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Jeff Goldblum in Fear

Seeks Restraining Order

11/19/2010 9:11 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jeff Goldblum's lawyer went to court today and asked for a restraining order against a woman who's about to get out of a mental institution -- a woman who has been stalking him since 2001 ... but the judge refused to issue an order, telling Goldblum's lawyer he had to wait for her to create a fresh threat.

Linda Ransom -- who has been arrested 5 times for trespass, stalking, etc. -- is just days away from getting out of a mental institution after being declared incompetent in 2009.

Goldblum (above, driving in L.A. today) -- who had a restraining order against Ransom which expired while Ransom was locked up -- was just notified Ransom is days away from getting out, so he had his lawyer go to court today and ask the judge for a new order.

But the judge decided there was no need for a new order, and that Goldblum should just wait until she gets out of the mental institution and threatens him again.



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@TMZgosssip look through the back window there are others parked behind him smart ass!~!!

Posted at 6:01 PM on Nov 19, 2010 by dd

they aren't parked, it is traffic

1403 days ago


A piece of paper isn't going to keep a crazy person from doing something crazy. It just makes it easier to punish her after she does it.

1403 days ago


With all my respects, the judge needs a psychological evaluation too. IS this his way to protect the citizens of this country? Why we pay a huge amount of taxes if we didn't get protection by the law??

1403 days ago


How about Goldblum gets a ticket for talking on the mobile phone and driving at the same time!

1403 days ago

If sense were common everyone would have it.    

Yep. Wait til she gets out & kills him. Then legislate the "Jeff Goldblum Bill". Can't believe in this day & age they still think that's an intelligent decision, but then again I mistakenly assumed the people running the justice system are intelligent.

1403 days ago


Ah yes, our lovely judicial system at its absolute BEST! We'll help you AFTER YOU ARE DEAD K!?!?!?! sick

1403 days ago

Throwback kid    

Goldblum is a creepy old man who feels obligated to hit on every girl he sees. Most are young enough to be his grandaughter. I don't know who gives me the creeps more, him or Bob Saget. With that said I am concerned for Goldblum's saftey.

1403 days ago

Marilyn Monroe    

Is this woman related to Lindsay Lohan's ex Samantha Ransom. LOL

1403 days ago

Bobo Frog    

Anyone obsessed with Jeff Goldblum should be put in a mental institute for life.

1403 days ago

Sad sad    

Basically the idiot judge just gave her the right to be around Jeff. Nice wtf? Laws need to be changed. I think it should be lifelong or until the party being stalked decided it's no longer necessary. This being for those who have been convicted of stalking already.

1403 days ago


The judge is an idiot. There's no reason to allow this woman to legally get anywhere near Goldblum. Poor Jeff. It must be so scary to have a stalker and no legal way to keep her away from you!

1403 days ago


Gotta love the law. Protect the guilty, screw the innocent. If that nut job does something to him, I hope he sues the judge!

1403 days ago


Jeff doesn't seem to be driving. He's parked! See the other cars at the back all in a parked mode (see the huge cement wall at the the right side with a car in front of it???). It seems he's in a garage..

1403 days ago

Pierre from Canada    

She should have one of those ankle bracelets put on her so that police can determine her exact location at all times.

Talking on a cel phone while driving here in the province of Ontario (Canada) is not only against the law but in a lot of cases is one of the primary causes of fatal accidents.

1403 days ago


TMZ ---

WHAT JUDGE! Isn't that very important?

This is SCARY. And antiquated in my view.

Can his attorney ask for a review by the CHIEF Judge?

Can he seek a restraining order and GET ONE in a different Jurisdiction and just reapproach for that one to be recognized?

1403 days ago
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