 'utlimatum' about marrying but I think his family was pressuring him to marry and have children. We'll see how that goes. They do seem to care alot for each other...which is more than can be said for Charles and Di when they got married. I do wish them good luck. She's quite pretty and NOT 'a slightly older woman'. She's 6 months older than him. Hardly what I would call being old enough to hone her 'manipulation skills' against a guy the same age as her

1401 days ago
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