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'Teen Mom'

Charged with Domestic Violence

11/18/2010 2:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Amber Portwood -- one of the stars of the MTV show "Teen Mom" -- has been charged with domestic violence and battery for allegedly beating the crap out of her baby daddy in front of their daughter.

Amber Portwood
Indiana officials confirm ... the 20-year-old faces two felony counts and one misdemeanor for allegedly attacking 24-year-old Gary Shirley three separate times from August 2009 to July 2010.  

Officials have acknowledged that the criminal investigation was launched after the MTV show aired -- which included footage of Amber smacking Shirley several times.

Cops say Amber not only slapped Shirley in front of the kid -- but she also punched him several times in the face and upper-body.

If convicted on all counts, Portwood faces three years behind bars and fines up to $10,000.


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Hope she saved some of that MTV cash, she's gonna need it to pay attorney fees.

1371 days ago


They don't need to put her in jail - just put her on a very short leash with serious formal probation for a good long time, so they can require her to get real training in parenting and anger management. Some at-home monitoring and personal parenting training would be helpful likewise. Also a thorough medical evaluation to rule out or treat physical reasons for her behavior. She's very young - I wouldn't write her off so quickly. She might do ok with sufficient help now.

The father needs parenting help also, especially since the mom may mess up probation and end up in jail anyway. They also need help learning how to co-parent when essentially divorced, as well as how to operate together without verbally or physically abusing each other. He isn't physically abusive, but he needs some work in the verbal department and also needs help figuring out how to de-escalate situations with her rather than escalating.

The advantage of all this is that the court now has the leverage to insist on such things. I wouldn't wish the foster care system on any kid - much better and more cost-effective to spend time and money helping the parent be a good parent. "Taking the child away" should always be a last resort.

1371 days ago


First of all ppl she's not fat anymore, she has actually lost weight, and second of all, Gary is being a little bitch cuz he can't handle a little punch from a girl who is half his size. does no one else see how crazy this is? anyone?

1371 days ago


GOOOOD!! Amber was so mean! Ugh, Gary is such a great man to her. She was a horrible mother acted like a a B**@!! the entire season.

1371 days ago


I have watched the teen mom. Her "ex" always starts it calling her names in front of the kid. So why he geting away with that? I'm so suck in tried of peaple always saying **** about the moms. Amber let him because she fall out of love with him he fused to take that anwser. He always started with her. so yeah she hit him but the dumb guy get want he was asking for. He gets to talk shut to he gets to slam her in the stomach with a door so hard she is in tears so where are his changes in that. You all are SEXEST PIGS!!!!!!!

1371 days ago


@Taci: The door incident was obviously an accident. Unlike Amber assaulting Gary unprovoked and without reason.

Gary never called her names unless Amber did first.

Which, I can see it being wrong to do in front of Leah. My wife and I never argue in front of our daughter.

However, blaming Gary for the arguments is foolhardy. Since 98% of the arguments were started and escalated -without reason- by Amber.

All the problems in their relationship, each and every single one of them, can be attributed to Amber's evil demonic attitude.

1371 days ago

Lady Jey    

I'm so glad to see that someone else can take this situation, and turn it into a positive. Thank you, jwoolman. You took all of the words right out of my mouth!

1371 days ago

GA in TX    

On the positive side: If she goes to jail/prison maybe now she will get her GED or a high school diploma, as those are offered by DOC.

1371 days ago


Something tells me that the Indiana court system doesn't suffer from Star Struck Justice, California style.

1371 days ago


I'm glad she got charged she's a dumbass.

1371 days ago


WoW. You people are just mean. They are both overweight but that is not the issue at hand. This girl openly beat on this guy and he just stood there and took a real man should in that situation. I totally do not agree with a woman hitting a man but you have to respect Gary for holding back and not knocking the crap out of her like most men probably would have.....especially since he was on TV with America watching him get beat down by this disturbed little girl.

1371 days ago


Is there any chance custody of the baby could be awarded to a pair of nutritionists? The kid already has genetics going against her. Throw her a lifeline please!

1371 days ago


I hate to say it, but that baby is bound for ugliness.

1371 days ago


poor leah

1371 days ago


Amber is such a whiny bitch. Gary is just a slob. She physically abuses him while he emotionally abuses her. What a good environment for a child to grow up in. Did MTV really think it was a good idea to film Amber beating the crap out of Gary? Did they not think about the fact that Leah would be able to see all of this years down the road thanks to the internet? Amber should absolutely get some jail time and some serious counseling before the state even thinks about maybe giving her that poor child back to her. I believe Gary could use some counseling also. To call these two stars is laughable. All they did was have unprotected sex and have a baby. Happens everyday and MTV seems to be condoning it. I think a lot of teenagers will watch this show and think-hey, all I have to do is have a baby and I can be on TV and make lots of money. Totally ridiculous!

1371 days ago
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