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Lindsay Lohan -- I Wasn't Fired, I Quit!

11/20/2010 5:35 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan made the choice to leave her latest film project, not the other way around ... sources close to LiLo tell TMZ.

It's been reported today that Lindsay was fired from the planned Linda Lovelace biopic "Inferno." But sources who have spoken to Lindsay within the last hour tell us Lindsay decided to drop out from the film so that she could focus more on her recovery.

We're told Lindsay felt the project no longer felt right -- but that she and the director, Matthew Wilder, remain on good terms and hope to work together in the future.

UPDATE: A rep for Lindsay adds that Lindsay is "concentrating on her recovery" and calls the decision to leave the film "mutual."



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Nobody needs to see that piece o' crap film.

1397 days ago


I heard her oral technique could not even pass for amateur?

1397 days ago


Regardless of who initiated it, it is a great move for Lindsay. The movie sounded like a piece of exploitation trash.

1397 days ago


The script is sensationalist, not good, and the director's abilities are questionable. No one wanted to touch this project. Wilder couldn't get another name for his project, so I highly doubt he fired her. Lindsey is on the right path finally and quitting this project is a great move! You go girl !!!

1397 days ago


Nice try Lohan, you got fired. Dina was expecting money.

1397 days ago


Great move Lindsay.

Who cares what the producer said.

Her Dad's influence (as much as I dislike him).

Kudos Lilo!

1397 days ago


Yeah! Baby steps Lindsay. If Mel Gibson and Charlie Sheen can come out of their very public breakdowns the way they have, you can only go up!!

1397 days ago


This is the same movie Lohan has used for her probation excuses and rehab. I have to go shoot the movie.

Lohan got fired...she didn't quit. Hey Dina start making your own money.

1397 days ago


Lindsay was NOT fired
They withdrew their offer and Lindsay didn't meet with them when she got her day pass from rehab meaning that it was Lindsay's decision not to do this and she didn't accept their offer.

Lindsay NEVER signed the contract and never committed to this movie.

Cannes was totally worth it considering the Judge had already made her mind up and determined that Lindsay violated prboation thus leading to the injustice on July 6th.

1397 days ago


either way.... who cares ?!

1397 days ago


Is there a rehab for pathological liars?

1397 days ago


This is all just a little hard to swallow. Sounds like LL choked afterall....

1397 days ago


This one's for you, Nikki.... and Darkmange - if you're there.

Captured on audio on March 13th 2007, the following is a transcript of a conversation between Lindsay LoClam (LL) and a parking valet (PV) outside the L.A. hotspot then known as “Elite” - now defunct, but at the time the most expensive - therefore the most exclusive - West Hollywood nightclub. Taped by a passer-by as she pulled up in her new 2007 Mercedes Benz SLR McLaren, it gives quite the insight as to her mindset at that time.

(PV) Wow! That car is the sh#t!
(LL) It better be. It costed (sic) a million dollars.
(PV) Whoa… no WAY! A million? Those are $300,000.00, tops.
(LL) This one’s special.
(PV) Is it a manual?
(LL) I don’t know.
(PV) Does it have a GPS?
(LL) Probably.
(PV) How much horsepower?
(LL) I don’t know.
(PV) I bet it’s hella fast, huh?
(LL) I’m a celebrity.
(PV) Yeah, I know. Wow. Does it have traction control?
(LL) How would I know? It costed (sic) a million dollars.
(PV) A million. What the fu#k? How could it be a million?
(LL) It came with 50 lbs of coke in the trunk (shhh. Don’t tell Sam. She’s rich too, so I always make her pay for the blow *giggle*).
(PV) That’s whack! Don’t you think you’ll get busted? Fu#k. 50 lbs?!
(LL) I’m a celebrity, I can do whatever the fu#k I want. Don’t you know anything, loser?
Here. Hold my purse a minute.
(LL) Don’t scratch my car. Dina says if you do, I should get a restraining order.
(PV) Who’s Dina?
(LL) My Mom.
(PV) You call your Mom “Dina”?
(LL) I’m a celebrity.
(PV) You said that.
(LL) I’m gorgeous and I know you want me. Everybody does. Rub my shoulders.
(PV) Can’t. I’ll lose my job.
(LL) I’ll give you a million dollars. I always get what I want.
(PV) Here’s your bag back. Have fun tonight.
(LL) Fu#k U.
(PV) What? No tip? Awwww…
(LL) Here. Here’s my underwear. I won’t need it tonight. Sell it on eBay. You should get a million dollars.
(PV) You like saying that, huh? A million dollars?
(LL) I’m a celebrity.

Fascinating banter.

1397 days ago

janet's the polite way of saying your fired. Get off my set.

By the way, Gibson and Downey are actors with talent. All anyone can ever come up with is Mean Girls...What is that 7-8 years ago? Georgia Rules...Jane Fonda was polite...There was nothing professional about Lohan.

1397 days ago


Best decision she's made besides those other previous good decisions she made like Betty Ford and seeing mom and dad from a clearer place. That movie has nothing to do with Lindsay's acting, at the end of the day. She really can act, and that role is nothing to rise to. Just keep listening to the ones around you right now and keep doing whatever you are's working.

1397 days ago
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