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Lindsay Lohan -- I Wasn't Fired, I Quit!

11/20/2010 5:35 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan made the choice to leave her latest film project, not the other way around ... sources close to LiLo tell TMZ.

It's been reported today that Lindsay was fired from the planned Linda Lovelace biopic "Inferno." But sources who have spoken to Lindsay within the last hour tell us Lindsay decided to drop out from the film so that she could focus more on her recovery.

We're told Lindsay felt the project no longer felt right -- but that she and the director, Matthew Wilder, remain on good terms and hope to work together in the future.

UPDATE: A rep for Lindsay adds that Lindsay is "concentrating on her recovery" and calls the decision to leave the film "mutual."



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What top Hollywood films are we talking about? Herbie? Parent Trap? Mean Girls? I don't recall any of these teeny bopper movies winning any major awards! Maybe Nickelodeon BS. She WAS a teen star. She hasn't made a movie in a long time, and nothing has been bankable in years. That's not hard to replace. This movie Inferno isn't made for main stream anyway. This is a movie that many will watch that have an interest in dark drama or Bio pictures. Whether Blohan is in it or not, people will still watch. The movie Clerks was made on $20,000 dollars worth of credit card debt by a no name director Kevin Smith. He seems to be doing well. Clerks is a cult classic. This movie may not be AVATAR, or TWILIGHT, but Lindsay will not make or break this movie!

1401 days ago


And people that were going to watch this because of Lindsay were going to watch because of possible nudity, and sexual scenes. Don't kid yourself. They weren't going to watch because of her subpar acting skills.

1401 days ago


Good decision to fire Lindsay. She didn't need to kill what, if any, may be left of her soul with this movie. The producers of the movie should hire an actual actress rather than a former child actress with drug, alcohol, and mental problems. I've long suspected that much of Lindsay's behavior during these past months was actually her attempting to delay this movie so she would be removed from the project. Nice to know that deep down inside there may be something still alive in her.

1401 days ago

tiger is a fraud    

Lindsay Loser Lohan is a giant waste of a space. She's a no talent junky who is not insurable. Glad she got fired. That whole family are trailer trash especially her sorry excuse for a mother, Dina.

1401 days ago


Quit? Fired? Hell as long as she isn't doing the movie anymore its all good.

1401 days ago


Keep telling yourself that. Whatever it takes for you to get sober and clean up your life I'm all for. And get the hell away from your mother!

1401 days ago


#210 Annie,
I don't think that we disagree about as much as you think we do. I am not saying Lindsay is dead and buried. And in your last post you also said that it may take Lindsay a long time. That is my point.
You could not be more correct that LA is full of heartless sleezy people.
I encourage you to BOYCOTT things that you do not support. Running to movies and putting down your cash, and then coming on these boards and yaking bout LA is sleezy,
It is most admirable that you stood by addicts that were abandoned by thier familiys. PLease understand that perhaps it something their family HAD TO DO TO SAVE THEMSELVES. I have been involved with drunks that I loved dearly, but I had to leave, because they were driving me INSANE. People who abandon addicts aren't "BAD" and "HEARTLESS" all the time. SOmetimes, they are damn SMART, and sometimes, that is exactly what the addict needs, to sit in their own filth and wonder...."how come no one LIKES ME ANYMORE?"
I see you are optimistic for Lindsays future. I want to be, desperately, but truthfully, I waver. Your talking about the studios "waiting" and being "supportive". You greatly overestimate how studios "CARE" about anyONE. I know you like Lindsay, in Hollywood, no ONE is THAT imporatant. NO ONE.
I am not writing to argue with you, and I actually am not angered much by others opinions, although I must say NICOLE can almost make me cry, with her delusions, I can't understand what Nicole WANTS or is trying to do, and I have a terrible feeling that Linday Lohan is her entire life, and that Lindsay wouldn't so much as acknowlege Nicole, if she was standing before her. None of my mess what Nicole is about, but it is tragic to see mental illnss playout over and over and again, and when she is confronted, she doesn't LISTEN at all, but repeats the same chosen facts over and over and over again. It's a little weird, and sad to me because it is obvious that Nicole is not completely STUPID. I don't know.
I am not here to fight with anyone. My entire point is to get that WhackJob DINA, to BACK OFF from trying to SELL HER KID at every opportunity she can. It was bad enough where there were options for Lindsay. How is Lindsay suppose to stay sober when Momma has these expectations that Lindsay is going to go back earning those big bucks?
I AM NOT SAYING LINDSAY IS HOPELESS, Indeed, if she can get her shet together she could be extrememly sucessful. BUt, I hope it comes in other ways, HOLLYWOOD is basically evil, OK? I think, in a very odd way, that Lindsay is actually a little too good for Hollywood.
Thank you for your mature post. I wish you could do something with DARK RAGE, whom I haven't seen posting in a while. I suspect she is heavily medicated or inpatient. It did not slip by ME when she was ranting that she was not "MANIC" that she was indeed MANIC. People who have never been DX'd as "manic", do not go around saying, I AM NOT MANIC.... Sad. Bless you litte Rage, whereever you are.

1401 days ago


Yeah, I seriously doubt that she quit. She needs the money to fuel her out-of-control spending sprees.

1401 days ago


#213 & 214..."Lindsay's Friend"
You are an extrememly elequant communicator.
I would hire you in a heart beat. For big big bucks.
I am so pleased to see someone who can seperate Lindsay's Issues from Lindsay Soul.
I wish her the best. I don't think she belongs in Hollywood.

