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Palin's Facebook Target -- Apology NOT Accepted

11/19/2010 12:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The man who was attacked on Facebook this week by Willow and Bristol Palin tells us he does NOT accept their apology ... claiming Willow uses homophobic language so often, she could be a homophobe.

Palin Apology

TMZ spoke with "Tre" -- the person whom Willow called a "f**got"  after he criticized "Sarah Palin's Alaska" on his Facebook page.

Tre -- who tells us he's not gay -- claims he was offended by the comments and felt bullied by both women ... saying, "Willow called me a f**got in front of the whole world and my family."

When asked if he thought Willow was a homophobe, Tre replied, "I think she might be ... She says 'queer' and 'gay' so much ... so probably ... maybe."

Although Bristol issued a public apology through Facebook on behalf of her and Willow -- Tre says he's yet to hear from either one of them. We asked Tre if he accepted the online apology and he told us, "No way ... Maybe if it was sincere and honest from them straight to me, I would consider. But it would have to be direct."

Tre concluded, "People are saying these are baby grizzlies defending Mama Bear ... but how is she defending her family by calling us queers and low-lifes and f**gots?"


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WHO CARES?!?!?!? Get over it!!!!! There are worse things in the world to worry about than 2 spoiled rich girls with potty mouths. Man up!!!! Tre. and GET OVER IT!!!!!!

1442 days ago


The crazies at TMZ and other liberal cesspool propaganda outlets can't stand the fact that Sarah and her family are as happy as can be and getting even more filthy rich by the minute, literally!!! This brings so much joy and happiness to my heart knowing that all the mean, spiteful, spineless leftist nutjobs in this country are miserable over this fact!!! I love it!!!!

1442 days ago


look at all the tea party crazies sounding off. all the bullying in the news and you nut jobs still haven't learned a thing. the palin kids are bullies. plan and simple. Tre didn't use that kind of ignorant language when he made his comments so why are you acting like he's the classless one?

palin needs parenting classes. her kids are are a train wreck.

1442 days ago


Gee, the Palin kids are bullies.
Is anyone, really surprised?
Take a look at how Sarah behaved on the campaign trail, how she is still behaving while peddling her bull%$it, and the new exerpts from her book. She is a bully herself, who then runs and whines when she receives ANY public backlash.
The kids are behaving EXACTLY like their mother.
The apples don't fall far from the tree.

PS - for all of you who are now bullying the kid who was on the receiving end of the Palin kid's hate - I bet you would feel differently if it were YOUR kid.
All he did was say that he didn't like Sarah's new TLC show - and the Palin kids started the name calling - shame on them.

1442 days ago


A "man" is posting derogatory remarks on a 16 year old's facebook page? Is he a pervert? How come we don't know what he said?

1442 days ago


She is a foul mouthed little piece of garbage.

Just because your children or "lots" of other children are garbage doesn't mean it's ok. It just means you have no standards and are probably a bad parent if you defend this.

This is what is wrong with society. Parents with no respect for others raise children with no respect for others.

If you are defending the trash this spoiled brat is spouting, you're part of the problem, and your children are in danger of being garbage, just like their parents. This girl is an out of control kid that has popped out a baby, has a loud mouth, and would have been on Jerry Springer a few years ago.

Where are the "moralists" and the "family unit" people now? Do your job as parents, raise decent children, and stop making excuses for your little failures!

1442 days ago


OH MY - the SCAR that is going to leave - they should be in an emergency room getting stitches for the wound then off to ICU for observation - just in case they may think that their life if terminating !!! I will pray for them !!!

1442 days ago


Tell that little "queen" to get over it!!

1442 days ago

sib convenient. A little lying, cowardly, flame-throwing, braindead liberal punk kid starts insulting and degrading the Palins on their OWN facebook page and within minutes TMZ has the news? Doesn't take a Sherlock Holmes to figure out this piece of trash was a plant by TMZ all along. Just yet another liberal attack that has backfired.

1442 days ago


WHAT A HYPOCRITE!!! 'Tre having his feelings hurt on a social networking site by the Palin's daughters and now he's suffering from emotional distress??? DAMN dog grow some ballz for Christ's Sake!!! Dude instigate a Facebook post in the first place to troll them and was lookin for a reply from Willow & Bristol and now he's a victim of homophobe?? gtfo here! DON'T SIGN UP ON FACEBOOK IF YOU DON'T WANT TO BE CALL A QUEER DUMBASS!!

1442 days ago


Tre stop acting like a P*ssy and get over it ....

1442 days ago

Bubbles The Chimp    

He should have just called them fat pigs and made them cry and develop eating disorders.

1442 days ago


Tre - get over yourself.

1442 days ago

Stephanie M    

I want #96 to marry me and have my babies!!

1442 days ago

Stephanie M    

Good for this kid, standing up for himself. Who is she to go to his facebook page and attack him for stating the obvious? The whole family is nothing but glorified white trash. Good for TMZ making this public. Hopefully at least few b a g g e r s will start to get it.

1442 days ago
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