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'Teen Mom'

Charged with Domestic Violence

11/18/2010 2:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Amber Portwood -- one of the stars of the MTV show "Teen Mom" -- has been charged with domestic violence and battery for allegedly beating the crap out of her baby daddy in front of their daughter.

Amber Portwood
Indiana officials confirm ... the 20-year-old faces two felony counts and one misdemeanor for allegedly attacking 24-year-old Gary Shirley three separate times from August 2009 to July 2010.  

Officials have acknowledged that the criminal investigation was launched after the MTV show aired -- which included footage of Amber smacking Shirley several times.

Cops say Amber not only slapped Shirley in front of the kid -- but she also punched him several times in the face and upper-body.

If convicted on all counts, Portwood faces three years behind bars and fines up to $10,000.


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she should be ashamed of herself ....first of all its never ok to put your hands on anyone....and with your baby right there....What the hell is that...I watched all three seasons of the show she was on and I have to say it pissed me off everytime to see what a lazy ugly person she was....she dont deserve that little girl at all....i hope she goes to jail and its what she deserves

1400 days ago


When I initially viewed the 2 episodes in question, prior to all of the publicity, I wondered why nothing had been done. Seriously, if the roles had been reversed all hell would have broke loose!!

She is so out of control, which makes me wonder ... notice the drastic weight loss? Inability to control her temper? Doesn't really care what she is doing or whom she is doing it in front of, etc.?

Illegal drugs come to mind ......

Good luck Gary, to you and Amber!!

1400 days ago


End female on male domestic violence now!!!

Violence by women against men is under reported. Society needs to start sending the clear message that women can no longer get away with physically abusing men. Sending female abusers to jail is the answer.

The ONLY reason this man-beater got caught was because of the TV show. Just imagine if he had gone to the cops and said she hits him without video proof. They'd ignore him. More men need to start having their own video crew following them around.

1400 days ago


It's about time. This girl is abusive and shouldn't even have custody of the baby. She needs help, it's only a matter of time until her temper explodes and Gary's not there for her to hit but the baby is. She should be ashamed as a human being and a mother for her actions

1400 days ago


She needs to be put in jail for what she has done.Second her kid needs to be taken away from her for good.Her parental rights need to be taken away from her and Gary should get soul custidy ( I dont think I spelled that right but you get my point) of his little girl.To top it all off the skank is having another kid!!! After she has her 2nd kid the baby should be taken away from her for good and she needs to get fixed!!! Just because you can reproduce doesnt mean you should.

1400 days ago


She is mentally ill with bipolar disorder. She should never have gotten to keep he child. THey are both co-dependant and in the best interest of this child, she needs to be put of for adoption. Really, this child is already scarred. She has been verbally abused by her "mother" on national TV. She does not understand that babies cry...she finds her child a pain in the arse and if she is allowed to be raised by her, she will be another messed up adult. But you practically have to beat a child to a pulp in order for DCFS to take it away from danger. THIS IS VERY SAD!

1400 days ago


I don't know long far in advance this show is taped, but she has lost alot of weight. I am wondering what she took to lose that weight. maybe that is what caused her to act the way she did/does. i am sure it wasn't exercise, at least the show did not show her exercising. she really wasn't very active on the show. So I wonder what she took! hmmmm..........

1400 days ago


Voilence is not ok ESPCIALLY infront of a child.She verbally abused him all the time.Amber needs HELP... If she is that way with him no telling what she would be like to her little girl.Im glad CPS and cops got involved after the episode aired.
Amber... U deserve this!!!!

1400 days ago

La' Vasha     

I think TMZ is WRONG! Why are you calling Gary, Shirley? Because he didn't beat the isht out of her? Such hipocrits!!

1400 days ago


That man has the patience of a saint for not beating the crap out of her after the way she hit him and treated him. Good for him for being the better person.

1400 days ago


i'm glad some thing was done about her hitting him because she was mad... she had no problems 5 mins later in bed with some one else... but over all any body thinks they are hard to hit some one else, need help,locking them up isn't geting the help they need.. but all locking them up dose is get them off the street for a short time...

1400 days ago


Wow...not sure how most of the posters here can even cast judgement on anyone...looks like Amber isn't the only one WITH issues (and she is not fat at all...just a bad picture used here). Also, seems like most of you never even watched the show and just wanted to chime in on a female being charged for attacking a man issue. He is not an innocent bystander by any means, and he did his fair share of abusing, maybe not physically, but mentally and emotionally. He would not get a job, he browbeat her all the time, and he tried to leave her for another "girl," but ended up going back to Amber. That said, she does deserve to be penalized for her attack. It was wrong. Do I feel for him...not so much. I feel for the innocent little child who witnesses their constant arguments and fighting and who is nothing but a pawn in their lives.

Dianne, you must have been reading my mind! When reading through all of these comments I couldn't help but think, "Did they watch the same show that I did?" This guy is no saint! He called her names, put her down all of the time, did not work, dated another girl while living in her apartment, did nothing around their house, and talked crap about her and her family constantly. I am not condoning what she did at all, it wasn't right for her to do! What I think is that her older brother should have handled Gary! I know my brothers would never have let some man treat me that way! You are right, they all need help especially that little girl! Cuz if they don't get some help with their issues she won't have a shot in hell at a decent life!

1400 days ago

Melissa Sanchez    

I do agree she is gettin what she deserves from watching the shows she does seem to be phyco and needs some kind og anger managment classes

1400 days ago


Good for Indiana! It's too bad Utah doesn't apply the law like this. Everything is forgiven in Utah IF you are a Mormon like most of the police and DA's office employees are.

This young mother should not have custody of her child. She clearly assaulted Gary and it's on tape.

1400 days ago



1400 days ago
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