1401 days ago


RIGHT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lindsay is (at this point in time) ABSOLUTELY UNINSURABLE & UNPREDICTABLE & in "GEORGIA RULE" when she received that "seething" letter from the producer b/c she was partying all night & not reporting to work! Now, IF Linds were to extend her rehab stay past her Jan 3rd, 2011 release date to at least Feb 25th when she's due back in court in front of Judge Fox ..that would be a very positive "sign" that she's serious about her recovery! If she gets out on Jan 3rd (2011); I DOUBT she'll "make it" (remain clean) until Feb 25th! Then she will be spending 6 months in jail NO questions asked or no pleas to return to Betty Ford!!! She needs to remain somewhere a sober house (even IF NOT at Betty Ford, if, as Linds claims is too expensive)...she needs to be at a safe house or some type of place b/c the minute she's around her sorry excuse of a mom /mom-a-ger "enabler"..she'll be using / drinking almost with 99.9% certainty! Maybe Dina is already pimping out Ali by now. Ali had been seen modeling some very provocative outfits!

1401 days ago


I could not agree with you more, and it is not my intention to "toot my own horn" but when she left UCLA "early", I (and others) tried to get through to Lindsay that she should go back into rehab or "safe house" situation until her probation was over, right before she snorted up her chances. Live and learn.
I have interest in two things that I have not seen addressed:
Many people on here claim this writer and that are DINA, and I have no doubt that she is here, as I most certainly would be on the net snapping back at people who said "mean" things about MY kid. #1 I wonder through why noone ever thinks or comments that Lindsay' DAD is here.?
#2 I have a SICKENING feeling about Lindsay civil suit, and I don't think she should be "out patient" when that crap goes down because rgardless of what happens, the suit is NOT going to turn out in her favor. I have heard virtually nothing about this in some time, but I have been out of the country, so perhaps it has changed in some way. Does anyone know?

My "negativity" about Lindsay's future is strictly in regards to the way I "know/believe/have experieced" how "life" some ways....A+B=C, when you have seen this happen 10,000 times, you tend to expect it.
As far as did she quit or not. I can't imaigne why the director would promote that he fired her if it was not true. If Lindsay quit for her health, I would tend to think the Director would score many a PR point for saying, " Okey-dockey, kid, you do what you need to do." There is no maliciousness in claiming Linday was fired, and as another poster pointed out, her claims that she QUIT UNDERMIND her CREDIBILITY in this INDUSTRY.
Damn it Linday, when are you going to learn, you can't spin gold out of DIAREAH?
I so wish you would quit screwing with your own head trying this PR stuff and just cut to LIVING THE TRUTH.. It isn't always easy or Pretty, but it makes LIKE EASIER overall.
Nothing in the world of business, is worse than getting a repuation of being a LIAR.
WHen people can't TRUST you,they don't WANT YOU AROUND.
Come on, sugar....flipping figure this shet out. IT'S BASIC!!!

1400 days ago

Kelster bs

1400 days ago


lindsay needs to saty in jail for her wrong doings not because shes an artist or so she calls herself like that means she can do watever she wants and get away with it

1400 days ago


What a crock. She must think everyone is as stupid as she. The problem was that she was "uninsurable" The producers could not find ANY industry insurer that would underwrite her due to her revolving door troubles with jail, drug relapses, and treatment requirements. No one makes a movie today without insuring it against the loss of it's major star(s). Lilowlife was to have the vstarring role. Another probation violation or relapse would bankrupted the pic without insurance. But no insurer would underwrite her as a risk. .....part of recovery is about taking responsibility and being honest about the consequences you've incurred due to your addiction. She's still an addict behaving and talking like an addict.

1400 days ago


Hi Katie,
I've been trying to tell Dina this for months. I now see that the new Lovelace has been announced and Dina is all over the net writting crap about how Lindsay quit. for the record, Lindsay is clearly lying about quitting or her PR people are useless/destructive to her. Can we be a little realistic in that if Lindsay QUIT ---particually because she is DEVOTED to her health and recovery and she has seen the light that this movie isn't "right" for her--- an adequate PR person would of EASILY used that to Lindsay advantage...I use to be in PR a long time ago, and things change, but they surely haven't changed that much. If Lindsay would of QUIT this film, we wouldn't of gotten this squeeky peep AFTER the Director stated she was released, and he has not bashed her or tried to say anything ICKY about letting Lindsay go, there has been issues of INSURANCE mentioned and there would of been a statement issued byher PR people if his claim were not CREDIBLE (just like if the babystroller thing was pure bull, Holly would of proved it.)
Lindsay and DINA..ENOUGH of your LIES.
I suggest you both sit down and scan the net and see how many people besides your own posting are in support of you.
It is really nauseating to see you both spin so pathologically about. There are other things in the world to do than "be a movie star."
I am about a sick to death of you both as I have ever been. QUIT SPREADING YOUR GARBAGE. YOU STINK. YOUR LIES MAKE YOU LOOK LIKE IDIOTS!!!!
It's over. Shut up, clean up and MOVE ON before someone HURTS YOU. That is not a threat about ME, but hey, a few days ago someone in town got plugged........and you ANTAGONIZE PEOPLE OVERTLY. Your STUPIDITY is ruining EVERYTHING for you.

1400 days ago
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