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Emergency at 'Dancing' Over Powder Substance

11/20/2010 11:10 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

UPDATE #2 8:27 PM PT -- A rep for ABC tells TMZ the substance was determined to be talcum powder by the LAFD and adds, "Measures were taken to secure the area and ensure the safety of personnel."

UPDATE #1 8:20 PM PT --
 A rep for the FBI tells TMZ ... "The L.A.P.D., L.A. City and FBI Hazardous Materials officials responded to a report of a threatening letter containing white powder received at CBS Studios in Los Angeles."

The rep continues, "Initial field screening was negative for hazardous substances but will be transported to a regional lab for further testing. A joint investigation is continuing."

Cops and other emergency responders raced to CBS Television City studio late Friday after a white powder substance was discovered by a member of the "Dancing with the Stars" staff ... and sources tell us Bristol Palin may have been the intended target.


Law enforcement sources tell us a powder substance was discovered by a member of the "Dancing" staff ... and sources connected to the show tell us a section of the studio containing "Dancing" offices was evacuated.

1119_hazmat_tmz_2Multiple sources connected to the situation tell us the powder was contained in a piece of fan mail addressed to Bristol Palin.


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Moe Green    

Big Brother may be watching this site. I use FireFox for a browser for about 4 years now. It has never crashed. However when I started looking at this powder story it crashed. Is the MAN snooping?

1398 days ago


Whose idea was it to invite Bristol Palin on this show? That person should be terminated. The trouble that swirls around this young woman and her clan is epic. After all, she's no star! She's famous for nothing.

Why put a girl who got knocked up at 16 on the air and call her a star? Trouble certainly followed her and I fear if the Tea Party votes for her and she wins, that's it for this show. No one will ever watch and vote again.

And certainly no star wants to be humiliated like this with a political party voting in a fraudulent manner causing somebody to win who cannot dance at all.

What a mess. Good luck ABC. Somebody really screwed up.

1398 days ago

Moe Green    

Generally I would vote for any Republican over a Democrat, even Palin over Obama. That being said stories like her stupid daughters are not helping her. Also it seems, while all politicians are like this, she is blatantly doing it for the money ie: quitting being a Governor to make millions in various media. Basically the IQ of the American voter is not that high, however this what I call the 'Carl Palidino' syndrome does not help the Republican cause. Any normal Republican would have defeated Andrew Cuomo (the annointed one).

1398 days ago


Agreed with publicity stunt for more sympathy votes. Bristol will win Dancing with the Stars even though she dances worse than Elaine from Seinfeld.

1398 days ago

Jim in Cali    

ep, you just know some kieth oberman worshiping nutjob is behind this. Liberals are real nutjobs here when it comes to how Palins kids.

Posted at 8:06 PM on Nov 19, 2010 by gunshotmike

yep. Its really sad. Guys its a dancing game show. Who cares who wins.

1398 days ago


Pure publicity stunt. If someone really wanted to kill this stupid little slut, there are better ways to do it. She probably had the package sent to herself so she can cry more fake tears and win more pity.

1398 days ago


Just a bunch of low lifes, the whole lot of 'em- what do you expect?

1398 days ago


Bristol is going to win. I can't wait to see you all choke on the toxic waste that saturates your ugly souls.

1398 days ago


She will win now!! ugh!!!!!!!!!!!

1398 days ago


No doubt some rabid liberal trying to push the show off the rails.

1398 days ago


look at her. we know for a fact if it is coke or meth being sent to her. she is not using it at all.

1398 days ago

Vegas Wrestling    

I blame Levi Johnston. I have no credible evidence or even an ounce of proof, but since it's TMZ I don't need it.

1398 days ago


Oh, ****! Look out, Bristol! That tal*** powder's really nasty stuff. Thank GOD the LAPD and the FBI were there to take care of it for you. Phew.

1398 days ago


how do they know she was the intended target unless the letter was addressed to her,,if not it could have been anyone..she isnt that important..

1398 days ago


Damn really thought this was a "dancer with powder substance" story. I'm let down and uninterested.

1398 days ago
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