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'Teen Mom' Amber

Possibly Drunk,

Totally Tone Deaf

11/19/2010 3:43 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

"Teen Mom" Amber Portwood isn't just an alleged baby daddy beater ... she's also a song murderer -- 'cause last week the 20-year-old butchered a 3OH!3 hit after admitting (on tape) that she was drunk.

TMZ obtained footage of Amber (shot last week) rocking out to the song, "I'm Not Your Boyfriend Baby" -- showing a particular penchant for the lyrics, "These children learn from cigarette burns ... fast cars, fast women and cheap tricks."

During the jam session, a stumbling Amber -- who was charged with domestic violence and battery yesterday -- says to the camera, "I'm drunk" ... then moments later says, "Possibly drunk."

Amber should be more careful around cameras -- after all, officials in Indiana have stated that they launched their domestic violence investigation only AFTER they saw her hit her baby daddy on the MTV reality show.


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Your hair reminds me of the 90's fix that ****. TEAM GARY!

1435 days ago


omg wow.
leave the girl alone.
she's like what 18-19 years old?
she's still a ****ing kid regardless of the fact that she's a mother.
she can still go out and have fun, and granted she's underage so shouldn't be drinking to begin with but like i already said she's a kid. that's what they do.
and none of you people, if you are a mother or know mothers, can say that mom's don't go out and have a good time. or in this case she's sitting in a ****ing living room dancing to a song.

i'm not going to say i like the girl because of everything that went on with her and Gary but i don't think she needs to be getting as much **** as she is. leave her the hell alone srsly.

1435 days ago


Everyone here making comments are all saints ! We should call it St. TMZ day ! I don't think drinking and being filmed doing it is her problem, it's her escape from all the other truths.

I was drinking in bars at 16 and the legal age was 18. We all did it. We all had our wild fun days when we were younger, she's no different.

At 20 I had a husband and a baby, we both worked, owned our own cars and were set to buy a house. But I suppose back in those days that was the norm.

What Amber really needs besides a kick in the butt is a good mental health professional to diagnose her and get her on treatment as soon as possible. Once she starts drinking to remove the feelings of her mental illness, her mental illness will get progressively worse, masking the problem.

I know in today's instant media gratification, instant replay, and being bad is somehow good. A normal person wouldn't be on here bashing her, making fun of her, or hurting her with all the meaness.

So many comments, so easy to judge. Look in your own mirrors and see what looks back at you.

I just pray that Leah is safe, no matter what Amber is doing, or what Gary is doing. She's the most important part of this whole mess.

1435 days ago


dddaaammn this gir is like whack as hell. she has got some damn nerve. what this bitch should be doing is taking her disfunctional ass home and take care of that super cute baby. instead of boozing it up trying to be cute for her little camra. which by the way drunk and sloppy iiiissss nnnooott atractive espcealy for her. for me its hard for me to be understandind or to not be livid with how she has been acting. i was 17 pregnent and scared ****less. i didnt want to have a baby and not take of it. i didnt have this baby to give it a bad life. so i decided to rise to the occasian i graduated high school got a job and have been taking care of my daughter by my damn self for the last three years. my daughter is bright independant and happy. i am proud to say iam able to do things like house her cloth her and surprise her with the things that she likes and soccer she loves soccer! i m able to do that because i work hard. so the fact that shes young is no eccuse if i could do it so can she

1434 days ago


ddddaaaaammmmnnn this bitch has got some nerve what she should be doing is taking her disfunctional ass home and take care of that super cute baby instead of boozing it up trying to be cute whitch by the way drunk and sloppy is not atractive i was 17 pregnent and scared ****less but i wasnt going to have a baby and not take care of it i graduated got a job and have been taking care of my daughter by my damn self for the last three years i didnt and dont need a tv show to make easy money its called hard work bitch try it

1434 days ago


As if she couldn't get any lower, this bish is jamming out to 3oh3. Quick, run Leah RUUUUUUUN!

1434 days ago


k first of all she says " possibly" drunk she isnt drinking there is no alchohol on tape shes just singing.... also this video could have been shot before any of the **** with her and beating gary surgaced....

1434 days ago


3 words.....STUPID ****ING BITCH

1433 days ago


Common ppl havent we all danced around the house singing to the TV give her a break if you dont like her then dont watch! It doesnt seem like the baby is in any harm! Ppl get off on putting others down its whats wrong with this world today!

1433 days ago


i freaking hate this girl she is so damn trashy and deserves for that poor baby to be takin away from her..y arnt child services seeing this...because they chose to go after the great parents who dnt do anything instead of this kind of trailor trash who deserves to get everything takin from her...i hope they give gary full custody of that little girl cuse he's a great father and that baby does not desearve any of this...and u amber u just just need to grow the hell up already and think about ur beautiful babygirl that u got instead of focusing on screwing convicted felons and drinking all the time...i should be the one knocking u the fu*k out bi**h

1431 days ago


I think teem mom should be taken off the air it only shows half the truth. It only shows the little hardships loss of sleep, friends, life. That's the easy stuff what about the week when your sick can work but there still dippers to buy cloths to wash and the baby's screaming its hungry and in the mean time you haven't ate or wash anything for yourself. Theirs only half truths and hole lies.

1429 days ago


shes sooo dumb, she needs to grow up, seriously.

1424 days ago


Is this the girl from Teen Mom (Amber)?

1423 days ago

gina miller    

i hate that bitch Amber,, she is a ****in bitch!!! She has a good man and a beautiful daughter and doesn't know what she has I hope that bitch goes to jail!!!! She needs to learn to keep her hands to herself!!!!!! and the guy she tried to leave Gary for is a dirtbag not to mention ugly as hell,, he was only using the dumb bitch

1392 days ago


Nice TV. Did MTV pay for the TV?

1370 days ago
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