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'Teen Mom' Amber

Possibly Drunk,

Totally Tone Deaf

11/19/2010 3:43 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

"Teen Mom" Amber Portwood isn't just an alleged baby daddy beater ... she's also a song murderer -- 'cause last week the 20-year-old butchered a 3OH!3 hit after admitting (on tape) that she was drunk.

TMZ obtained footage of Amber (shot last week) rocking out to the song, "I'm Not Your Boyfriend Baby" -- showing a particular penchant for the lyrics, "These children learn from cigarette burns ... fast cars, fast women and cheap tricks."

During the jam session, a stumbling Amber -- who was charged with domestic violence and battery yesterday -- says to the camera, "I'm drunk" ... then moments later says, "Possibly drunk."

Amber should be more careful around cameras -- after all, officials in Indiana have stated that they launched their domestic violence investigation only AFTER they saw her hit her baby daddy on the MTV reality show.


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Amber is showing the world why Teen pregnancy is bad! She has become selfish when dealing with her daughter. Gary is not the best - but no one is! She needs to realize the everything she does will come full circle to her daughter. Who cares about anything else, worry about your flesh and blood first! Leah will not care you were a teenager who needed to grow up more before you had her. She will only care what you have done to her and her life.

1399 days ago


This child was always out-of-control! She is always angry and beating up on her daughter's father. This is the reason why many of these teen's should be practicing birth control. The children are at risk. This is not celebrity entertainment news.

1399 days ago


She's a kid....yes 20 yrs old...and has a kid...butshe's still a kid. She's trying to taste freedom...and making mistakes that will haunt her for the rest of her life. One thing though...all of those of you judging...hope she crosses your mind when you are down and out and realize karma has a bite on you. Try to help and build ppl...not tear them down.

1399 days ago


Yep...she'll have a strong future in one of those dirty double wides that doubles as a strip bar...what a nasty trashy skank!

1399 days ago


okay so the girl is having fun, she has a kid? so what?? she is still aloud to have fun here and there, she is not doing anything wrong.

1399 days ago


She is under age to be drinking if she is drinking and bars better be careful. But that girl needs to get counseling, and MTV needs to stop filming her so she can get the help she needs. If not she is only get worse with her 15 minutes of fame. As soon as the cameras go off for good she will have no income and be forced to get a real job. She has a child now it isn't about Amber anymore. It is about her daughter. She had her chance to have her fun, now she needs to step up and be a good mom and give that daughter a chance for a good upbringing not a trailer trash one.

1399 days ago


What a totally selfish, self involved skank. So sorry for her baby....

1399 days ago


This show is so disgusting! I was a teen mother and my life wasn't this effed up. Granted, MTV probably enhances the actuality of the drama for the public. But still, ugh! disgraceful and embarrassing.

1399 days ago


She needs to get her anger and emotions in check.

1399 days ago


she's a dark girl. yes i made mistakes, but i have never hit someone like that, she knew what she's doing, SHE HAS A CHILD, things like that stop when a child is born, i thin k i saw her set the baby down and hit GARY, wow what a sweetheart NOT.....
i hope she gets hers, GO GARY GO !!!!!

1399 days ago


To #32..Investigators received a copy of the UNEDITED VERSION of the it again. UNEDITED and they found reason to charge her thank god!! Quit sticking up for her, she knows what she is doing and being abusive and neglectful to her daughter is enough evidence that she should not have that little girl. If she really cared she would be getting herself some help. From what I see Gary isn't perfect but at least he isn't abusive and constantly swearing in front of Leah.

1399 days ago


For those of you calling Amber fat, at you crazy? Where?
I think she's an ass and a terrible mom, not to mention baby-daddy abuser, but Amber is no longer fat. Deal with it.

1399 days ago


I don't understand why MTV didn't do anything about this when they were filming or directly after. It makes me sick to think the camera people and producers stood around while she was hitting the father IN FRONT OF THE CHILD. The baby was right there in the thick of it. It goes to show that Amber must have grown up in a house full of abuse as well. The whole situation breaks my heart and I think Amber's parents need to be recognized in this whole thing.

1399 days ago


Nice backstabbing friend who sold her out. She did nothing wrong expect act her age my god give her a break she young made mistakes but most of us have. Why everyone finds pleasure in attacking a young women who's just trying to make it in this crazy world I don't get it you should be more outraged at what's really important your goverment selling us all out wake up Amber is nothing you need to worry about.

1399 days ago


This twit deserves to go to jail. Domestic violence, underage drinking and admitting it while on FILM? WTF is wrong with this girl?? A stint in jail will do her good for SURE!

1399 days ago
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