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Brent Barry's Divorce Docs: Insight On Eva's Divorce?

11/18/2010 4:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained the divorce documents filed by Tony Parker's ex-teammate Brent Barry -- the man whose wife is at the center of Eva Longoria's divorce. 
Eva Longoria Divorce
According to the docs, filed on October 29 in Bexar County, Texas, Brent says, "The marriage has become insupportable because of discord or conflict of personalities ..."

Brent's wife, Erin Barry, was allegedly sexting Tony Parker multiple times and that is what triggered the breakup of Tony's marriage to Eva.  As we already reported, Tony's people deny he ever had a physical relationship with Erin.

The Barrys have 2 boys.

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Eva badmouthed a cop who pulled her over for speeding and called him a "Dirty Little Mexican" right after Desperate Housewives became a hit. And then a few years later she wore a "Brad I'll Have Your baby" t-shirt just days after Brad and Jen split.

1443 days ago


PEOPLE ... they were ALL cheating!!!! Guaranteed. Millionaires **** around because they dont know what to do with themselves. This will be GREAT for Eva's career. ;-)

1443 days ago


Well I read eva cancelled a thing on cnn whyyyyyyyyyy in the hell do these women run and hide and curl up in a dam ball and think the world is over their is more to life get on with it rather than feel ohh sooooooooo sorry for yourself, pathetic grow up wpmen.

1443 days ago


By this time, everyone should understand that nothing lasts forever in this day and age.

Cheating is made to be a choice just like looking over a menu in an eatery.

It is very sad that it is being made out this way and a lot of it has to do with music, advertising, tv, sports, reality tv, movies, dating sites that give options for "intimate only" and of course the validator and protector of the "other women" - Gloria Allred.

The sanctuary of being in love has been tarnished.

It all comes down to the person and their conscious....most are losing it more and more.

It cannot be blamed on any one person either - my straight thinking; God fearing brother of mine cheated on his wife - that was when I realized - it can happen to anyone.

Sad but true.

1443 days ago

john j    

good for brent for having a prenup

1443 days ago


"That was why a lot of men don't want marriage. But as Oksana has shown. Marriage isn't even required to steal all a guy's money. Just a baby." There's a simple solution for men who don't want marriage or babies: they should wear a rubber. If they don't, they deserve what happens. Men ARE responsible for where their own sperm goes for heaven's sake!

1443 days ago

Shining sun    

This can help for those who want there ex back and there job

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1443 days ago

Rico Jablonski    

Tony is hitting that believe you me, sexting yeah right !

1443 days ago

john j    

Brent was making over $5M towards the end of his career... good thing he has a prenup since 1998

1443 days ago


I never liked that guy, tony...he was not even cute enough, and he has a sneaky face! eva L. can DO SO MUCH BETTER!!!!!!!

1442 days ago


Come on people....how many of you have sexted and never touched a person?

It happens all the time because it is "safer".

I've done it with two people in the industry and we've never hooked up.

I don't do it anymore and never will again because I found out they had girlfriends.

I am sorry but men need constant affirmation for their whole being.

It is what it is. I am just yawned out on it all.

1442 days ago


Well..if all it takes is to "s@#!$" a baby..then ..."condom " yourself..with 2 or 3. Birth control..whose responsibility is it if YOU pay support? Idiots.

This "no fault" divorce crap. Kids and poverity an issue. Wish we could go back to YOU screw around ....the other guy gets the kids and the support. And I say that as a woman.

1442 days ago


It's a horrific story. Makes me so dissappointed in guys who just can't keep their zipper closed... and I'm a guy who made the same mistake. Had a great wife and made a mistake. Guys, take it from someone who's been down that lane. Just DON'T DO IT! IT JUST AIN'T WORTH THE HEARTACHE! Just remember the day you said "I do" and then just do what you vowed to do. JUST DON'T CROSS THAT LINE!! IT AIN'T WORTH IT!!

1442 days ago


I always had a feeling Eva was probably a cold fish in the sack. Nothing makes a man look elsewhere faster than when he is not getting any at home. Who knows. Maybe Eva prefers women. *shrug*

1442 days ago


True enough, many sports guys cheat or womanize to the extreme. NBA guys are the worst of the lot though by far! Many of them have kids from affairs or bimbo GFs, one nighters, etc ,spread all over the country. These guys have no morals, no honor, they are morons with instant fame , grossly overpaid, & just because they can jump high or throw a round ball in a hoop. LOL. Half of them end up dead broke after they retire too.
Why did anyone think Parker would be any different? The creepy part is that he did this with a former teammate's wife. I guess the NBA dirtbags don't go by the old saying...

Bros before Hos

1442 days ago
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